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2018 North Sea Regatta at Jachtclub Scheveningen - Day 2

by Annemiek Neumann 21 May 2018 00:12 BST 18-20 May 2018

The starting ship for course A left the harbour early to get into position and to assess offshore conditions. The weather was a little gray and little wind, too little to start well and to be able lay out a good race course. The deferral flag (answering pennant) was hoisted. The first start was planned at 10:00. After a long hour of waiting there was enough wind so the starting procedure started. Who had hidden those bags with wind...? In the end the first class, the Two Handed started at 11:30 with a coastal race. ORC 1 started 10 minutes later and then ORC 2. After two times postponement and a general recall later the ORC 3 could start. Eventually 50 minutes after the Two Handed the ORC 3 could begin their coastal race.

At the starting procedure of the 2nd race, one of the participating boats tried to attach the pin end to the boat, which was successful. Starting on the side of the pin end can be strategically a good choice but starting with the pin end around your keel is a bit tricky. After an hour's delay the start procedure could continue. Because of this the Two Handed class had to wait a long time before they could start their 2nd coastal race. In addition to the Two Handed class. All other classes are sailing short course races. The coastal race was a nice course with upwind and downwind. Eventually it had to be shortened.

The enthusiasm of ORC 2 was the biggest today. All different color flags have been hoisted during the start procedure (Papa, Uniform and Black), and many general recalls have been given. The vocal chords of The Voice are well lubricated.

Today, the catamarans sailed their first races. An interesting day with those sailing conditions. Light weather with different pressure fields so they had to work hard. They race leader laid out a competitive course so nice battles took place on the water. 4 races with 19 boats on the water. Two classes were sailing on this course. They started all at the same time. The start line was nice and wide, it was possible to start 80 boats. Everyone was very satisfied with the race course. They had a great day of racing.

Then we have track B with the sportboats. At the Yngling one of the boats managed to get with 3 UFDs in 6 races, later it was explained to them what the U flag means. Baan B had 4 very nice races with 4 classes. One class sailed 3 races. The largest boat in the ORC field of runway B has finally found its turn in the field. So that will certainly be a great the third day!

What is also nice to mention is that there is an international field on the track, from UK to China and from France to Finland and of course also many Dutch. The NSR is of course a wonderful preparation for the World Cup.

It was a long and exciting sailing day today, on a beautiful third sailing day with interesting races!!!

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