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RC Laser Winter Series at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by Tony Wilson 9 Mar 2020 21:10 GMT 8 March 2020
RC Laser Winter Series at Fleetwood © Ian Hawtin

With Derek and John S. being away sailing elsewhere, we only had Top Laser skipper Shaun to try and beat. When you see Wild Geese emigrating in formation, usually the front runner gets tired and drops to the back of the fleet for a rest. There was not going to be too much luck of that happening today?

As with the IOMs sailing on Saturday, we were able to adopt a very similar race course as buoys were already in situation and the wind was from the same direction. We did however move up the lake somewhat to where it was less choppy as there were added on a couple of mile an hour more.

Only five Skippers to race and already on race one had Shaun and Tony up in the lead with a twenty metre advantage at the windward mark from the trailing three boats. This continued up till the very end, where by Shaun pipped Tony at the post by about 3 inches.

We were all sailing Tiny rigs as the waves were just about breaking at the foot way under the bridge. The races were going smoothly and most or all of boats were able to usually tack without having to jibe. It was going good and eight races were had up to lunch break and with them only taking between 10 and fifteen minutes a race, we had decided to for go the customary early break and wait till early lunch.

Shaun had only dropped three of the races, giving Tony a couple of wins and Peter the other. Were we tiring him out, not likely, but we did think we were racing well. The 'D' rigs had been used all morning, not too over powered, but then now and again we were nose diving along that far bank on the run. Not optimal, but at times by sailing by the lee on Port minimised this, but the wrong choice for rounding the leeward mark which was on Starboard and you really wanted to keep up the momentum, because when Lasers stop you are stopped.

After lunch Tony tried the 'C' rig on race 9. Only coming home in second place as a line had snagged. It was the right choice and great advantage on the beat and now very little nosediving on the run. Others followed suit with a rig change and Shaun was able to continue his winning streak.

Robert joined us in the afternoon and was testing out a different boat. Within the first three races he had changed his rig three times.

Mid afternoon and we had a visitor, whom was able to blag himself a go with a few of our Lasers. Darren has a RC Laser of his own and was very grateful as he hadn't been out with it over Delph way for about eight months, hopefully we have reignited the spark for him.

Derek joined us for the last couple of races. On race fifteen he was able to skipper Peter's boat and it was a close fought battle all the way round with Shaun and Tony, with the closet finish of the day with all three crossing the line within seconds, but again Shaun got this one also.

Some really good racing during the day and with 16 completed we were awarded the 3 discards. And it had remained dry.

Thanks to Ian for pictures and Trevor as Race Officer.

Next club event in a fortnight.


1 Shaun Holbeche 14 pts
2 Peter Isles 28 pts
3 Tony Wilson 31 pts

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