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CoastWaterSports 2014

Classic Dinghy Weekend at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club

by Howard Chadwick 15 Aug 2012 17:22 BST 4-5 August 2012
Norfolk Broads Classic and Vintage Dinghy Regatta © Sarah Chadwick

A total of seventeen boats representing eight different classes and twelve different clubs met at Norfolk Broads Yacht Club on the weekend of 4th/5th August for what was to be yet another excellent weekend’s racing.

Unfortunately the usually strong National Twelve contingent was reduced to four boats due to illness and work pressures however those of us who made it enjoyed keen racing and the excellent facilities, welcome and BBQ put on by the host club. The event is part of the Vintage National Twelve and Vintage Merlin series as well as the Wyche Tankard for the overall fleet racing.

After a welcome by Vice Commodore Chris Hanson and a comprehensive briefing from our P.R.O. John Talbot racing was soon underway on the picturesque Wroxham Broad.

Race 1 was dominated by local (and well known sailmaker) Mike McNamara this year sailing a vintage Hornet with son Sam whilst Flip Foulds sailing Mike’s Albacore with mum Gilly was hot on his heels! The top placed Twelve’s were Philip David and Alexander Philips in N2545 Little Meg in 4th overall with Howard Chadwick and James Flather in N2266 Triarda finishing in 6th overall.

Race 2 was dominated by Philip this time making the best of the shifty conditions and thunder storm. Vincent and Fiona Philips in N2531 Invasion in second place and Felicity posting a third, needless to say Alex was delighted to have beaten his parents! Howard managed a fifth just ahead of Mike McNamara on handicap whilst Brian Herring and Ros Stevenson sailing N1673 managed a creditable 8th overall. On the water there was much completion between the Twelves and the Merlins as well as Enterprise number 1 which was going incredibly well with Jamie Campbell at the helm.

As the thunderstorms cleared the weather turned sunny and the fleet enjoyed an excellent BBQ in front of the clubhouse and a relaxed evening.

Race 3 was dominated this time by Flip and Gilly making the Albacore go very fast indeed in the light to variable conditions although Philip was hot on her heels finishing 2nd overall with a new crew Charles Talbot. Howard and James finished in 3rd with Mike and Sam McNamara in 4th. Sadly Vincent and Fiona were unable to compete due to family commitments.

Race 4: A new additions this year was the appearance of a fleet of Bitterns, a local class which although small and slower than most of the boats competing were having excellent racing within their own fleet and quietly posting some good results. In this race Bittern 25 Kedgy Gal sailed by Bruce Thompson dominated and posted a win whilst Bittern number 1 sailed by David Thrower finished 2nd overall clearly a fleet to be watched in future events!

Flip finished third and Philip finished 4th whilst Mike had decided to sit this race out putting him out of contention with all races to count for the overall result

An excellent and competitive weekends racing and with four different 1st placed boats showing just how close the competition was, only 6 points separated 3rd to 7th positions, close racing indeed.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelm & CrewPts
1st Albacore6493Flip and Gilly Foulds9
2ndNational 122545Philip David and Alexander/Charles11
3rdNational 122266Howard Chadwick and James Flather23
4thMerlin Rocket2972Nick Crickmore and Richard Holmes26
5thMerlin Rocket2040Richard and Alex Pausey 28
6thBittern27John Atkinson and Leona Levine29
7th Bittern25Bruce Tomson (single handed)29
8thNational 121673Brian Herring and Ros Stevenson42

Our thanks go to Jamie Campbell for instigating and promoting the event and to the Officers and members of NBYC for the warm welcome and hospitality throughout the weekend and a special thanks to John Talbot and his team for the race organisation, timekeeping and setting some great courses.

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