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RC Laser Spring Series at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club - Week 2

by Tony Wilson 15 Mar 17:09 GMT 13 March 2022
RC Laser Spring Series at Fleetwood week 2 © Trevor Bell

With Elisabeth only receiving 2 replies with an affirmative 'Yes', it was very doubtful when adding on the wind strength, to whether it was on for the second Spring Laser outing on Sunday. Two of the regular Laser guys had ventured down to Sunny Gosport to race other crafts, but we still had six of the loyal Braves.

The wind direction was carbon copy of the last event 2 weeks ago. same direction and similar in knots. The 6 M guys gave us a prior warning from their Saturdays sailing affair, so we were forewarned and able to use the exact same buoys and course for the day.

Eric was the first soldier to test sail size. Thinking a 'C' would suffice, but was pleasantly surprised and returned double quick tempo. A flutter of 'D' rigs among the flock were quickly swapped around on every ones boats after seeing Eric's boat had fully submerge previously.

Again we sailed from a running start to crisscross the course and back. First race one lap and then the rest to be two. Shaun, Tony and Eric were the first ones around the track up to the last beat, but then Tony decided to park under the bridge along the wall. First race went to Shaun and Eric won race two.

The water looked reasonably flat, but the down draft rotor from over the roadside flats were hitting hard. It felt like you had tacked about fifty times before reaching the near mark. You tried desperately to keep your boat moving, because if you stopped, you were there for a while.

Tony then parked again along the walk way by leaving it too late to turn and then by about race 5 realised he had clipped his winch line to down haul clip, that shouldn't have even been there. His third trip to the bridge was when the line had some how made it's way out of the hoop. (something to be said why David F. uses a thicker sheet line) good tip.

Peter had upped sail size on race 6 and it kept him near the front to get a third place. Tony joined him for the next race 7 and they battled for the win. Shaun had still been doing very well with the tiddly sail but also grabbed the bigger for the last to win yet another race 8 and the day.


1 Shaun Holbeche 6 pts
2 Eric Austwick 14 pts
3 Peter Iles 16 pts

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