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RC Laser Autumn Series at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club - Day 2 of Welsh Cup

by Tony Wilson 27 Oct 2022 20:55 BST 23 October 2022
RC Laser Autumn Series at Fleetwood day 2 © Ian Hawtin

With a lousy forecast, high chance of rain 10 -15 knots of wind from the South East and Thunder with Lightning around lunchtime, it was hardly surprising that Elisabeth had only 2 'Yes' replies from a possible 30 RC Laser Skippers that she had emailed. Although half a dozen did actually turn up and they proved the weather wrong.

All donned in wet gear we were blessed with an Easterly straight along the lake. The light rain only lasted about an hour, if that. Trevor's plan was to fire off 8 quick races and a delayed lunch for if it turned for the worse.

We all went 'B' rig and started towards the bottom end of the lake for an anticlockwise course, leaving the two ends free. Peter G. suddenly had the new battery charging syndrome or had loaded the wrong pack so left us for the first race.

A slight bias had us beating for the boathouse initially. Shaun and followers kept close to the bank, while Tony and Peter sped off well ahead along the far side. By the time the first windward mark was approached, Shaun had just caught Tony up and overtook before the spreader. It was these two that led off for the long run, then to synchronise a split on the leeward mark. Tony taking a Starboard beat again for the far bank, was able to beat back for the finish line to nip in just before Shaun.

A slight re trim for Shaun and he was back to business to string in his list of firsts. Peter Isles was performing better than of late and came in second for the next race, while Paul Fishwick borrowing Trevor's (GBR 32) wasn't faring too well with which way to bend the sticks, although helped along with some coaching from Trev.

By race five, the wind suddenly started to drop, Paul had to leave us anyway and it seemed a perfect time for lunch break. The drop and usual slight swing of wind direction over lunch, brought us all out with the tall sail to hopefully complete some more.

We adapted the course to suit and it was off to a drifting competition. Luck favours some and if you can keep focused through the boredom, you also stand a good chance of success. Peter then continued his interesting chat from the day previous on L.A. Zombies, probably to bamboozle Tony's concentration while he was on one of those drifting trances. Tactic worked well and he clinched another second, just behind Shaun.

Eventually after not giving up, the drifting dread had finally completed the prefered eight races. 2 discards for all. With Shaun throwing away a first as one of them, that's not bad. Peter had lost out to Eric by just 1 point.

Thanks to Trevor and Ian H. for scoring.


1 Shaun Holbeche 6 pts
2 Tony Wilson 13 pts
3 Eric Austwick 17 pts
4 Peter Isles 18 pts

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