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Rooster Optimist Southern Traveller at Burghfield Sailing Club

by Tom Jones 12 Sep 2017 16:25 BST 9-10 September 2017

Bright sunshine and a pleasant westerly breeze greeted the 130 young Optimist sailors to Burghfield Sailing Club for what must surely be the UK's largest single class open meeting.

The excitement started just after the briefing as the media Sportography drone took to the sky above the balcony for an "all sailors shot". The drone was later seen buzzing around the race course capturing the action.

The Regatta fleet of 38 included a mix of experience with a good collection of sailors enjoying their first competitive season. For a few, this would be their very first open meeting. Tabitha Davies started her dominating lead with wins in Race One and Two before being denied the next by Holly Fisher winning Race Three.

The local race team led by RO Douglas Calder made masterly and timely adjustments to the buoys maintaining a consistent course for the sailors to complete three full races in the morning.

After a well earned lunch, the sailors returned to the water and markedly different conditions. The skies had filled in and significant rain storms could be seen in the distance all around the lake, Zac Shepherd was undeterred winning Race Four.

The wind had now increased, the skies opened up and Tabitha Davies regained composure to take Race Five from local Burghfield brothers Ethan and Oscar Tatum. Tabitha came second in the last race to secure the overall win. Eliana Edwards won the final Race Six to take third overall with Holly Fisher posting solid results to end up second overall.

The sailors returned to shore, just in time to avoid the thunder and lightning storms building in the east. Fabulous sailing and the most exemplary attitude by all sailors in the fleet was enjoyed.

The main fleet was scheduled for 6 x 30 minute races. The 89 sailors raced in two flights using colour group rotation on Inner/Outer loop trapezoids courses, all threaded between Burghfield's famous islands. Mathias Potter and Millie Irish both started well to take first line honours.

Race Two saw Molly Dowson McGill and Finian Morris over the line first and Race Three was won by Freddie Lonsdale and local Burghfield sailor Oliver Woodley. With the help of the Uniform flag disqualifying boats from a start that were over the line in the final minute, SRO Ian Bullock secured three good races ahead of the scheduled lunch break.

With more adverse weather on the forecast the opportunity was taken of continuing into the fourth race before lunch with sailors Ben Mueller and Sebastian Schonrock showing stamina, and possibly hunger to win and make it first into the lunch queue.

After the lunch break ashore Ben Mueller kept his form, this time along with Toby Schonrock to take the bullets in race 5. The weather had now changed with showers and end to end double rainbows providing a distraction to the sailors and opportunities to the media.

Race Six introduced a significant wind shift and deliberations from the race management. Experience and consistency brought another Race win for Mathias Potter which secured the overall title. Kuba Staite also took another win to secure third overall while solid consistency from Ella Lance gave her second overall.

Finally, all sailors were treated to a fabulous spread of creamy cakes for tea, along with handout prizes from the sponsor Rooster.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
Main Fleet
1st6481Mathias PotterWarsash SC134‑64113
2nd6471Ella LanceHISC4‑14433317
3rd6299Kuba StaiteHISC6‑7723119
4th5285Oliver WoodleyBurghfield SC2617‑13420
5th6365Millie IrishDraycote Water SC166‑84320
6th6235Molly Dowson McGillRoyal Lymington Yacht Club813‑175522
7th6230Toby SchonrockParkstone YC743101(DNF)25
8th6415Finian MorrisPapercourt SC‑171838828
9th6298Ben MuellerRLymYC12(UFD)5111029
10th6459Megan FarrerEmsworth SC9324‑131230
11th6142Robert MawdsleyHISC‑1859521132
12th6323Freddie HowarthPoole YC‑3122661733
13th6243Alice SnookHISC‑17571110235
14th5909Emily SCHONROCKParkstone YC3717(UFD)8641
15th6276Cameron HookGSC1098‑1310441
16th6244Oscar Morgan‑HarrisRoyal Southern Yacht Club981677‑1947
17th6417Freddie LonsdaleRLymYC1981157(DNC)50
18th6169Maya BrownBurghfield14169132‑2054
19th6400Henry KeeganParkstone2131012‑331855
20th6278Oliver MeadowcroftUpper Thames SC‑251352142256
21st6350Lila EdwardsParkstone YC1311‑214161458
22nd6020James BarrettBurghfield SC142210(SCP)11259
23rd6352josh lyttleDatchet27(UFD)6915764
24th6340Ben PerkinsHISC101015(UFD)171365
25th5800Kiera CarreGuernsey Yacht Club(UFD)4138122966
26th4779Oliver HalePoole YC1810‑231221970
27th1049Esme FRITHBosham Sailing Coub222121819‑3473
28th6404Annabelle VinesRLymYC511‑2716162573
29th5387Sebastian SchonrockParkstone YC3‑35211351575
30th6485Freddie FitzsimmonsRLymYC191616‑3820576
31st6363Emma RennieParkstone Yacht Club81718‑29191577
32nd6253Noah EvansRVYC232017‑309978
33rd5731Sam WebbR. Lym YC‑38172814111080
34th5586Joel TravesSpinnaker SC341820106(DNC)88
35th6214Ella LightbodyRLymYC7(UFD)1122252691
36th5115Luke WatsonEmsworth20(UFD)UFD912792
37th6346Emma BreeseRLymYC1115222024‑2792
38th6424Oli MaltbyDatchet4(UFD)1518DSQ1394
39th4977Leo YatesPapercourt SC11231422‑302494
40th6401Toby AldousPapercourt SC282211‑3226895
41st5849Adam TrubridgeBurghfield SC‑38201314173599
42nd5356Oliver VinesRLymYC2912(UFD)25929104
43rd5012Cameron Bignold‑KylesRLymYC‑352624242011105
44th5881Jemima DayReading and Burghfield SC1521‑34282318105
45th5556William BarrettBurghfield SC21241419‑3828106
46th6273Freddie MayRoyal Lymington YC12272929‑3712109
47th5252Sam WatsonEmsworth1512(UFD)345DNC110
48th6449Samuel GriffithsRLymYC2127122824‑33112
49th1058Hallam FRITHBosham Sailing Club1326‑34113331114
50th6182Archie Munro‑PriceCastle Cove SC‑331924203121115
51st5741George LanceHISC40243016(UFD)6116
52nd6145Sabine PotterWarsash SC253123‑331423116
53rd6327Joseph JonesBurghfield‑302326261526116
54th6167Katy JenkinsBowmoor‑361429213419117
55th5498Jake StokesRLymYC‑423718152721118
56th64Sam BrownBurghfield1618‑35342130119
57th6433hugo andersonRoyal Lym yacht club16‑3832261827119
58th6383Amelie HiscocksCCSC/WPNSA‑333019172924119
59th6490Edward DayReading and Burghfield SC321526(UFD)2720120
60th6351Gabriella BurltonRoyal Southern YC26(UFD)30213014121
61st6378cameron blameyRVYC2692525‑3737122
62nd6039Jack McCormickParkstone23281927‑3228125
63rd5752Matthew MasonPapercourt SC35(UFD)22232233135
64th5979Harry GeorgeBurghfield2225‑38243830139
65th6115Imogen JonesBurghfield20(UFD)27272838140
66th635Dylan GreenPYC2730313022‑32140
67th6450Oliver BaddeleyRLymYC2421363525‑39141
68th6202Findlay Bignold‑KylesRLymYC243228‑363523142
69th6315Thomas ARMSTRONGPapercourt SC(UFD)2531234025144
70th4727Jacoby KeeganParkstone6333537‑4234145
71st6105Finn EvansRVYC‑401920393138147
72nd5557Ben StokesHISC3128333223‑37147
73rd4671Amber HalePoole YC323639‑422816151
74th6179Hazel JonesDell Quay Sailing Club3735‑39313216151
75th5624India LanceHISC433725(DNC)1831154
76th5758Noa MoskovitchPapercourt36313235‑3922156
77th6228Lucy RobertsPwllheli SC‑444036313417158
78th6038Oscar PitmanESC‑372933372936164
79th5230Anna TrubridgeBurghfield SC29343736‑4132168
80th6444Gwen SargentEmsworth3034‑41334036173
81st6164Jenna SnedkerHISC(UFD)UFDUFD1926DNC177
82nd6446Johnny SargentEmsworth sailing club5(DNF)DNFDNCDNCDNC181
83rd5581Millie LewisMedway YC28334241(DNC)DNC188
84th5674Josh StokesHISC3929‑43403941188
85th5411Archie BourneBurghfield413237(UFD)3642188
86th5879Grace LonsdaleRLymYC3439‑40393640188
87th5020Lauren IronsPapercourt SC39363840‑4135188
88th4619Alex ROACHPapercourt SC41384038(DNC)DNC201
89th4843George Macdonald‑GruteBurghfield(DNF)41DNC41DNCDNC214
90th6266Agnes Bracey‑DavisHISC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC220
90th5086Nathan SloleyCastle Cove SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC220
90th6335Xavier EllisGuernsey YC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC220
Regatta Fleet
1st6272Tabitha Davies91‑3‑91217 
2nd5732Holly Fisher122137‑830 
3rd6084Eliana Edwards7‑166‑104140 
4th5960Zac Shepherd9‑7216630 
5th5423Oscar Tatum106‑1043448 
6th6063Hennie Burlton944‑65530 
7th5811Polly Mason123728‑1751 
8th4950Ethan Tatum9‑121252‑2159 
9th6042Oliver McCormick98‑97‑13948 
10th6129William Webster9105‑1211756 
11th5195Charlie Howard47‑18‑1111101165 
12th5409Olivia Lightbody911815‑171389 
13th5839Eddie Dorsett99138‑30(DNC)120 
14th5577Jack Knapper1051921‑28‑26104 
15th6144Arthur Greaves91518‑2691098 
16th6271Dirk Rogers8‑2117‑2418398 
17th5015Henry Checksfield1214‑1613‑201590 
18th5988William Bourne8‑2321‑221219107 
19th55Katy Fisher1013‑221914‑20105 
20th4979Harry Baddeley917‑2514‑2614115 
21st3729Tilly Miller‑Comrie11‑2215172212115 
22nd4748Scarlett Price1220‑231616‑24115 
23rd5024Morgan Anderson12(DNC)(DNC)251516166 
24th6413Jack Stones7242018(DNC)(DNC)168 
25th5501Jonny Rogers619‑26232322136 
26th5470George Howard472614‑342127151 
27th6248Thomas Strong1027‑29202418152 
28th2669Anna Morris92828‑301923156 
29th4760Louis Hiscocks0322431(DNC)(DNC)184 
30th4007Madeleine Greaves11‑29‑31282528165 
31st4767Sienna Mordaunt7‑3332292725182 
32nd5883Hector Davies730272729(DNC)186 
33rd4787Sophia McKenna92530‑3531(DNC)195 
34th4558Tobyn McCorquodale Cruise931‑343234(DNC)203 
35th6466Henry Lewis8‑35333332(DNC)208 
36th6Monty Bath103436(DNC)(DNC)DNC231 
37th2585James Hyman11(DNC)DNC3633DNC237 
38th4179Olivia Macdonald‑Grute10(DNC)35(DNC)DNCDNC240 
39th4773Jack Harper‑Hill47(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC252 
39th3579Ava Harper‑Hill47(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC252 
39th5492Max Bromilow10(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC252 

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