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Classic & Vintage Dinghy

Classic & Vintage Dinghy

The Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association (CVRDA) works to get classic and vintage racing dinghies (25+ years old) racing together as often as possible, to share and disseminate information about classic and vintage dinghies, their maintenance and restoration, to keep all these boats sailing and in good condition and viewed by as large an audience as possible, to raise the public awareness of these boats and the nautical heritage they represent and to help and support classic and vintage class associations.

© Gair Matthews © Gair Matthews
Show news P&B Solo Vintage Championship
Sail numbers from the past triggered pleasant memories of old friends
Posted on 23 May
Performance defining dinghies - the Top Dogs
David Henshall digs into the history of the 'performance' dinghy
Posted on 16 May
Vintage Merlin DeMay series at Fishers Green
Boats rescued from death row (garden planter, bonfire, council tip)
Posted on 15 May
International 12ft Friendship Regatta preview
Vintage wooden craft travelling to Rutland this July
Posted on 7 Apr
Staying atop the Singles Chart
David Henshall looks at the future - and history - of the singlehander
Posted on 17 Oct 2018
Ghost Hunting
Have you seen this rare vintage dinghy?
Posted on 7 Oct 2018
Every Nimbus cloud has a silver lining
Restoration of a classic International 14 with a great history
Posted on 2 Oct 2018
CVRDA Rally at Clywedog
A very mixed fleet take part
Posted on 26 Sep 2018
12 footers at the Vintage Yachting Games overall
A wise PRO was able to prepare for unsuitable winds
Posted on 22 Sep 2018
12 footers at the Vintage Yachting Games day 3
Four races held as storm heads for Copenhagen
Posted on 21 Sep 2018
12 footers at the Vintage Yachting Games day 2
Difficult conditions mean shipping a lot of water
Posted on 20 Sep 2018
12 footers at the Vintage Yachting Games day 1
Dutch dominate as crews are considered optional
Posted on 19 Sep 2018
Minisail Championship at Bowmoor
Held as a part of the Bowmoor CVRDA event
Posted on 19 Sep 2018
Vintage Yachting Games preview
Copenhagen to host ex-Olympic classes next week
Posted on 15 Sep 2018
Bosham Classic Boat Revival
The biggest classic dinghy event ever?
Posted on 4 Sep 2018
Finn and Europe Inland Championships preview
Plus the Classic Finn Nationals, all at Oxford SC in September
Posted on 30 Aug 2018
Classic & Vintage Dinghies at Norfolk Broads
Sailors travel from as far as Lancashire and Cheshire
Posted on 15 Aug 2018
CVRDA at Hykeham
A collection of Classic & Vintage dinghies take part
Posted on 7 Aug 2018
Celebrating the Ian Proctor's Centenary
At the Bosham Classic Boat Revival on 1-2 September 2018
Posted on 29 Jul 2018
Ian Proctor centenary celebrated today
A large part of the great golden generation of British small boat racing
Posted on 12 Jul 2018
Aldeburgh Yacht Club Classics Weekend
Incorporating the British Classic and Vintage Dragon Championship
Posted on 27 Jun 2018
Aldeburgh Yacht Club Classics Weekend preview
Scheduled to be held on 16-17 June
Posted on 20 May 2018
Ian Proctor Centenary Rally Postponed
Moved to 1-2 September 2018 during the annual Classic Boat Revival
Posted on 11 May 2018
The Man Who Designed Racehorses
The life, times, boats and innovations of Ian Proctor
Posted on 5 Mar 2018
Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong embraces the arts
Long associated with the arts and culture community
Posted on 23 Feb 2018
A Demonstration of Design
The life, times and boats of Ian Proctor
Posted on 8 Feb 2018
Don't miss a lively weekend on the harbour
Classic and Wooden Boat Festival in Sydney's iconic Darling Harbour
Posted on 6 Feb 2018
Or as Corporal Fraser would say, "We're all doomed"
Posted on 22 Jan 2018
Barton's new block range
We speak to Suzanne Blaustone and Simon Reynolds
Posted on 11 Dec 2017
I am not a number
David Henshall looks at dinghy handicapping
Posted on 14 Nov 2017


Show photos from

Martinicus 16ft double-ended clinker sailboat built at a Hampshire school
© NorthSeatoBlackSea
Finn and Tereza plan to sail and row from the North Sea to the Black Sea
© NorthSeatoBlackSea
The ToY would remain an active class well through into the 1980s
© Amy Barlow
The ToY introduced many a helm to the pleasures of performance singlehanded sailing
© ToY Class
Two boats that started the process of defining the performance singlehander: Paul Elvstrom's Trapez and the Jack Holt Cavalier
© D. Thomas
Known locally as Miller's Missile, Bob Miller's first attempt at a performance singlehander, which shared some similarities with the ToY, was not a success
© Craig Whitworth
Hinnerk and his late father enjoying the new, smaller boat they built in the lounge room.
© Nico Krauss
Time to ‘launch' out the lounge room window!
© Hinnerk Bodendieck
Building the second boat in 1992
© Hinnerk Bodendieck
Bow out and making way in stiff breeze in Germany.
© Nico Krauss
Magnums and scows awaiting an International Moth race
A modern International Moth build in carbon fibre of an older design
© David Henshall
Some French helms approached John Westell with a request that he design a Moth-sized 505
© David Henshall
A tunnel scow Moth, showing the hollow in the underwater sections
© David Henshall
Shelley design of International Moth
© David Henshall
Tony Hibbert - International Moth visionary
© David Henshall
A rare picture of a 'cigar Moth' sailed out on a continental lake
© David Henshall
Rondar building a GRP International Moth to the Skol design
© Rondar
Racks were first added by Australian Moth sailors
© Scow Moth Club
The Magnums planed fast and level and would soon establish a new and dynamic dynasty of Moths
© David Henshall
International Moth made from a wrecked Unicorn hull
© Ian Ridge
The Moth story is one of continual development: first you make the hull narrower aft…
© Andy Paterson
Moth developement: when hulls got so narrow you had to add wings to help stop the boat from pitching around
Ian Ridge fitting a winged keel to his Aero Moth… and it worked!
© Ian Ridge
Passive foils on a Moth following the new rule that all foils be on the centreline
© Andy Paterson
Classic 'low rider' Moths on display at the RYA Dinghy Show 2019
© John Edwards
The International Moth - The smallest boat but the biggest story!
© David Henshall
One at the front and two at the back was yet another way of foiling with a degree of stability in a Moth
© Andy Paterson
An early American 11ft skimmer, but the name was already the Moth
© David Henshall
Marie Faroux wins the International Moth 1968 World Championships in a Duflos design