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Ovington 2021 - ILCA 2 - LEADERBOARD

Noble Marine Ovington UKLA Qualifier 5 at Hayling Island Sailing Club

by Molly Sacker 20 Sep 2022 18:59 BST 17-18 September 2022

The 191 ILCAs found themselves at Hayling Island for the fifth qualifier of the season. The rash vests confidently worn on Saturday did not return for Sunday in what were considerably colder conditions. This was not the only lesson of the weekend however, as the ILCA 6s were assembled on Sunday morning for a lesson on starting etiquette - more on this to follow.

Day 1

On Saturday morning the fleet of 89 ILCA6s was raring to go, buoyed by being first start for once and apparently absent-mindedly heeding the warnings of the race committee about the risks of general recalls. A slight delay whilst the wind tried to make up its mind and the first start of the day passed with an all clear. Immediately, the complications of the day were visible as the wind was super patchy and super shifty meaning that a few boats could take the pressure that never reached half of the fleet.

By the first mark Molly Sacker was clearly ahead of the chasing boats of Matilda Nicholls and Daisy Collingridge but a chaotic second beat with missed opportunities meant that the chasing group caught up and the race lead reshuffled, with the chasing groups closing in with some big right shifts. A great final leg finished race one with a top three of Daisy, Matilda and Molly.

A seemingly smooth transition between races was again slightly delayed, this time by the ILCA 4's finishing and then by the 6's recalled on a frankly outrageous attempt to be behind the line, (the tide really does push you fast!) but the second race was well under way into the chaotic upwind shifts.

Some of the fleets more experienced sailors got caught out by that first beat, hanging on for a right-hand shift that never arrived but Terry Hacker, Edwin Cross and Jack Graham-Troll showed their strengths by maintaining a great first beat and defending well into the second beat as others tried to climb back through. A great chase in the final downwind gave Daisy her second win of the day and an outstanding performance by Edwin Cross to take second, followed by Jack Graham-Troll.

Race 3 has two versions. Version one was the sailor's perspective. Version two had the race committees' facts.

Version one: Sneaking in a start before the ILCA 4s finished and with a ripping tide heading up the course, the pressure was on to get the race away as not to delay the day further. The ILCA 6s crumbled in that pressure and sent it with everything we had, clearly over but no-one too concerned, so despite a few looks of people waiting for the general recall flag to appear the race went off seemingly with no issues. Another tricky first beat separated the fleet, and the day was finished with the 6s chuffed they were first up the beach!

Version two: The ILCA 6 fleet at 1min 30 to go was 30m over the line. The race committee was far from impressed and decided to instead try to record the 15 boats that were behind the line in order to BFD everyone else.

That evening after rumours of everyone being BFD, the Race Committee made the decision to throw out race three and re-run it the next morning. All ILCA 6s were also to attend the briefing.

After the ridiculousness of the start was drawn onto the whiteboard, the race officer then clarified that due to being unsure they had recorded all the boats behind the line, he would instead be black flagging the most prominent offenders who (in accordance with the rules around the black flag) were prohibited from racing the repeated race.

A dramatic revealing of the numbers was an entertainment for some, not for those on the board!

Day 2 - Sunday

A bit more breeze at 9-12knts forecasted from a similar direction gave way to similar levels of unpredictability but Matilda Nicholls claimed the first followed by Jack Graham-Troll and Daisy Collingridge. With race four under way pretty quickly after the rest of the fleet re-joined from their detention and we got racing! Ben Elvin found his form and confidently took the win from Matilda Nicholls and Paige Caldecoat.

Despite the challenging conditions and various attacks from Max Hunt who stormed across from the pin end several times with a quiet confidence, Daisy and Matilda put on a great display of racing, particularly in the final race for Daisy to finish with two wins and Matilda two seconds. The thirds were claimed by Chloe Elvin and Molly Sacker respectively.

The ILCA 6 Fleet would like to thank all the volunteers who put on another great event hosted by HISC. A special thank you to Tim Hancock and the race committee for handling BFD-gate so well, and congrats to our top three: Daisy, Matilda and James Curtis.

Thanks also to our main weekend sponsors, Noble Marine and Ovington Boats who support the class so loyally. Noble Marine has crafted a very competitive and excellent insurance product for all Laser/ILCA sailors. A very personal service and an extremely useful website help make this the 'go to' company. Ovington Boats are one of the biggest and best dinghy builders in the world and are now the official UK builders of ILCAs.

Overall Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1stGBR219900Daisy CollingridgeWaldringfield SC113‑9117
2ndGBR219894Matilda NichollsAldeburgh Yacht Club2‑2212229
3rdGBR211013James CurtisBosham Sailing Club‑415866732
4thGBR214007Jack Graham‑TrollRoyal Lymington Yacht Club732‑2517534
5thGBR219391Anya Haji‑MichaelRedesmere Sailing Club‑287687634
6thGBR216120Molly Sacker 3‑4041410.5334.5
7thGBR220042Ben ElvinStokes Bay SC2110(BFD)14440
8thGBR220040Chloe ElvinStokes Bay SC129‑16531645
9thAUS221161Paige CaldecoatCVT 9‑2793151046
10thBER220732Adriana PenruddockeRBYC/SPBC613‑21481950
11thGBR220776Freddie HowarthParkstone YC‑45851391752
12thGBR214560Terry HackerRutland SC3347(RET)5857
13thGBR206839Henry RedmondCovenham SC14613‑20191163
14thGBR216724Oliver Allen‑WilcoxChew Valley SC / Parkstone Yacht Club8‑191111161864
15thGBR216656Edwin CrossShoreham102261029‑4577
16thGBR209425Carys AttwellRutland SC418‑2415182378
17thGBR209056Oliver PayneStokes Bay SC1721191710.5(BFD)84.5
18thGBR220041Ian GregoryFrensham Pond SC & Stokes Bay514‑2819222888
19thGBR215835Tim EvansGrafham Water SC16‑301030122088
20thGBR220440Max HuntWhitstable YC11‑3923183122105
21stGBR201703Fred SalterGurnard Sailing Club / Brading Haven26111739(DNS)21114
22ndGBR211165Josh LyttleQueen Mary SC2928(BFD)161431118
23rdGBR215206Roo Purves 4429(BFD)12309124
24thGBR214203Alfie NoelStokes Bay SC‑494620212512124
25thGBR217881Charlotte VideloFrensham Pond SC / Stokes Bay SC473312726(BFD)125
26thGBR217515James KnightDraycote Water SC‑521515324124127
27thGBR206856Iris SingletonDraycote Water SC‑342327233227132
28thGBR216648Max SteeleWembley SC; Stokes Bay SC4812183623(BFD)137
29thGBR212564Ellen BarbourCAYC/EABC1524302750(DNC)146
30thHKG209950Wai Chak TsuiHong Kong Sports Institute1847142840(BFD)147
31stGBR212008Samantha EdwardsPapercourt SC30‑5925372829149
32ndGBR217872Tom MossRipon42262245‑4615150
33rdGBR220821Archie WrightStokes Bay SC‑733653262413.5152.5
34thGBR216023Freddie SunderlandDraycote Water4617433320(BFD)159
35thGBR213644Robin PhippsParkstone Yacht Club2251(BFD)383513.5159.5
36thGBR220158Christine WoodClyde Cruising Club1931(BFD)2913RET188
37thGBR213707Jimmy CarterLancing SC32‑4440443340189
38thGBR220514Millie LewisMedway YC513235‑624530193
39th 201358Daisy FisherHollingworth Lake SC23‑6032465143195
40thGBR210368Matthew BottenWeir Wood SC20203164‑6661196
41stGBR190996Honor ProcterCardiff Bay YC54‑6350343425197
42ndGBR214580Hamish CollingridgeWaldringfield SC25505535‑6133198
43rdGBR219660Rhys Powell 27‑7548612735198
44thGBR195115Simon CrowtherParkstone yacht club4354333137(DNC)198
45th 216513Megan ThomsonIsland Barn Reservoir Sailing Club‑562545474339199
46th 173611Oliver WoodleyRLYC3757(BFD)433826201
47thIRL215933John CurranWembley SC‑723738413946201
48thCHN217034Yizhuo LIU ‑833837246938206
49thGBR221181Reuben hudsonShoreham Sailing Club6256292242(DNC)211
50thGBR183264Savva TretyakovPenarth Yacht Club364542‑533652211
51stGBR5695Freddie MaclavertyLlandudno SC/ Rydal school3942(BFD)584432215
52ndGBR171988Toby BushWaldringfield SC‑771651504956222
53rdGBR212037Aimee BrayFelpham Sailing Club55353952‑6042223
54thGBR218015Arlo TurnerGlossop SC1358(BFD)555247225
55thHKG209946Tsz Yat Lumiere Ng 3834‑60565849235
56th 218156Sam LowbridgeRutland SC24484473‑7550239
57thGBR215531Ruairi Herrington ‑674134545658243
58thGBR209003Mark GreenstreetWembley Sailing Club‑716154514834248
59th 214960Lucy DavisRSrnYC & RTYC504956‑684748250
60thGBR206301James RussellRHYC6485414221(BFD)253
61stGBR205147Vittorio BoccoliniSeafarers SC595252‑635936258
62ndGBR203312Lauren IronsPapercourt SC / Island Barn RSC‑585557485551266
63rdGBR207082Peter TaylorParkstone YC‑786736406468275
64thAUS217000Gretel HainesGurnard Sailing Club3174(BFD)756237279
65thGBR217035Maddie ChildsKing George SC4086475754(RET)284
66thGBR204013Lauren AttwellRutland SC536449‑766553284
67thGBR183526Jude StanleyHayling Island Sailing Club6870(BFD)675341299
68thGBR216870Finn GoodmanTeesdale Sailing & Watersports Club‑858462496344302
69thGBR210241Henry SmithWest Riding SC‑756246656762302
70th 210022Julien Rohart 6069(BFD)665757309
71stGBR179812Arran GoodmanHill Head SC61‑7361717055318
72nd 203157Mihail YankovQueen Mary SC356568‑827972319
73rdGBR219022Georgia HughesLlandegfedd SC6671(BFD)697454334
74thGBR212224Alex CanhamDabchicks Sailing Club‑806658787864344
75th 146162Zoe McCaigNewhaven and Seaford Sailing Club69795980(RET)59346
76th 219061Bob DraperStokes Bay SC76‑7865777260350
77thGBR215222Charlotte FensomPenine SC6582(BFD)746866355
78thDEN214935Bjorn HandleyIsland Barn Reservoir Sailing Club63536381(RET)DNC356
79thGBR217500Emelia TinchCardiff Bay YC‑868367597770356
80thGBR215565Nolan DawsonOxford Sailing Club74‑8866708167358
81stGBR160649Sarah HardingChew Valley Lake SC‑816864798069360
82ndGBR177861Jo West 7976(RET)727165363
83rdGBR217672Alex Strassberg AlonsoBosham Sailing Club8887(BFD)607363371
84thGBR180834Tom FlinthamFrensham Pond SC827771‑857671377
85thGBR205134Edward GambleHISC7072708482(DNC)378
86thGBR218528Issy LeetchRutland SC5743(DNC)DNCDNCDNC388
87th 125612Jonathan InglesfieldHISC84816983(DNC)DNC413
88thGBR168899Alex MenghamHayling Island Sailing Club8780(RET)DNCDNCDNC455
89thGBR190471Thommie Grit (DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
89thGBR213084Alice Snook (DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
89thAUS207357Jeff Loosemore (DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
89thGBR185966Natalie CampbellHayling Island Sailing Club(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
89thGBR215118Keiran BrayFelpham Sailing Club(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
89thGBR217873Alex Cogan SivarajanCCCDS(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
89th 218036Imogen PalmerRSC/RCYC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480

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