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New Wave discipline unveiled for the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Cape Verde

by Ian MacKinnon, GWA Wingfoil World Tour 16 Mar 2023 15:33 GMT 17-27 March 2023
GWA Wingfoil World Cup Cape Verde © Svetlana Romantsova

The world's best wingfoil athletes are eager to fight for new accolades with the introduction of an exciting and innovative Wave discipline for the 2023 GWA Wingfoil World Tour.

Leading names in the fast-evolving sport are slated to do battle at the maiden stop of a pure surfing contest in the GWA Wingfoil World Cup on the legendary swells of the Cape Verde island of Sal.

Top-ranked riders from wingfoil Surf-Freestyle are rostered pit their wave-riding skills against their rivals. Key names on the men's slate are France's Camille Bouyer and Titouan Galea, and Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA). The women's side of the draw boasts France's Flora Artzner and Orane Ceris, and Bowien van der Linden.

Fresh from almost making a clean sweep in the tour's opening stop at the GWA Wingfoil World Cup in New Zealand, come Nia Suardiaz (ESP) and Christopher MacDonald (USA). The teen sensations, who between them won three from four disciplines in Tauranga, are also set to put their surfing prowess to the test.

This new discipline will showcase the most thrilling wingfoil action yet, as riders compete in the waves for the first time.

The inaugural tour stop on Cape Verde is scheduled to be followed by events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a third hopefully in Dakhla, Morocco. After three stops, the tour's overall winners will be crowned men's and women's GWA Wingfoil World Champions in the Wave discipline.

The idyllic African island of Sal is gearing up to host the opening wingfoil Wave event. The surfing-only discipline will be staged in all conditions, from point-breaks with cross-offshore breezes, to beach-breaks in onshore winds.

Against the stunning backdrop of this picturesque paradise, this eagerly-anticipated contest will offer two potential event locations. Both Kite Beach and Ponta Preta are vying for the opportunity to dazzle spectators with their unrivalled beauty and world-class waves.

The focus of this ground-breaking discipline will be riding waves, using the power of the swell to surf with commitment and flow. Scores will also be given for aerial tricks, but those must be executed without the power of the wing. It promises to be an engrossing competition and a spectacular addition to the fast-evolving world tour.

All you need to know—Wave discipline

In the wave discipline format, the main focus is the performance of riding waves and swell. The wave discipline will be scored wave by wave and the use of the wing power will be prohibited when doing air tricks.

  • Carving
  • Surfing waves/swell
  • Air tricks (not using the power of the wing)

Wingfoil wave equipment

  1. Only Hydrofoil boards are eligible for use in competition. There are not any restrictions on the size, length and width of the quiver.
  2. Foot-straps, pads and wax are allowed.
  3. The use of a safety wing leash and helmet are mandatory.
  4. The use of a board leash could be mandatory depending on conditions. It will be announced by the Race Director and posted in the Official Notice Board at least 30 minutes before the start of the heat.

Elimination procedure and scoring

On the single 32, 16 or 8 ladder, there will be a Seeding Round in Round 1 to determine the seeding position for the main event. (Round 2 onwards).

In order to safeguard the spots of the ranked competitors, in singles 32, there will be two groups of pre-seeded competitors as follows: from 1st to 16th and from 17th to 32nd.

Every competitor from the designated group will be competing against each other, they will be seeded in Round 2 according to the score obtained during the Seeding Round (Round 1).

In singles 16 and 8 there will only be one single group for the whole round.

Learn more about the elimination procedure.

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