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RC Laser National and Northern District TT at Blackpool & Fylde Model Boat Club

by Tony Wilson 17 Jun 13:14 BST 15 June 2019
RC Laser National and Northern District TT at Fairhaven Lake © Malcolm Frary

On the approach to Fairhaven lake, you were greeted to a fantastic view as you cornered Grannies Bay. The tide was in and the sea a little rougher than expected with the waves topped with those little white horses under a somewhat grey covered sky.

The forecast wasn't great and we were promised some rain at some time during the day, but it didn't deter 13 skippers from around the country turning up for a long awaited sailing event at Lytham St.Annes. No fear of weed or algae, but the wind direction was causing some head scratching until a course was finally agreed upon.

The first race was for two triangles heading south east of the main island, followed by a sausage and finish. This was a race to catch many out, as it was Amy thinking she was racing alone to alert the rest that had forgotten the third mark on the second lap. Dave won that one.

Next race and we did what we were told. John Sharman was able to snatch this one, but Derek was now easing to the fore and was going to be the main threat. The course was then stretched a little further out as the wind had started to creep around the island. One and a half laps for race three and then a final three lap triangle race just before lunch, to keep us guessing.

A spot or two of rain was in the air, although it was looking like the grim dark cloud was hugging the river Ribble and making it's way over Preston way for a good downpour, while some more course changing was expected to go ahead over lunch break.

Apart from the first race with a couple on C rigs and Alan the only one trying an A sail for one race only, the rest of the day for everyone was to be in the popular B suit.

The wind had swung 90 degrees and we were now to be heading south west to the right hand side of the island after a few more marks were strategically placed. Two complete large triangles taken to port were going to give us some good beating tacks and test the skills of those present.

Trevor had now joined us and was able to help and assist the Fairhaven team and help with scoring and starting the races that were coming along nicely now. The rain along with dark sky had totally avoided our area and coats and extra clothing were now removed, even the odd pair of shorts started to come into view along with sunglasses.

John was able to take a couple more wins and so was Derek, but Dave had half the allotted allocation for the day as we had somehow managed to squeeze in 12 whole races. Derek was let down by battery failure on the last couple of races and still secured third place on the day. A couple others had the odd rudder servo gremlins, although nothing serious to worry anyone and everyone had soldiered on until the end.

It had been a good day sailing, although a little slow to get going but we still have tomorrow as well to sail up at Fleetwood and that will make up a good well worthy weekend for those that had travelled far.


1. Dave Fowler 16 pts BFMBC
2. John Sharman 24 pts Burwain
3. Derek Priestley 27 pts Fleetwood

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