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Guidelines for submitting reports to

by Mark Jardine and Magnus Smith 12 Sep 2011 11:05 BST continue to invite you to send in event reports and previews, or club/class press releases to the email address. These will be seen by around 85,000 people a month on the website, and will be considered for the 'Clubs & Classes' section of the magazine too. We'll assume you want both magazine and website unless you tell us otherwise.

Writing your report

You can write directly into an email or use Microsoft Word. There is no need for any formatting (large titles, bold, italics). Please mention the full name of the club, the classes involved, when the event took place, who wrote the report and who took the photos.

For the website, you can write as much as you like, but we ask that reports also intended for the magazine are around 200-300 words for open meetings and around 500-600 words for championships.

It may seem obvious, but please spell check and read through your report before sending. Breaking your report up into paragraphs makes the report much easier to read.

Results tables

We love to publish the full list of results, so everyone who raced gets a mention. If you have the results in a spreadsheet, HTML file or Sailwave (BLW) file, please send us that. Send us just the top 10 if you wish, but please list details with commas/hyphens and single spaces between names and numbers, because websites do not display tabs and multiple spaces (a table in Word is better than formatting with text alone). Please avoid sending results in PDF format or scans from a paper results sheet as we can’t use these. In boats with more than one person please always mention the crew!


We welcome photos with reports, but you must tell us who took them. If they are from a professional photographer then please ensure we have permission to use the photos. We would like photos attached to the email as JPG files. Please don't embed photos into the body of an email or inside a Word DOC file or PDF as this reduces the size and quality, making it very difficult to extract them and sometimes rendering them unusable. Please have a quick look at the file size before you press 'send' in your email. Anything under around 100k usually means the picture is too small to use. We cannot use pictures if they are less than 600 pixels wide. Finally, we may choose not to use some/all of your photos.

Social Media

Mention any relevant Facebook links, Twitter feeds, YouTube/Vimeo videos you may have - we can link or embed these in reports.

Sending it

There is only one email address you need - - this will get your message seen by the website editor (either Mark Jardine or Magnus Smith) and the magazine team too (usually Paula Irish, who can forward things to the magazine editor when necessary).

Reports may sometimes appear online within 30 minutes, or you may have to wait longer, depending on how many reports have been received at that time. Please don't worry that your report is being ignored until at least 2 days have passed.

If you spot a mistake, don't panic. Email again, with the relevant link if applicable (or a clear mention of which report it was). Please don't send the entire report again, but just describe the small part which needs changing.


  • Always just use the email address – this is our universal email address for all club and class reports. No other email addresses needs to be copied in – it will just result in us receiving duplicate emails.
  • Reports can be any length for the website but should be 200-300 words for the magazine (500-600 words for championships)
  • Always mention who the photographer is for any photos and check that we have permission from the photographer to use the photos on – please don’t embed photos in documents, always attach as JPG files to emails.
  • Please avoid sending anything in PDF format.