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Allen & PA Consulting RS Feva Worlds in Medemblik - Day 5

by Jon Partridge 28 Jul 2017 17:15 BST 21-27 July 2017

The dinghy park was buzzing on the final day of the RS Feva World Championships presented by PA Consulting and Allen Sailboat hardware. This championship was still wide open as there was only one point separating first and second place in Gold fleet. Henry and Rupert Jameson (GBR) were leading overnight from Eli Liefting and Rose Dickson (NZL) by that one point.

The fleet were released from the beach in overcast condition with 8-10 knots on the race course. The PRO wasted no time in getting the Gold fleet away.

Eli and Rose nailing a bullet in the first race today gave them a one point advantage going into the final race, as Team Jameson finished third behind Pierce Harris and Alfie Cogger (GBR).

Silver and Bronze fleets were also away on the course with very tight racing. Leading the Silver fleet was GBR's Tim and Abby Hire, and at the front of the Bronze fleet was the Czech paring of Štepán Mann and Jan Richter. The Silver fleet offered fantastic entertainment, where spectators felt as if you could throw a tea towel over the entire fleet at any one time. 60 boats would round each mark in less than a minute!

So after seven fantastic races in Gold fleet it would simply come down to the last race: Eli and Rose against Team Jameson. In simple terms Eli and Rose needed to beat Team Jameson on the water, or Team Jameson needed to win to guarantee the championship. As they went up the first beat both boats had clearly been nervous of starting and were buried in the pack.

At the first windward mark Eli and Rose had dragged themselves out of trouble, up into fifth place, with Team Jameson rounding in 22nd.

By the time the fleet had reached across to the outer loop Team Jameson had made up ten places, to twelfth, but at the second windward mark they were unable to improve their position. At the final leeward mark Eli and Rose rounded in fifth, five places ahead of Team Jameson, and simply needed to sail a short beat to the finish to be named World Champions.

For the first time in ten RS Feva championships the trophy has gone to the Southern hemisphere, with Eli and Rose being crowned overall RS Feva World Champions 2017. Team Jameson were second, and Pierce and Alfie took third.

Sian Talbot and Eloise Clapson McBride (GBR) had a fantastic week and were named RS Feva Ladies World Champions. The Junior category was won by Austrians Johanna Böckl and Benjamin Kogard.

A full report from this fantastic championships, naming all the other category winners, will be published on Monday.

Gold fleet overall results:

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Points
1NZL 6896Eli Liefting~ Rose Dickson~ M17723‑1541530
2GBR 6505Henry Jameson~ Rupert Jameson~ B~ F421‑13121331036
3GBR 5846Pierce Harris~ Alfie Cogger~ B19121‑2410116151
4GBR 6680Tom Storey~ Ollie Kent~ B383616217(dnc)55
5GBR 230Dylan McPherson~ Dylan Collingbourne~ B7‑2995746111261
6GBR 4627Ben Hutton‑Penman~ Lucy Hewitson~ M641114‑2622125680
7CZE 5707Jakub Dobry~ Tereza Dobra~ M~ F1454(dnc)323516382
8NED 4551Bo van Wendel de Joode~ Olivier Elderenbosch~ M~ A91213310‑191514783
9GBR 6540Ewan Wilson~ Teddy Ferguson~ B202561216‑2812890
10ITA 6156Filippo Cestari~ Davide Carbonelli~ B103849‑418341591
11GBR 6037Freddy Wood~ Phoebe Peters~ M17171722232‑341211121
12GBR 5028Matthew Taylor~ William Carron~ B826121018722‑2918121
13GBR 5764Jamie Rastrick~ Madeleine Bristow~ M56523‑392327269124
14CZE 4648Michal Koštýr~ Klára Kulhánková~ M1124(dnc)dnc651082126
15GBR 6309William Pank~ Finlay Campbell~ B23033‑36191616424144
16GBR 4100Sian Talbot~ Eloise Clapson McBride~ G16(dsq)431729921922157
17HKG 6599Julian fung~ Dolf Hendriksen~ B122228(dnc)529262513160
18GBR 2422Harrison Pye~ Fergus Pye~ B~ F1891982820‑383729168
19NED 3475Gijs Dutilh~ Ocker Stoop~ B21‑3930281424132816174
20EST 4326Oskar Tiidemann~ Luca Remmel~ B4321161917122424(ufd)176
21GBR 5453Joshua Davies~ Jack Oakley~ B344220292820‑4823178
22SWE 3832Oscar Andersson~ Amanda Ljunggren~ M152018913174646(ufd)184
23GBR 6264Eddie Farrell~ Kevin Farrell~ B~ F3631‑4726313072114196
24GBR 3672Alexander Ratsey~ Bertie Ratsey~ B4532‑44112713331032203
25GBR 5626Sophie Johnson~ Becky Caiger~ G234341(dnc)2511142026203
26NED 1619Liselotte Beemster~ Rick van de Luur~ M1314147384641‑4731204
27GBR 6536Henry Rastrick~ Amelia Webster~ M3149(dnc)dnc15183194217
28GBR 5775Sophie Dennis~ Dilly Ala~ G2519‑39383614373225226
29GBR 1915Lauren Discombe~ Sophie Dorrington~ G22363431‑4336251527226
30GBR 6199Ethan Gerrell~ Ellen Morley~ M2637222721‑45293834234
31GBR 2093Rohan Murphy~ Lelia Peckham~ M301021303735‑443339235
32NED 5254Wiebrand de Vos~ Gijs Zuidema~ B321510154852‑535217241
33GBR 6214Robbie McDonald~ Ellie McDonald~ M~ F291835‑43433434341246
34GBR 6300Blythe Berry~ Raulf Berry~ M~ F2454463920213213(ufd)249
35NED 2878Isabelle Zielinski~ Jildou Gerritsen~ G42131516‑4944304447251
36GBR 6330Flo Peters~ Issy Spurway~ G3540373340‑43233120259
37GBR 4079Annie Hammett~ Emma Wells~ G4941402422271940‑51262
38EST 4336Veronika Kuvatova~ Hannah Tuulas~ G413423188‑57455149269
39NED 3465Joris Nankman~ Arthur Nankman~ B~ F44332620352557(dsq)35275
40GBR 6305Anne Marie Ratnage~ Alice Parker~ G38284521‑4640392737275
41GBR 5288Caitlin Webster~ Lucy Ferguson~ G402331324738‑481748276
42GBR 6312Josh Davies~ Ian Ratnage~ B331652405537‑581830281
43GBR 2047Issy Taylor Jones~ Harvey OSullivan~ M391124(dnc)5156364521283
44NED 4450Luuk de Wijn~ Sjoerd de Wijn~ B~ F5138‑5034414892242285
45IRL 6548Henry Start~ Morgan Devine~ B274532353339‑544146298
46NED 4494Dirk Elderenbosch~ Otto de Fraiture~ B3727293745473542‑50299
47ITA 3618Sofia Colledan~ Elena De Luca~ G285654474434‑493543307.6
48NED 5251Robbert Huisman~ Dennis Abma~ B48485146303217‑5736308
49NED 5089Selma van der Tuin~ Sam Leenhouts~ M57472725‑5350283052316
50GBR 4904Katheryn Byne~ Phoebe Jones~ G55(dnc)38ret5426502340346
51NED 587Lot Groen~ Daphne Feberwee~ G58(dnc)dncdnc1151513919349
52GBR 5847Julia Barnes~ Lauren Paton~ G505249(dnc)4253403628350
53NED 5878Itte Klimp~ Imme Rijk~ G~ F53354845504918‑5554352
54CZE 4415Jakub Nejezchleba~ Monika Krenková~ M59504241‑5731425344362
55GBR 2383Patrick Whelan~ George Sherwood~ B52462544‑5854555438368
56ITA 3948Alvise Colledan~ Alberto Cieno~ B5644364252(dsq)474953379
57NED 5057Gijs Niewold~ Jacobine Leemhuis~ M475553(dnc)3455565045390.6
58GBR 6289Max Beverley~ Sam Rawlins~ B5451(dnc)dnc5642525633404
59GBR 6819Blake Wilson~ Sam Dickinson~ B4653(dnc)dncdncdncdncdncdnc459

Silver fleet overall results:

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Points
1GBR 4626Tim Hire~ Abby Hire~ M~ F62124(bfd)511217104
2CZE 5344Petr Tupy~ Dan Viscor~ B684327‑231934110
3CZE 2186Jaroslav Cermak~ Petr Kostal~ B~ F752(dnc)12122111124
4GBR 5627William Caiger~ Caitlin Morley~ M71(dsq)1323102016126
5ITA 5017Forasacco Nicolo~ Drago Stefano~ B107666146‑3475157
6GBR 3373Ching Wong~ Elinor O'Leary~ G6120‑2722201731012165
7GBR 6318Angus Kilpatrick~ Freddie Ellis~ B641311291029‑44162174
8NED 5881Hanna Rijk~ Marlies Schouten~ G7322‑4298347915177
9GBR 4963Hamish Morley~ Jake Wood~ M9215712‑491251221185
10EST 4335Thor Kaspar Marvet~ Helen Ausman~ M77‑34311332722410187
11NED 5882Mette Rijk~ Femme Rijk~ G~ F70161620‑3413311111188
12ITA 5788Faoro Tea~ Perbellini Federica~ G1087131623413(dnc)6190
13ITA 4915Tuci Leone~ De Cristofano Lucrezia~ M662312149222025‑32191
14GBR 6311Ellie Wild~ Izzy Willis~ G843410(bfd)32162618193
15GBR 5517Maggie Rickman~ Nancy Rickman~ G~ F63(dnc)97bfd2112420196
16GBR 6364Thomas White~ Josie Meredith~ M67‑33212333762128206
17GBR 6106Ben Leffek~ Ben Dearden~ B7410(dnc)26120291741218
18SWE 1540Erik Wahlberg~ David Wahlberg~ B~ F116148528‑49182219230
19GBR 6524Ollie Bunce~ Archie Baker~ B818152544841‑5626248
20ITA 3946FORTI LUDOVICA~ Limoli luca~ M8327283812826‑4130252
21GBR 6200Freddie Fisher~ Rachel Pyke~ M1182917‑3951232373253
22GBR 4470Quinn Edmonds~ Fin Oliver~ B9740‑46272216141423253
23CZE 695Kostalova Bara~ Kostalova Anna~ G~ F87(dsq)dncdnc1615469257
24SWE 2895Sara Bergelin~ Klara Johansson~ G602634(dnc)1547221547266
25LTU 870Gabriele Petraityte~ Daumante Petraityte~ G10451411264530‑4733268
26HKG 6310Sean Lee~ Ed Salmon~ B9819101824‑53373037273
27GBR 6293Alex Heap~ Alex Lwrence~ B9393715‑4618352742276
28GBR 3159Julia Staite~ Samantha Edwards~ G792525324225842‑50278
29GBR 3737Oscar Wight~ Federico Roma~ B72(dnc)18dnc272454522282
30USA 6569Nicholas Ross~ Blake Latta~ B911733303014(bfd)4043298
31CZE 534Anna Justova~ Nela Viscorova~ G6538(dnc)dnc1839272824299
32ITA 5333Nicolò Roina~ Filippo Munaretto~ B96182219‑513551518300
33IRL 2289Liam Donnelly~ Aidan Donnelly~ B11030392419365‑4440303
34NED 3470Joost Dragt~ Charlotte Dragt~ M~ F10337198314648‑5213305
35LTU 5425Kajus Oškutis~ Aidas Banevicius~ B99(dsq)5283750361834307
36CZE 5703Veronika Cibulkova~ Vojtech Cibulka~ M~ F1174241(dnf)13511835308
37NZL 6846Cameron Todd~ Danny~ Su~ B861132314841‑552339311
38GBR 4407Ollie Jenkins~ Josh Hobbs~ B90124421361947‑5449318
39LTU 2149Jurgis Jurgelionis~ Arijus Dambrauskas~ B94(dnc)dncdnc1128173614320
40LTU 1848Tauras Dambrauskas~ Lukas Ceika~ B78(dsq)2337bfd5493525321
41AUT 6217Johanna Böckl ~ Benjamin Kogard~ M~ J82(dsq)38dnc179234946324
42ITA 4921Leonardo Perina~ Lorenzo Orlandi~ B893629(dnc)bfd3033487332
43NED 4108Luisa de Marez Oyens~ Isabelle van Mourik~ G1114143(dnc)2538243329344
44CZE 3647Jakub Václavík~ Štepán Sedlák~ B1013526(dnc)4352283227344
45NED 5253Frank Wijkstra~ Jorn Swart~ B10921351740434939‑54353
46GBR 4240Tess Sadowski~ Joe Warwicker~ M115(dsq)36364111453445363
47SWE 6045Kettil Leke~ Viktor Sönnergren~ B80(dnc)20dncbfd44154638363
48ESP 4491Susana Hurtado Gutiérrez~ Cecilia Rodríguez Ruenes~ G692440(dnc)5042395348365
49GBR 1844Sebastian Gotto~ Joe Heap~ B106(dnc)dncdnc626421355368
50GBR 4545Ella Phelps~ Molly Entwistle~ G7632(dnc)dnc3940383153369
51GER 5907Fritz Meyer~ Jonas Schuldt~ B883930(dnc)4556521956385
52ITA 2628Cecchi Costantino~ Scarpa Tomasso~ B8528243438(dnc)dncdncdnc389
53CZE 5162Lucie Kosatova~ Eliska Richterova~ G114(dsq)45dnc2910405544397
54GBR 6292Patrick Fulton~ Blake Phillpot~ B100(dnc)dnc334733534331400
55GBR 6494Freddie Pitcher~ Charlie Corbett~ B95(dsq)48dnf3231434551400.6
56NED 5255Abel Jansen~ Emma Jansen~ M~ F102(dsq)dncdnc4437462952430
57GBR 6296Tom Evans~ Max Lawrence~ B113(dnc)47353555505057442
58GBR 6153Issy Leetch~ Libby Petit~ G105(dnc)dncdncdncdncdnc3836479
59NED 5936Hilbrand Rustema~ Tom Piena~ B11231(dnc)dncdncdncdncdncdnc503

Bronze fleet overall results:

PosSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Points
1CZE 906Matous Hlavacek~ Klara Kaltounkova~ M123327345‑14147
2GBR 105Catriona Forrest~ Evie Tynan~ G1255994‑1323157
3CZE 5706Štepán Mann~ Jan Richter~ B126(dnc)11181110158
4CZE 4195Jiri Smrcka~ Lukas Kosata~ B12486316‑2677171
5GBR 4682Martha Waples~ Izzie Corbett~ G119(dnc)4883428174
6NED 6076Christiaan Koek~ Sybrant Koek~ B~ F13113721‑26511179
7NED 6486Laura van den Acker~ Femke van den Berg~ G120(dnc)320176612184
8GBR 5802Alice Lucy~ Archie Bagshaw~ M122(dnc)144571323188
9GBR 6291Henry Kaplan~ Dylan Thatcher~ B133(dnc)151672109192
10GBR 6894Olivia Bracey‑Davis~ Ellie Rush~ G13014‑1969101811198
11SUI 4710Kira van Woudenberg~ Sophie Dransfeld~ G1271‑4023409224226
12SWE 875Filip Frohagen~ Olle Krantz~ B169(dnc)231021192226
13NED 3210Naomi van Gemerden~ Emily Lenselink~ G1324‑32273217168236
14HKG 6529Anouar Kabbaj~ Riccardo Tocco~ B14271815628‑3621237
15GBR 6525Sian Nutter~ Issy Heller‑Janes~ G12821742‑44211913242
16DEN 4370Noah Obel~ Rumle Dam Christensen~ B146‑2612132125205242
17CZE 4986Jáchym Kubu~ Samuel Kiszka~ B13717‑282414201416242
18GBR 6150Matt Nagel~ Kata Kemp~ M15062532‑3614126245
19NED 1174Bruno Bakker~ Tjalle Swen~ B~ J129(dnc)34171212533251
20HKG 6766Samantha Sharp~ Hannah Crawford~ G143161622‑34182126262
21GER 3332Peer Schroedter~ Louise Masuhr~ M1482122251323‑3415267
22CHN 6771Ouyang Huiyun~ Ouyang Huixin~ G121(dnc)304318241724277
23GBR 6277Ben Hampson~ Theo Rangarin~ B134(dnc)391125122837286
24GBR 839Grace Pank~ Alex Clayton~ M159(dnc)81829222925290
25GBR 627James Pitcher~ Sophie Dawson~ M14093347281624(dnc)297
26CHN 6495Xe Xiao Ming~ Ye Ming Zhu~ M~ A135(dnc)293815363022305
27SUI 4707Nils Hoffmann~ Leon Dransfeld~ B136(dnc)413611323119306
28GBR 5424James Mansfield~ Spike Marlow~ B~ J16819205223739‑41310
29GER 5605Clara Pangalos~ Elsa Pangalos~ G~ F15518‑373010353230310
30NED 4309Borg Swen~ Wietske de Jong~ M141232634‑41332727311
31GER 6101Jan‑Hendrik Vagelpohl~ Jonathan Pörksen~ M15320132927‑414032314
32NED 4928Wessel van der Burg~ Eric Vincent~ B1492231‑5424292645326
33GBR 5800Jude Solomons~ Alex Brown~ B16610‑383138193531330
34GBR 2044Samuel Briggs~ Conall Moffat~ B147(dnc)54131dnf3320337
35IRL 6845Jeff McGovern~ Mark Mulvey~ B154115452‑5542817338
36IRL 6236Marcus O Leary~ Elysia O Leary~ B~ F164(dnc)211250313ufd341
37NED 3691Margriet de Jong~ Annemijn Dragt~ G~ J158(dnc)ufd1419451536347
38NED 1988Quinten van Dissel~ Daniel Kuyper~ B151(dnc)dnc2837153818347
39NED 5092Lars van den Berg~ Max van Mourik~ B~ J174(dnc)241920343743351
40GBR 1842Thomas Alston~ Georgina Mann~ M138(dnc)433330384129352
41NED 1620Anne Sophie Vincent~ Hester van der Burg~ G~ J144153537‑46444335353
42CHN 6586Ding Zao Hui~ Tan Tian Qi~ B~ J162(dnc)453523304539379
43HKG 6790Ulysse Ha Thuc~ Johan van den Berg~ B152(dnc)422633394642380
44GBR 6321Keelin Greene~ Amelia Greene~ G~ F139(dsq)112dncdncdncdnc392
45NED 3920Mark Hopman~ Niels Hopman~ B~ F157(dnc)104549464444395
46NED 4308Lieke Snelderwaard~ Bram Vaessen~ M167245055432742(dnc)408
47GER 6005Marika Peil~ Tammo Janssen~ B163(ret)514935485034430
48CHN 6765Xing Wang~ Mingzhe Xu~ B175125251544947(dnc)440
49GBR 4245Alex Cook~ Frances Daubeny~ M172(dnc)465747472348440
50HKG 6522Thomas Armistead~ Maddalena Di Salvo~ M17625274442(dnc)dncdnc452
51CHN 6770Li Man Yun~ Niu Shi Yin~ G~ J171(dnc)ufd4048435338453
52GER 5109Lasse Zademack~ Lenn Schuetze~ B~ J173(dnc)484657404946459
53CHN 6583Deng Kai We~ Ouyang Yiming~ B~ J160(dnc)475851544847465
54USA 6844Tyler Mendes~ Sophia Nyborg~ M~ F156(dnc)365639dncdncdnc467
55CHN 6897Lin Ze Ming~ Ye Hong Yi~ B170(dnc)49505250dnc40471
56GBR 4924Rory Kemp~ Archie Kemp~ B~ F161(dnc)5348535152dnc478
57USA 6742Teddy Gravanis~ Andrew Wagner~ B165(dnc)ufd39565351ufd484
58GBR 1854Katja Ruda~ Louisa Dixey~ G177(dnc)44534552dncdnc491
59ITA 1650Secchi Constantino~ Claut Tobia~ B145(dnc)dncdncdncdncdncdnc505

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