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Craftinsure 2021 - LEADERBOARD

RC Laser Summer Series at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club - Day 4

by Tony Wilson 18 Aug 2021 00:47 BST
RC Lasers enjoy water returning to Fleetwood Model Yacht Club © Susan Sharman

A few of us hadn't sailed for a good many weeks, not just because of the lockdown ruling, but due to a great lack of water at Fleetwood. Over the last month or so, the water had been evaporating fast and a pump breakdown issue, had prevented top up of the lake.

The council had been very busy over the last couple of weeks day and night filling up the lake for us. Thank you Mr.Council.

In addition to the Fleetwood fleet, we had one or 2 travelling Skippers which gave us a respectable attendance of 14 to make a day of it. The lake now brimming full, with any more and we may have been requested to bring along a bucket each to bail some out. A good stiff breeze down the from our favoured side, so all that was now needed was to set a good course.

A short way along the pond and we had our start, straight across the lake. With only the slightest hint of a bias, with aid of a portable buoy. Peter our boat man had been busy again perfecting his latest movable start line, consisting of a couple of large weights and long lengths of rope that would slide the mark along when needed at short request.

The top mark sailed to was the blue one and then straight back down the lake to the chequered black and white just outside the clubhouse, both taken to port and finish back at the start. A nice simple course for the day with a good beat and all that later changed was the finish line, moved further up and the the occasional tweaking on the start line.

Off to the first race and we were using our posh starting beatbox amplifier. Nothing wrong with the old one mind you and still perfectly usable, but Derek treats us now and then and also to make sure it works ready for the next couple of big events. A good start and one of our visitors, Dave Fowler was quite impressed at the level of competition at Fleetwood. Everyone was having fun and one of our nearly newer skippers Stevie won the opening race.

One of the new DF95 guys had a trial couple of races of the Laser, lent kindly from Derek to experience a different kind of boat. He could only stay briefly for the flying visit as he had to disappear and drive a bigger boat on the Bridgewater canal in the afternoon. I'm sure he'll be back for more after sampling the stress free rigging of a simple but sturdy and competitive boat.

It was 'C' rig strength all day with one race only sailed with a 'B' sail by our other travelling member John Armstrong and the occasional use of a 'D' rig by our Eric. So really it was a non fuss day, so we thought. But then the odd breakdown started to appear in the next couple of races. Rumour was Ian S. had broken his mast, but later revealed he had also lost his newly replaced servo. Rusty boats also left Tony without full rudder servo travel from one side for some unknown reason,even with full tweaking, couldn't resolve it on the day. Derek's sail issues were later impounded with a boat full of water.

The races continued with Dave F. now waking up after his lack of water time to hit the occasional home run and also John Sharman was looking as an even bigger threat to the fleet with some good sailing. Ian Hawtin was pleasantly surprised as his boat was going extremely well and his sail setting must have been in the sweet spot to keep him up at the sharp end of the racing. With 6 races completed for a slightly later lunch we were all again having fun on one of our better sailing days with only the slightest threat of a spot of rain.

After lunch with nothing changed, Dave won his second race. His morning hadn't been too great with multiple misses of the Blue mark and a bit of a tangle, whereas John Sharman was able to respond and win the very next race number eight, to now have accumulated four to his name. John had earlier borrowed batteries for the day, having left his at home on the shelf. It does however help to turn the boat on and so then another rescue request was made for our boatman.

John then sailed and won another completing five as opposed to Dave's two wins, but still not enough to take the day as Dave's lower average's made it count.

12 races sailed in what you could say perfect sailing weather and enough to whet the appetite for the up and coming RC Laser Nationals in less than a month's time. The entry list at present is looking very sparse at the moment with less than 20 entrants and could suffer unless there's more interest. Your chance to enter now would help greatly with the organising at and what an experience if you've never sailed in one. The weekend Sat/Sun 11th and 12th September with the Friday as practise and sailing tips if you prefer.

Results for the day:

1 Dave Fowler 21 pts
2 John Sharman 33 pts
3 Tony Wilson 34 pts

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