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J/Teams excel at North Sea Regatta - Silverware everywhere

by J/Boats 3 Jun 13:47 BST

For nearly a week, J/sailors enjoyed two significant offshore races in concert with their British colleagues at the Royal Ocean Racing Club.

The first race was from The Hague, Netherlands across the North Sea to Harwichport, England along the southeastern shoreline. The second, return race went back to The Hague to complete the offshore portion of the week-long North Sea Regatta. Then, the inshore portion of the regatta took place over four days for spirited racing off the famous beaches of The Hague.

In the end, J/Teams sailed remarkably well in both the offshore events, as well as the inshore races. What was interesting was that teams could elect to be scored under both ORC and IRC scoring systems for the entire regatta... that produced some interesting outcomes, to say the least!

ORC 1/ IRC 1 Division:
In the ORC 1/ IRC 1 Offshore, Frans van Cappelle's J/122 MOANA took the silver, while Ubbo Neisingh's J/112E NARWAL finished 5th, and Sylvain Duprey's J/111 DJINN ended up 7th.

In the ORC 1/ IRC 1 Inshore racing, with eight races sailed and one discard, Rutger Krijger's J/112E JACK RABBIT crushed the fleet, scoring only first places!

For the IRC 1 Overall results, counting both offshore plus the inshores, Neisingh's J/112E NARWAL won over a highly competitive fleet. Then, in the ORC 1 Overall results, Neisingh's J/112E NARWAL was 2nd and Krijger's J/112E JACK RABBIT ended up 3rd!

ORC 2/ IRC 2 Division:
For the IRC 2 Offshore, Simeon Tienpont's J/35 FEVER took the bronze medal, with Arnout Jorritsma's J/109 MAJIC in 7th, Michel Visser's J/105 JALLA JALLA in 8th, and rounding out the top 10 was Michael Rietz's J/105 PANTHER.

For ORC 2 Offshore, Jan Scholtes J/99 WARP 5 took the silver over the two races. Tienpont's J/35 FEVER finished in 4th.

In the IRC 2 Inshore races, Jorg Sigg's J/99 LALLEKONIG ended up 4th. And, for the overall, they also finished 4th.

In ORC 2 Inshore races, Sigg's J/99 LALLEKONIG was third, with Arjen van Leeuwen's J/109 JOULE in 4th, and Bob Jansen's J/99 FUN J in 5th place.

In ORC 2 Overall counting both offshores and all inshores, van Leeuwen's J/109 JOULE ended up taking the bronze medal! Scholtes' J/99 WARP 5 finished fifth.

ORC/ IRC Double Division:
For the IRC Double Offshore, it was a knock-out blow given the fleet by that dynamic duo- John van der Starre and Robin Verhoef on the J/122E AJETO as they won both races quite easily. Wim van Slooten's J/109 FIRESTORM took the bronze medal, followed by Martijn Graafmans' J/109 EAU-J in fourth, and Paul Manuel's J/99 JONGEHEER in 5th place.

For the IRC Double inshore races, it was a clean sweep of the podium by J/Teams. Winning was van Slooten's J/109 FIRESTORM, followed by Manuel's J/99 JONGEHEER in second, and Chris Schram's J/110 LITTLE MAV in third.

For IRC Double Overall, counting both offshores and inshores, Manuel's J/99 JONGEHEER won decisively, followed by Schram's J/110 LITTLE MAV in second place.

It was a clean sweep of the podium by J/crews in the ORC Double Offshore events. Winning was the J/122E AJETO, followed by van Slooten's J/109 FIRESTORM in 2nd, Graafman's J/109 EAU-J in 3rd, and Manuel's J/99 JONGEHEER in 4th place!

For the ORC Double inshore races, van Slooten's J/109 FIRESTORM won convincingly, followed by Manuel's J/99 JONGEHEER in second and Schram's J/110 LITTLE MAC in fourth.

It was nearly a clean sweep of ORC Double Overall for the combined two offshores and five inshore races! Winning was van Slooten's J/109 FIRESTORM, followed by Manuel's J/99 JONGEHEER in second, and Schram's J/110 LITTLE MAV ending up in 4th place.

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