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Carbon Battlestick™ Tiller Extensions

by Rob Crowe, Ronstan 26 Feb 2009 08:31 GMT

Advanced tiller extensions for precise control

Ronstan has introduced a new line of high-performance Carbon Battlestick™ tiller extensions designed for the no-compromise sailor seeking precise helm control. Each is specifically engineered to maximise stiffness, yet resilient enough to survive a gunwale beating when things get ugly.

The unique dual laminate construction of the Battlestick™ creates a lightweight, very stiff and break resistant tube. A combination of carbon, and full length longitudinal and 45° lateral glass fibres are specifically tapered for each length to maximise rigidity and strength. A unique lightweight grip remains effective when wet and its slim profile transitions smoothly from the carbon tube to minimise fatigue. Shorter tiller extensions have proportionally smaller grip diameters to match typically smaller hands. End stops are also fitted for comfort and safety.

A high grade, UV resistant urethane universal joint provides smooth flexibility for a positive and quick response to even the slightest of steering movements. The snap-on base allows for quick fitting or removal and a curved surface adapter is also available for round tiller sections.

Available in six sizes, each Battlestick™ is designed to offer a fit and feel appropriate for virtually any class of boat or personal preference. Lengths range from 610mm to 2500mm (24” to 98”). The 2500mm (98”) RF3137C model does not include a grip and end cap to facilitate custom length cutting if required and minimise weight at the outboard end.

Carbon Battlesticks™ are available now from Ronstan dealers worldwide. Ronstan International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sailboat hardware. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company has distribution offices in the USA, Denmark and the UK.

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