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Noble Marine 2022 YY - LEADERBOARD

If a tree fell on a boat and no one heard it fall, did it happen?

by Nautical ID 13 Jan 17:00 GMT
Nautical ID © Nautical ID

The answer to this famous conundrum in this case was yes. On a recent trip to Oxford, the Nautical ID Managing Director Sam Reid was walking along the canal on a very wet and windy Sunday morning. Many boats were affected with lines being tested and covers filling with rainwater, all issues that can lead to further damage. Many owners and residents were on hand to safeguard their vessels, there were however a good few who were absent.

Sadly, one of those affected was a charming river boat which moments before had a tree blown on top of it. The owner was absent and there were no neighbours nearby who could raise the alarm.

Sam comments "It was so sad to see, though the tree did not seem to have caused any fatal damage, it had punctured the roof and broken a window, and with the continuing heavy rain, I would have loved to alert the owner to the damage. I went in hunt of the lock keeper, but in his absence and with no one around, all I could do was leave a voicemail on the number provided at the hut."

Had the boat installed Nautical ID, Sam would have been able to scan the QR code on the NID plate and send the owner a text message which they would have received instantly via the Nautical ID system. With this, the owner would have been able to immediately react to the problems on their boat and ideally prevent any greater damage.

Nautical ID is easy to install, owners may remain anonymous and yet still receive the alerts which are sent immediately. By simply scanning the QR code on the Nautical ID plate, a passerby can immediately alert owners to any real or potential damage to their boat, avoiding costs and headaches, just as Sam wished he had been able to do.

For more information please visit Nautical ID. The Nautical ID alert system costs £89 but and readers can access an exclusive 2022 20% discount code by entering YY22 on checkout.