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RC Laser Northern Summer Series Round 2 at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by Tony Wilson 1 May 2017 07:25 BST 30 April 2017
RC Laser Northern Series Round 2 at Fleetwood © Ian Hawtin

Fleetwood Model Boating lake was the venue for the second RC Laser Northern event. Rumour is that this purpose built boating pool is the largest in Europe. So what a great place for sailing our model yachts.

Nine skippers turned up, which was a split from Fleetwood club members, 3 of our best mates from West Lancs, Southport and also Adrian and David from the Furness club. The coolish wind was from the direction of the club house. Mainly easterly with a touch of south in it.

The start line was from the middle of the lake by the new large flourescent pink buoy, a beat up the lake to the club hut and take the 2 top marks to port. Reach back down across to the other lime green buoy to complete a triangle. Repeat again and then finish at the top end of the lake.

The split decision was for C and D rigs. Alan Tickle won the first race using C rig. It did look more like it should have been the smaller rig as there was certainly some dancing and diving with the wind behind you. The top crossing was a bit light as you ventured in the sheltered area of the bridge. Peter, John, Adrian and David were back and forth changing sails, while the rest started with the C's and stuck with them regardless.

Seven races were held before lunch. Trevor was hoping for eight, but some were feeling a little peckish. Skip was having a good day and had already strung a few firsts together. 2 points were separating Skip and Tony, but Skip had a couple of really good discards to dispose of later.

John P. was having a tiresome day and decided to up sail size even though he was struggling to manage the little one as it was. Ewan, Rob and Tony were always close on the heels of Skip, and it was mainly in the hands of one of these four to who would triumph for the day.

Four more races were had in the early afternoon before a comfort break was called. 15 minutes for a quick cuppa and maybe change batteries. A couple more races went ahead all in the same format and then casualties started to appear. First Adrian had an on board radio issue, followed by Ewan with rudder servo problems. John seemed to disappear for the last couple and Skip's boat died just before the last race.

Rather than leave it at 13 races. It was unanimously decided for the magic 16, to give us all 3 discards. The clock had been run down to a minute each time to speed up the last races and the wind had veered more east to give us a perfect beating first leg.

Although Skip had missed out the last race, his six firsts had made him victor for the day. A couple of points separated Rob to triumph over Tony in third.

A great day was had and some really good sailing to be had. The results showed that seven individual skippers had all got at least one win from the day, which calls for a great field. The larger sails had probably been the better choice with the extra horse power as they were the ones leading.

The next race in this series is at Fairhaven on the 14th May and also doubles up as a TT.

Overall Results: (top three)

1st Skip Reaser, 31pts
2nd Rob Wheeler, 34pts
3rd Tony Wilson, 36pts