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Keep your boat safe with Nautical ID

by Nautical ID 7 Oct 2021 16:00 BST
plain sailing © Nautical ID

Summer has been a season that threw up more than a few challenges. If it wasn't lockdown, it was social distancing, albeit perhaps not an unfamiliar challenge for a dedicated sailor, often alone with not much more than the wind and rain for company. The latter has resulted in social media groups being awash with tales of water-logged and damaged boats and tenders, with people helpfully, but rarely successfully, trying to track down the absent owners to let them know.

Even the safety of marinas and havens has been put under the microscope with owners returning to boats to find considerable damage and cost. If only they had had an extra pair of eyes keeping a look out for real or potential damage.

Alerting owners to a boat in trouble, quickly and directly

Would boat owners consider less than £90 a fair price to pay to have early warning of such problems, avoiding significant expense and inconvenience? Nautical ID does this in a simple and effective manner, instead of posting on social media, Nautical ID allows good Samaritans to immediately and directly contact an owner to alert them of any issues.

How does it work?

Earlier this year Nautical ID launched in the UK on the back of a successful introduction at the Goteborg Boat Show. It is a product inspired by real-life experience and is simplicity itself. The boat owner attaches their Nautical ID plate and QR code to a visible part of the vessel, ideally bow or stern, downloads contact details and from there any passer by can scan the QR code and send an instant message to the owner if they find the boat in danger or damaged.

Is your boat safe?

Sam Reid, Nautical ID MD comments "Like many, I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked on my boat over the last year, but have at least had the peace of mind that Nautical ID has enabled fellow yachties and helpful passers-by to alert me to any problems my boat might have faced. Whether you are a yacht owner, living on inland waterways or managing a fleet of pleasure cruisers, it is comforting to know that for only £89 a year, essentially anyone is on watch and able to instantly let you know of any issues".

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