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Bartley Beast 2023/24 - Week 2

by Josh Oates and Mark Reddington 12 Dec 2023 19:16 GMT 10 December 2023
Bartley Beast 2023/24 Week 2 © Debbie Degge

The Beast is awake!

The weather for the day looked to be building up to 35 knots and the drizzle was hopefully going to be replaced by the chilly winter's sun.

The first race for the double handers saw travellers who came from far and wide to try their hand at conquering the Beast for the first time. Boats gathered at the committee end of the line and the big question was, who was going to have the best start and make it to the first mark in 1st place. Matt Biggs and Beka Jones leapt off the star line at the committee end and Tom Gillard and Rachel Gray came flying out at the pin end looking for the lift on the left hand side, however it was James Wells and Anna Aylward who smashed the start off the centre of the line and lead around mark 1 holding off the 505 of Charlie Chandler and Owen Mills.

The fleet processed around mark 1 and began fighting to compress the fleet and make up ground downwind. The Albacore of Matt and Heather Thompson was now leading the slow boats but hotly chased by Chris Martin in the Scorpion and Caroline Whitehouse and Sophie in their RS200. Three Merlins broke free from the slow fleet to chase the leaders, Colin and Sean Anderson in Stanley fought hard with the Hudson duo of Freya and Nigel together with Mark Barwell and Louise Johnson to win bragging rights across the line. Slightly further back in the fleet Chris Martin was having spinnaker issues as on gybing one of the spinnaker sheets untied itself leading to a long string of fruity language. However, by the next downwind the spinnaker was re- rigged and his crew, Josh Oates, had received a good soaking out on the bow for his efforts.

For the single handers race 1 saw the Beast start to roar with squalls of 35 kts coming through from everywhere, including from above! The brave sailors competitively started the race with John Ling in his ILCA 7 winning the committee end of the very short start line however it was Nick Craig and Andy Davis who got clean starts and immediately put their bows down to try and create some separation. However, there was one sailor who they were unable to drop and that was Simon Hardiman sporting a Radial rig for the day.

The lead OKs escaped around the top mark and picked up a mammoth gust to send them screaming downwind. Unfortunately, this was not the case for everyone else rounding the top mark, carnage ensued. Heavy wind specialist Sean Ricketts in his Supernova, who had made an epic comeback by banging the right corner, then managed to stack it and put a hole in his sail! Simon Hardiman accepted his fate as he went swimming on a tack leaving John Ling to pick his way through the mess.

Unfortunately for Race Officer Mike Gibson, the wind had swung around making every leeward mark into a gybe mark however for everyone spectating this turned a very interesting race into a leeward mark crash and burn. For the next few laps, not a single boat escaped some form of swimming. The most epic was a pile up around mark A as three of the leading boats simultaneously binned it in on gybing, and even though some of the boats were straight back up this allowed Simon to storm back through and put the pressure on. Whilst all this was going on no one was going to catch Nick Craig as he steamed on to take the win.

Race 2 double handers was short lived. After watching the single-handers do vicious battle people seemed less keen to brave the weather. Nonetheless, boats lined up to launch. Tom Gillard expertly set afloat and began blasting around however the boys in the 505 made it look less slick as they capsized without a rudder. Caroline and Sophie also struggled to stay upright without a rudder. Over the far side of the reservoir, Evan Base and John Tailby, in their Merlin "Moist", seemed to find the "one angle" a Merlin is unstable downwind and capsized 3 times in quick succession cracking a spreader bracket and doing serious damage to the rudder stock. Due to the multiple capsizes and damage the double hander race was cancelled and no results were collected.

After a brief wait for the wind to at least settle slightly the very brave single-handers launched and not to dis-appoint the Beast went to work again in race 2 and showed no mercy.

It was a clean start for most but unfortunately for Nick Eaves in his solo it was some early swimming practice behind the line before he could get off the mark and follow the charging fleet. Again, the top mark wouldn't disappoint spectators as boats were blown over and pulled in to windward. We saw a similar story to the last race as the OKs escaped off downwind however, unlike the last race both OKs briefly ditched it in allowing Simon Hardiman to catch up and from there he wouldn't let go for the rest of the race.

Steve Thomas and Ollie Ridgeway were chasing the gaggle of boats in the lead but unfortunately struggling to make inroads as they showed off some impressive water-based acrobatics. The climax of the race was a vertical pitchpole from Adam Froggatt in his phantom as the Beast picked his boat up and put it on its nose. Again, the spectator view of mark 8 from the club house was the place to be as cheers went up with each dramatic capsize. Those able to stay upright for the longest periods had a clear advantage.

The Beast was back and had definitely shown its teeth for this event. What will the Beast bring next? Find out on Saturday January 13th, 2024.

Bartley Beast Week 2 Results:

Single Handers

PosHelmBoat TypeSail NoPYClubR2R3Pts
1stHARDIMAN SimonLASER RADIAL2120611149Bartley SC213
2ndCRAIG NickOK22611104Frensham Pond SC123
3rdDAVIS AndyOK111104South Staffs SC336
4thFROGGATT AdamPhantom14491012Chase SC4711
5thADAMS DuncanPhantom13701012Burton SC5611
6thLING JohnLaser2214881083Bartley SC7512
7thDAWES JamesStreaker16411121Redditch SC6814
8thTHOMAS SteveLaser1655371083Bartley SC8917
9thRIDGEWAY OllieLaser1867931083Bartley SC91019
10thEAVES NickSolo57871149Bartley SCRDG1122
11thAVERY CarlLaser1977741083Burton SC10DNF24
12thGISSANE TomFINN591050Bartley SCDNF426
13thJACKS TonyLIGHTNING 3684441160Bartley SCRDGDNC60
14thHARDIMAN MillieLASER 4.72154151210Bartley SCRDGDNC61
15thNURSE RichardPhantom15001012Northampton SCDNCDNF62
16thBIRCH AlanK1141075Bartley SCDNFDNC70
16thSTEPHEN StuartSupernova13051066Bartley SCDNFDNC70
16thDEGGE DebbieStreaker21101121Bartley SCDNFDNC70
16thBELLAMY JonLaser2129061083Bartley SCDNFDNC70
16thRICKETTS SeanSupernova10731066Bartley SCDNFDNC70
16thALLEN HarrisonLASER RADIAL2135551149Bartley SCDNFDNC70
16thHIGSON JeremySupernova12671066Bartley SCDNFDNC70
23rdASLET‑CLARK MeganLaser1807931083UOBSCDNCDNC96
23rdJELLICOE SteveSupernova12281066Olton Mere SCDNCDNC96
23rdRUSSELL CraigSupernova11581066Olton Mere SCDNCDNC96
23rdBICKLEY PaulSupernova10801066Olton Mere SCDNCDNC96
23rdWOOD JonSolo47721149Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdWHITEHOUSE MichaelSolo47051149Chelmarsh SCDNCDNC96
23rdPRITCHARD MattPhantom13011012Burton SCDNCDNC96
23rdSWALLOW ChrisK11811075Burton SCDNCDNC96
23rdWILLIAMS TomSupernova10741066Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdBAILLIE AlastairLaser2099711083Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdHARDIMAN MillieLASER 4.72154151210Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdMORLEY KarlPhantom13451012Burton SCDNCDNC96
23rdBOWNES AndySolo54011149Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdSTATHAM ChristineLaser1826271083Attenborough SCDNCDNC96
23rdGIBSON MikeSupernova12571066Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdPATTERSON JimSupernova12691066Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdKING GeoffK11381075Barnt Green SCDNCDNC96
23rdPENNOCK DaveSupernova10451066Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdPENNOCK HelenRS AERO 920741010Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdSHINTON JeremyK11391075Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdSAUNDERS KenSupernova12251066Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdBONEHAM NeilSupernova11671066Bartley SCDNCDNC96
23rdJUNG DeanLaser165471083Midland SCDNCDNC96

Double Handers

PosHelmCrewClubBoat TyleSail NoPYR3
2ndBIGGS MattJONES BekaBartley SCMERLIN‑ROCKET38019822
4thMARTIN ChrisTAILBY JohnMidland SC/BartleySCORPION196910434
6thTHOMPSON MattTHOMPSON HeatherTewkesbury SCAlbacore825510376
7thWARD SteveHOPKINS AlisonBartley SCGP141314611337
8thBARWELL MarkJOHNSON LouiseLymington Town Sailing ClubMERLIN‑ROCKET38159828
9thHUDSON NigelHUDSON FreyaBartley SCMERLIN‑ROCKET36629829
10thWHITEHOUSE CarolineWHITEHOUSE SophieBartley SCRS 2001184105010
11thBUDDEN KeithROBERTS BenBartley SCGP1413263113311.5
11thBASE EvanTAILBY JohnMidland SCMERLIN‑ROCKET364398211.5
13thCHANDLER CharlieMILLS OwenTewksbury/Bartley SC505888190013
14thBAILEY SteveWALLACE JeremyThe Nottingham SCAlbacore5881103714
15thOATES ChrisBODDICE DanBartley SCAlbacore7992103715
16thFREEMAN LesleyHARRISON NickTrimpley SCGP1413780113316
17thLUCAS DavidTAYLOR RobynBartley SCMERLIN‑ROCKET358198217
18thHAWLEY SteveHAWLEY FfionBartley SCLARK24421065DNC
18thSEATON DanielSEATON MattOlton Mere SC/Sea CadetsRS 4001163939DNC
18thSMITH MartinBESTON KarenRedditch SCAlbacore81871037DNC
18thEAVES NickKORBASCHI KourosBartley SCRS 4001450939DNC
18thSMITH PhilCALTHORPE BillWest Kirby SCAlbacore81521037DNC
18thHOMER MichaelHOMER AlexanderMidland SCGP14132041133DNC
18thARCHER AlanARCHER AndreaBartley SCTasar29341017DNC
18thVOADEN RichardCALEY StuartBartley SCRS 400792939DNC
18thSHINTON JeremyASHWORTH HarryBartley SCAlbacore81581037DNC
18thYOUNG PaulKIMBER JanMidland SCEnterprise229011126DNC
18thEELES HowardGEM JustinBartley SCMERLIN‑ROCKET3742982DNC
18thPASS RogerHARRIS SallyBartley SCGRADUATE29871120DNC
18thKEELING PaulKEELING IsobelBlithfield SCNATIONAL 1234691064DNC

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