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RC Laser Spring Series at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by Tony Wilson 8 May 16:57 BST
Fleetwood RC Laser Spring Series race days 2-4 © Trevor Bell

24th March 2019 - Race day 2

The Spring series was to comprise of four meeting dates with the best of three to count.

We missed a week, again due to very high winds. It looked like we had been either blessed or plagued with more than enough wind and this second attempt to sail was not going to be much different. Strong winds from the west, so we decided to try and just give it a go as it may have been slightly less than other days, but it certainly was more than the 18 - 20 MPH forecast.

We went to the bottom end of the lake to set a course where the water didn't seem too violent.

A basic two laps of a triangle in a quarter size of the pond. Nine skippers present so it looked like it was going to be very busy and interesting.

Well it was wild, for some it was exciting and maybe for others a bit too much. Trevor thought it was probably a bit unfair for the new skippers that we had, to be in such extreme difficult conditions. In actuality they coped better than some of the old dogs. So in the short version report we had ten races, finished at lunch and called it a day.

Results Day 2:

1 Tony Wilson
2 Eric Austwick
3 Steve Mattison

31st March 2019 - Race day 3a

Treated to an Easterly wind but not the big A rig as some may have thought in a sheltered 11 MPH breeze. We were again down the bottom end of the lake but facing the opposite direction.

B rigs suited all but it seemed top end as some were already dancing and diving if you didn't keep your wits about you.

Shaun was with us and decided a two laps of a sausage course leaving all marks to port was probably best. Some of us had an incline that Trevor would probably make the day a double, as he wasn't hanging around with the races. This is where the morning and afternoon count as two separate comps, due to us missing one out. The system is usually fair when all those present are the same guys that were at the missed event.

The morning races went all Shaun's way and some of the old school were again having difficulties. Ten races sailed and only two races given away. It was Eric A. that stole one and came in second. Steve stole the other win and managed third place again, these new guys now seem to be well bedded in.

Results Day 3a:

1 Shaun Holbeche
2 Eric Austwick
3 Steve Mattison

31st March 2019 - Race day 3b

After lunch we continued with the same course. Rob Wheeler joined us for a few races and won the first. Shaun was now starting to tire and shared three wins along with Eric A. The other Eric, Eric Reid wasn't having too good a day and seemed to be plagued by constant radio problems, and this was just after he had fought battles with his temperamental rudder servo. Steve won the other race and we finished on eight races.

Results Day 3b:

1 Shaun Holbeche
2 Eric Austwick
3 Tony Wilson

5th May 2019 - Race day 4

The wind was more or less straight down the lake, fluctuating from one corner to the middle.

Peter had already checked out the lake and it was those two little buoys at the top end of the lake that looked like good marks to use. This would give us some good beating the length of the lake as we were starting by the bridge. A few moans were coming in about having to walk so far, but we usually end up doing about the same distance with a race of two half laps.

The first couple of races were to use the two tangerine marks as a gate. It was soon getting a bit cramped as folk were arriving at the same time. We then used the one the beach side as the main mark, along with the other and a large green one near the path as spreaders.

At the bottom end it was a simple two marks being left to starboard and finish at the first bench.

We had eight skippers for the day, which included Mike Parkington and Sue. They hadn't played with their Lasers for a good while, so for them it was a bit of a treat. Sue was soon having some rudder issues and did a swap with mike for his boat. Tony was also having major rudder problems. First he exchanged the servo, then the rudder horn thinking it was the splines and finally by lunchtime realising it had been the bearing at the bottom all along.

Mike seemed to be having some problems all the way through his day but still managed a couple of wins and a few seconds. Peter had dominated the day by grabbing half of the races and winning six out of the twelve sailed.

A count up at the end of the day awarded Eric Austwick with the series. Best three out of four to count. A full breakdown of the results are now live and can be found at

The next RC Laser racing is over at Burwain and part of the Northern Series. If you have never sailed there, it is an excellent location with beautiful surroundings and well worth the visit.

Results Day 4:
1 Peter Isles
2 Mike Parkington
3 Eric Austwick

Final results Spring Series:

1 Eric Austwick 265pts
2 Tony Wilson 227pts
3 Steve Mattison 207pts

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