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International Moths at Ullswater Yacht Club's Daffodil Regatta

by Ian Renilson 30 Apr 2019 07:10 BST 20-21 April 2019
International Moths at the Ullswater YC Daffodil Regatta © Tim Olin /

The hottest Easter ever, along with the idyllic setting of Ullswater in the Lake District, combined to make the first event of the inaugural Scottish & Northern International Moth an event to remember.

5 Moths attended the event, which was held as part UYC's 'Daffodil Regatta', and the variety of classes in the regatta added to the fun of the event, with Moths mixing on and off the water with fleets of Aeros; Musto Skiffs; VX's; and Wazps.

The Moths ranged in age, and there was a handicap system to allow older boats to compete.

Saturday was a bit light for the Moths with very little foiling, but sharing the event meant that the races went ahead on schedule and two low-riding races were held before the Moths agreed that was enough and headed for shore before the last race.

Paul Hignett is between foilers while waiting for his new 'Lithium' Moth, but despite this he showed his calibre by winning both races in a borrowed boat (Ian Renilson's 'old' Mach 2 - which is for sale!).

The big regatta dinner at the club was well attended with many competitors taking advantage of UYC's camping facilities to stay on-site and bringing together competitors and families.

Sunday produced better wind with good foiling gusts interspersed with low-riding lulls, and a game of 'snakes and ladders' that kept everyone alert. Paul again won all the races, but he didn't have it all his own way with everyone taking a turn at the front. However, Paul's ability to foil early and keep on the foils longer and higher than everyone else meant that he was always well ahead by the end of the race.

The handicap system worked well, bringing the older boats back into contention, with Brad beating Ian into second place after handicap.

In-between races and after racing the Moths had awesome fun blasting around showing-off our amazing craft, and limited skills. What a great weekend! Thanks to all at Ullswater YC for arranging a terrific event.

Great event photos by Tim Olin on flickr here.

Overall Results:

PosHelmDesign (Handicap)R1R2R4R5R6Pts
Results BEFORE handicap
1Paul HignettMach 2 (600)1111‑14
2Ian RenilsonExocet (550)32‑3229
3Brad GibsonBladerider (600)2323‑310
4Katie HughesNinja (650)4dnf 544dnc (5)17
5Paul MyrescoughExocet (550)5dnc 5dnc 5dnc 5dnc (5)20
Results AFTER Handicap
1Paul HignettMach 2 (600)1111‑14
2Brad GibsonBladerider (600)222‑439
3Ian RenilsonExocet (550)43‑42211
4Katie HughesNinja (650)3dnf 533dnc (5)14
5Paul MyrescoughExocet (550)5dnc 5dnc 5dnc 5dnc (5)20

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