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RC Laser and Mustang experience day at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by Tony Wilson 4 Apr 2023 16:29 BST 1 April 2023
Radio-controlled Mustang yacht, followed by the RC Laser fleet © Tony Wilson

Each year the Fleetwood model boat club set aside the odd day or two, for just a bit of RC Mustang / Laser experience. On a relaxed non stressed out day, anyone wishing to just have a go with one of the solo sail yachts, are usually made very welcome to just come and have a try at sailing.

The normal race day for RC Lasers is Sunday and Mustangs have their regular slot every Tuesday from 2pm until 4pm. A Saturday for this joint venture, enables ones from either class to compare the other side.

The Mustang being the forerunner to the Laser has great history in Fleetwood and anyone wishing to hear the story, could just ask, 'Our Derek' as he was there in the beginning.

With some Skippers owning either or multiple boats, there's usually a spare for the day. Walter had brought both of his yachts and Tony had a spare Laser. Many Skippers were away down South somewhere sailing in a chosen Dragon TT for the weekend, so we were fairly light locally shore side.

The wind was forecast from a Northerly direction, which is usually a battle in itself, but we had a slight easterly to start the day off with. A nice small triangular course just to get going, but the main reason was Tony's second Laser's radio issue for the boat that Paul was using when further away. The fault now seems to be found from over a month's use of swapping bits around, to the culprit being some damp oxidization found inside the transmitter.

Ian Sinclair was off to a good start and claimed the first three races with his beloved GBR35 Laser. All were using 'B' rigs at first and the Mustang with large rig, joined us by about race four.

Walter was now sailing the Mustang and had the edge for next few races, and then we had a break.

The Lasers were eventually able to match and use their big rig, as the wind dropped slightly and veered from the pump house direction. Ian was having a couple of goes with the Mustang, after never really having seen or had the chance in the past and was doing really well.

Although we only had five boats on the water, we were rattling the races off and by now were counting into the teens. The wind did a 180 degree sweep during the afternoon, so we reversed the course.

Fifteen races sailed in total and even Stevie Mattison had paid us a short visit for a blast with the Mustang.

A good relaxed day had by all and we didn't really keep proper scores, as there was quite a bit of boat interchange.

Mustangs are back on the water, probably next Tuesday after the cold Winter break, but please check first to avoid disappointment.

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