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Chichester Yacht Club Snowflake Series - Overall

by Mark Green 25 Feb 09:44 GMT 4 February 2019
Steve and Sarach Cockerill win the Fast Fleet in the Chichester YC Snowflake Series © Dan Hughes

After the -3 degC ice-breaking of races 5 & 6, the final event in this year's Snowflake couldn't have been more different. With the race due to start at 13:30, the competitors had a leisurely arrival for a very spring-like day at CYC. With the temperature easily in double digits and a bright blue sky overhead, many of the competitors were undecided whether to put on winter gear or shorts.

The race officer Richard Anderton set an east/west trapezium course that had the boats beating up the marina channel toward the clubhouse.

On Sunday, the fast fleet had 24 competitors with the Merlin Rockets and RS400s out in force. In race 7, Tim Saxton and Holly Scott won by 4 seconds after the handicap had been applied, with Steve and Sarah Cockerill not quite able to build enough of a lead for their RS400 to overcome the Merlin's more favourable handicap.

In race 8, the wind freshened slightly and allowed Steve and Sarah to win by a convincing 2 minutes from the closest Merlin sailed by Alex Jackson and Will Caroll.

The Medium fleet had a healthy 21 boats with the font of the fleet contested between Solos and Aero 7s. In race 7 HISC's Alex Butler won in his Solo followed by Mark Riddington and Toby Schofield in Aeros. Martin Orton sailing with Ian Brooks managed a very creditable fourth place sailing in a 35 year old Lark.

In race 8 the top three places were unchanged, but fourth place went to Charlie South who went on to win the overall Youth prize for the snowflake series.

In the Slow fleet four boats had close racing with just a minute separating them after the times were corrected for handicap. The Winner was Zac Smith in his Quba, followed by Sam Atherton in a Tera and Katie Merryfield-Day and Joshua James sailing in Toppers.

After the racing the competitors gathered in the sloop for the end of series prize giving. Prizes for the leading boats were awarded by the Snowflake Sponsor, Aqualiving of Chichester.

In addition to the fleet podiums, the prizewinners were:

Fast Fleet 1st Veteran - Ross Fisher
Medium Fleet 1st Veteran - Derek Jackman
Medium Fleet 1st Youth - Charlie South
Medium Fleet 1st Lady Helm - Helen Green
Fast Fleet 1st Lady Helm - Jemma Horwood
Holt Trophy (awarded to the highest placed boat designed by Jack Holt) - Alex Butler (Solo)

Fast Fleet Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubPYR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1stRS 4001489Steve CockerillSarah CockerillStokes Bay SC9421‑221‑4‑3217
2ndMERLIN‑ROCKET3696Alex WarrenMary HendersonSalcombe YC/Shoreham SC98053(DNC)(DNC)31‑6315
3rdMERLIN‑ROCKET3795Alex JacksonWill CarrollShoreham SC980‑4‑44324‑5215
4thRS 4001062Simon TownsendAnna FordhamEmsworth SC942‑126‑978‑114934
5thDEVOTI D‑ZERO115Callum Aldous Felpham SC10296.5‑14‑15475‑151436.5
6thDEVOTI D‑ZERO283James Gerwat Felpham SC10296.510‑14857‑12‑1236.5
7thMERLIN‑ROCKET3758Tim SaxtonClaire Lasko / Holly ScottItchenor SC980(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC121441
8thBLAZE773Ross Fisher Felpham SC102710‑1289126(DNC)(DNC)45
9thMERLIN‑ROCKET3722Roger GilbertJane GilbertFrensham Pond SC9803532(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC46
10thBLAZE786Richard Ganley Felpham SC1027‑13‑161061110‑161148
11thRS 4001386Nick EllimanRoger EllimanChichester YC942‑11811109‑1410(DNC)48
12thMERLIN‑ROCKET3739Ben McGraneRoz McGraneNetley SC980211DNF [22](DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC59
13thBLAZE782Peter Jones Felpham SC1027915(DNC)(DNC)1012‑191561
14thSCORPION2022James GardnerAnne GardnerHayling Island SC103681165(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC63
15thMERLIN‑ROCKET3704Jemma HorwoodSimon WorstedThames YC/OYC980OCS [20]9(DNC)13(DNC)(DNC)8.51363.5
16thMERLIN‑ROCKET3613Chris GrosscuthEmma YorkChichester YC980‑17‑2016(DNF [22])1413131066
17thMERLIN‑ROCKET3777George YeomanSophie OrmsbyItchenor SC980(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC68MGate [21]876
18thCANOE INTERNATIONAL WITH KITE343Phil Allen Chichester YC86616‑1813(DNF [22])Duty [16.7]Duty [16.7]14‑1776.4
19thRS 600916Tony Purser Chichester YC916(DNC)‑211815151517‑1980
20thRS AERO 91455Tom Dobbs Chichester YC1019(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC139181689
21stRS 4001031Sean CurtisSimon GoldfarbEmsworth SC94215131714(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC92
22ndMERLIN‑ROCKET3676Frances GiffordSophie MackleyRanelagh & Shoreham SC980(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC35107
23rdRS 2001402Paul WalkerArchie WalkerPapercourt SC10461417(DNC)11(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC108
24thRS AERO 91304Nigel Cowan CYC1019Duty [14.5](DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC1118109.5
25thRS 2001429Paddy GambleEdward GambleHISC & Chichester YC1046(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC76112
26thFIREBALL15112David SayceFiona SayceHISC953(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC8.57114.5
27thINTERNATIONAL 141530Andy FitzgeraldRich DobsonItchenor SC765187(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC124
28thMERLIN‑ROCKET3760Martin Jones Itchenor SC980(DNC)(DNC)5DNF [22](DNC)DNCDNCDNC126
29thTASAR2815Fiona Sayce Hayling Island SC1015(DNC)(DNC)7DNF [22](DNC)DNCDNCDNC128
30thMERLIN‑ROCKET3709Rob HendersonJames EllisHayling Island SC980(DNC)(DNC)DNF [20]12(DNC)DNCDNCDNC131
31stMERLIN‑ROCKET3770Jack HoldenRob GullanItchenor SC980(DNC)(DNC)12DNF [22](DNC)DNCDNCDNC133

Medium Fleet Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubPYR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1stSOLO5781Alex Butler Hayling Island SC11431‑411‑6‑3115
2ndRS AERO 72553Mark Riddington Emsworth Slipper SC1068‑313‑4.52‑62210
3rdSOLO5670Nigel Thomas Hill Head SC1143232‑614‑5‑812
4thRS AERO 71562Toby Schofield Felpham SC1068‑9242‑11‑133314
5thLASERNo NumberCharlie South Stokes Bay SC1097‑755‑951‑16420
6thSOLO5168Stephen Holcroft Dell Quay SC1143‑1178(DNF [22])427‑1528
7thLASER209949Guy Dulake  10976(MGate [25])‑134.585‑10730.5
8th20002204Iain YardleySarah YardleySilver Wings SC11095‑177‑12‑10108939
9thSOLO5237Derek Jackman Chichester YC11431010(DNC)(DNC)Duty [9.5]Duty [9.5]6‑1245
10thLASER166550Ian Payne Chichester YC1098‑1311‑16‑159812646
11thLASER195249Tim Boon Dell Quay SC10988663(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC57
12thRS AERO 71533Richard Bullock Itchenor SC10681412‑1711(DNC)(DNC)111159
13thDEVOTI D‑ZERO BLUE309Luke Mapley Felpham SC1079‑241514143DNF [15](DNC)(DNC)61
14thLASER198570David McClean Itchenor SC109748118(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC65
15th20002248John BestJustine WhitakerLee on Solent SC11091716‑1913(DNC)(DNC)DNF [18]1074
16thLASER192748Julian Wilkins Chichester YC109716‑18.51516(DNC)(DNC)131474
17thEUROPE355Lucy Boreham Chichester YC1145151397(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC78
18th200021790Helen GreenEmmaChichester YC1109(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC13991378
19thLASER RADIAL196664Bruce Grant Itchenor SC11421918.51210(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC93.5
20th20002654Al JenkinManu JenkinChichester YC1109(DNC)(DNC)18171411(DNC)DNC94
21stLASER RADIAL91221Alice Serna Felpham SC11422020(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC1516105
22ndLARK2029Martin OrtonIan BrooksCYC1070(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC45111
23rdLASER181047Charlie Porter Chichester YC1097(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC77DNCDNC116
24thRS AERO 71455Tom Dobbs Chichester YC106822232018(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC117
25th200021446Guy RussellClare CollettWest Wittering SC11092121(DNC)(DNC)12(DNC)DNCDNC122
26thSOLO5608Simon Verrall Dell Quay SC1143129(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC123
27th200021560Emily McKinnonAndy McKinnonFelpham SC1109(DNC)(DNC)22RDG [19](DNC)DNC14DNC123
28thRS VAREO372Mark Green Chichester YC1090(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC1512DNCDNC129
29thSOLO4419Ian Brooks Trearddur Bay SC1143(DNC)(DNC)10DNF [22](DNC)DNCDNCDNC134
30thGP 1414193Roger MillettBiddy ColbourneChichester YC11331814(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC134
31stLASER215317Thomas Lawson Chichester YC1097232221(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC134
32nd200021731Micheal OlliffPaula OlliffChichester YC1109(DNC)(DNC)Duty [23]Duty [22](DNC)DNCDNCDNC147
33rd200021489Piers VowlesTobias VowlesChichester YC1109DNF [26](DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC162

Slow Fleet Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmClubPYR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1stRS QUBA1050Zac SmithPagham Lake Sailing126032‑6‑5111(DNC)8
2ndRS TERA PRO943Samuel AthertonPagham Lake Sailing13642331(DNC)(DNC)2(DNC)11
3rdTOPPER46974Thomas MachellChichester YC13581DNF [8]12(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC24
4thTOPPER44477Joshua JamesFelpham SC13586486(DNC)(DNC)4(DNC)28
5thLASER 4.7187491Alfie LesterFelpham SC12075553(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC30
6thTOPPERNo NumberCharlie GranChichester YC135841(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC41
7thTOPPER46076Oliva Western 1358(DNC)(DNC)24(DNC)DNCDNCDNC42
8thTOPPER28999Katie Merryfield‑DayChichester YC1358(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNF [3]DNC3DNC42
9thTOPPER42004Lily Speed 1358(DNC)(DNC)47(DNC)DNCDNCDNC47
10thTOPPER47570James GibsonPapercourt SC135876(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC49
11thTOPPER48306Cathy McHab 1358(DNC)(DNC)7(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC55

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