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Stay afloat with Nautical ID

by Nautical ID 23 Jul 2021 12:00 BST
Stay afloat with Nautical ID © Nautical ID

Did you know that nearly 70% of boats that sink are tied up to their mooring or on a dock? Why not relax and let Nautical ID help you keep watch on your boat?

In a survey carried out by BoatUS*, it was discovered that of all boats that sink, 69% did so whilst the boat was docked or moored, often caused by minor problems that quickly escalated without the owner's knowledge. All boat owners know that a constant awareness of boat conditions is a must, but this isn't always possible. With the launch of Nautical ID, owners can have much greater confidence that their boat is safe.

New season, new owners, new issues

As the UK boating season reopens, more and more people are turning to Britain's coasts and waterways to experience the freedom and enjoyment that boating provides. The huge rise in boat sales and chartering means unsurprisingly, our waters are becoming ever more crowded.

However, increased usage of Britain's coastal waters and canals, often by largely inexperienced sailors, also poses a greater risk of things going wrong.

How does it work?

Step 1: Boat-owner signs up to Nautical ID and attaches their personalised plates to their vessel, in clear view.

Step 2: Passer-by or fellow boat owner sees a problem with the boat, and quickly scans the QR code on the plate.

Step 3: They will be directed to a contact page where they can outline the problem. E.g "Hello, we have just noticed that you have a snapped line and your boat is hitting the dock, I think you need to come and address it as you have a small amount of hull damage but it's getting worse".

Step 4: The boat-owner, or someone they can nominate, instantly receives an SMS and email from Nautical ID detailing the issue, or a phone call if they prefer.

In essence, any passer-by is able to alert the boat-owner immediately to any problems in a quick and easy way.

Nautical ID Director, Philip Reid, had real experience of this when visiting an unfamiliar harbour commenting "I had moored my boat in Lowestoft Harbour, somewhere I hadn't visited before. The crew and I went to a local café and soon overheard some locals talking about "some amateurs" who were unaware of the local tides and the boat was hanging by a single line from the quayside. It soon became clear they were talking about us. This was my inadvertent Nautical ID moment in the fact we were lucky enough to overhear them and managed to avoid serious damage to the boat. This unintended but very welcome early warning is what Nautical ID now provides, without the need for good fortune in a café."

Nautical ID is now available across the UK, and costs £89 a year.

For more information please email or visit our website at and register today to help us keep watch over your boat.