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Medway RC Laser Winter Series 2018-19 - Rounds 3, 4 & 5

by Jamie Blair 9 Jan 11:41 GMT December 2018 - January 2019
Medway RC Laser Winter Series Round 5 © Jamie Blair

Rounds 3 and 4 were sailed over the Christmas period with twelve entries on the 23rd December and 15 on the 30th December. Round 3 was sailed in its entirety with A rigs and the Round 4 with a mixture of A and B rigs.

Round 3 saw Jon Moon with a string of great results to hold off Adrian Tomlinson but out in front was Jamie Blair.

Round 4 saw a WSW breeze, with enough wind to power the "A" rig. Adrian Tomlinson and Tony Owens monopolised first and second places in the seven races before the coffee break, retaining advantage with the B rig for Races 3 7. We welcomed back to the series Pete Freeman who after a number of eye operations found great form especially after the coffee break. After thirteen races Adrian was 1st overall, Tony second and Pete Freeman third.

So with Christmas behind us Round 5 kicked off the new year. Our RO set the standard course of triangle/sausage for the A rig (5-6 kts WNW) with the windward mark positioned close to a divide in the lake giving a shifting breeze effect on the approach. So keen were all the sailors that a practice race started the day.

With 12 boats racing it was ultra-important to get off the start cleanly. One boat showed this on a number of occasions starting in the middle of the line and having clear air before the boats at the windward end worked their way off the start. The second race, however, was one that provided a port flyer. Charles Pegram shot off the start line and crossed the whole fleet. The chasing pack worked hard to overhaul Charles who finished a creditable third in that race.

The wind played tricks all through the morning, shifting through 10-15 degrees, particularly nearer the windward mark. Wind pressure changes across the course also provided position changes in each race. So close was the racing mid fleet that clusters of boats would arrive at both ends of the course together, with boats from behind finding themselves in amongst the group and wondering if there was a call for "Room". Some turns were seen but probably not enough so difficult to see sometimes. At coffee time we saw Tony Owens leading the points with Richard Stone in second.

After the break the consistent results chalked up by Jamie Blair and discarding two seventh places brought him to the top of the list; Tony Owens again with consistent second place results allowed him to keep ahead of Adrian Tomlinson and go home with a second overall.

Twelve races were completed by the 12.30 cut-off. Jamie took the day with Tony Owens in second and Adrian Tomlinson in third.

The overall positions for the Winter Series from December to March have Jon Moon heading the order, followed by Jamie Blair, Tony Alexander, Adrian Tomlinson and Tony Owens. No discards taken yet so all can change.

See you all next Sunday 13th January for Round 6. Details of location and start times on

Round 3 Results (23 Dec):

PosSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11Pts
1st51Jamie Blair1‑9311‑91212214
2nd84Jon Moon33‑422‑42344124
3rd30Adrian Tomlinson(DNS)(DNS)171015421334
4th4Tony Alexander42‑9‑10378176543
5th3Mark Penny54(DNF)64‑113589751
6th958Brian Lev'y71010‑115‑127633960
7th75Tony Owens212593(DNS)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC61
8th48Phil Walker10863869(DNF)‑115661
9th72Charles Pegram87846849‑107(DNS)61
10th613Andrew Nicholls‑965875‑10798863
11th1111Roger White65(DNF)(DNS)DNC26106DNFDNC74
12th58David Townshend‑111179(DNC)10118510475

Round 4 Results (30th Dec):

PosSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13Pts
1st30Adrian Tomlinson111111‑12‑122151621
2nd75Tony Owens2222231‑91‑713221
3rd63Pete Freeman64‑114‑102226245441
4th84Jon Moon476377433‑824‑1350
5th71David Tomlinson3‑1285‑136577678163
6th4Tony Alexander1064‑138106155‑112764
7th958Brian Lev'y59‑156512106812‑147585
8th83Richard Stone(DNS)(DNS)1312311713103313391
9th58David Townshend1135154588124(DNF)(DNC)DNC91
10th613Andrew Nicholls(DNF)(DNF)7812494413991291
11th3Mark Penny81099983‑14‑11116101093
12th72Charles Pegram75310(DNF)(DNS)DNS514913118101
13th48Phil Walker13(DNF)107691110‑151010611103
14th1111Roger White1211121111‑1313119‑158129119
15th33Les Willson981414(DNF)14141513141214(DNC)141

Round 5 Results (Jan):

PosSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
1st51Jamie Blair122‑71‑712211316
2nd75Tony Owens2112(DNF)223322‑820
3rd30Adrian Tomlinson355‑6314116‑8130
4th83Richard Stone4431565‑124‑97544
5th84Jon Moon56‑754476‑834448
6th63Pete Freeman7‑10492834643‑1050
7th4Tony Alexander6‑9‑947995756260
8th48Phil Walker881036369‑118‑11667
9th72Charles Pegram‑10388810‑118579975
10th613Andrew Nicholls976‑11(DNF)1181091110788
11th58David Townshend1111‑12‑1295107101051189
12th17Sarah Mason‑12‑1211101012121112121212114

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