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Vaikobi 2020 - LEADERBOARD 3

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by Mark Jardine
A simple question one would think... Emailed on 17 Nov
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This is ocean racing in its purest form Emailed on 26 Oct
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Without them sailing would either be not as good or would be far more expensive Emailed on 17 Aug
Double trouble? - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
Will double-handers be excluded from the Hobart's biggest prize? Emailed on 3 Aug
Changing how we do things - Newsletter
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Thinking up new ways to compete within Covid-19 regulations Emailed on 20 Jul
Once in a blue moon - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
Every so often you get lucky, sometimes you get really lucky and sometimes you win the lottery Emailed on 6 Jul
Sailing is freedom - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
We can all mess about in or on any type of boat or board Emailed on 22 Jun
Messing about in boats - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing Emailed on 8 Jun
Savouring being back out on the water - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
But missing the karate sailing Emailed on 25 May
The great grass-roots revival? - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
We are all united by our passion for being on the water Emailed on 10 May
What next? - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
Restrictions on recreational boating loosen in Australia Emailed on 28 Apr
Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3 - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
This is the time where we learn to not take sailing for granted Emailed on 13 Apr
Where there's a will there's a way - Newsletter
by Mark Jardine
The past fortnight has proved that sailors are a resourceful bunch Emailed on 6 Apr
Calling clubs and classes - share your 2020 plans
by The team
All sailing organisations encouraged to share their 2020 plans Emailed on 2 Apr
Ideas for your club! Publicise, send us reports, webinars and initiatives
by Mark Jardine
Publicise, send reports, webinars and initiatives Emailed on 1 Apr 2019 Newsletter: A weekend of change and opportunity
by Mark Jardine
Finn out, mixed offshore sailing in for Paris 2024 Emailed on 5 Nov 2018
The closest Volvo Ocean Race in history
by Mark Jardine
Congratulations to Charles Caudrelier's Dongfeng Race Team Emailed on 24 Jun 2018 updated Privacy Policy
Emailed on 25 May 2018 Newsletter: AC news, participation webinar, Paris 2024 decisions
by Mark Jardine
AC news, participation webinar, Paris 2024 decisions Emailed on 10 May 2018
RYA Dinghy Show defies the Beast from the East
by Mark Jardine
Sailing public support the event in their thousands Emailed on 9 Mar 2018