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MS Amlin 2019 - 728x90


Show news Explore the Gulf on Lion NZ and Steinlager 2
The NZ Sailing Trust are offering spots onboard to the general public
Posted on 1 Jul
Top designer, builder and sailor Jim Young dies
Noted designer and boat builder Jim Young passed away Thursday morning aged 94 years.
Posted on 18 Jun
Yachting Developments flight tests Youth AC foiler
The nine-metre foiling keelboat will be sailed by mixed youth teams at AC36
Posted on 12 Jun
Leech F8 Foiler launched in Christchurch
Designed by Dan Leech, the F8 is focused on getting young kids into foiling
Posted on 26 May
Yachting Developments delivers 34.3m sportfisher
Hull 1017 has made its maiden voyage of 8,000nm to Doha.
Posted on 13 May
Video: David Witt on 100fter mods and beating WOXI
The second instalment of the popular video series "Ask the Crew"
Posted on 11 May
How you can help the NZ Sailing Trust
The NZ Sailing Trust is reaching out for help from the NZ sailing community
Posted on 11 May
Video: David Witt on foils, IMOCAs, monos/multis
The skipper of Sun Hung Kai Scallywag answers questions from the fans.
Posted on 3 May
Building beasts: AC75s and IMOCA 60s
Jason Carrington on building high performing yachts including AC75's and IMOCA60's.
Posted on 22 Apr
Cabin fever therapy: Nick Moloney's Vendee Globe
Seeing life aboard an IMOCA 60 might give some perspective to those suffering cabin fever at home.
Posted on 20 Apr
FLY - the foiler for the foiling generation
Dan Leech has designed a foiler for kids who want to fly.
Posted on 30 Mar
Sleeping skipper fined after striking wharf
Wellington based sailing vessel runs into Port Howard Wharf while skipper sleeps
Posted on 30 Mar
Planet Sail's Matt Sheahan presents video series
First video episode in a new series by top sailing journalist Matt Sheahan
Posted on 27 Mar
NZ Classic Yacht Assoc cancels remaining events
The remaining summer sailing season events are cancelled.
Posted on 23 Mar
IOC considers postponement for Tokyo Olympics
Potential postponement for the Olympics in the face of the COVID-19 global health crisis.
Posted on 23 Mar
Missing French sailing instructor - family appeal
The family of missing sailing coach Eloi Rowland have made an appeal for news of their son
Posted on 21 Mar
Des Townson, A Sailing Legacy - The Starling
Book extract from 'Des Townson, A Sailing Legacy' - the chapter on the Starling class
Posted on 19 Mar
Missing French sailing instructor - Update
Enquiries on Eloi's mobile phone indicate he was in the area of Piha Road at 9:18am on Saturday
Posted on 18 Mar
French sailing instructor missing in Auckland
Police are asking for public assistance to locate French sailing instructor Eloi Jean Rolland
Posted on 15 Mar
Last word: Reflections on a champion career
Dutch Olympic RS:X legend Dorian van Rijsselberghe looks back at an amazing career in boardsailing
Posted on 7 Mar
Burling and Tuke onboard as Mastercard ambassadors
Kiwi yachting heroes join Dan Carter, Lionel Messi and Naomi Osaka as Mastercard ambassadors.
Posted on 5 Mar
BuyAssociation HKRNVR Memorial Vase
Penultimate race in the RHKYC Top Dog Series
Posted on 2 Mar
"Imminent explosive eruption" blows away regatta
Verde Passage Race, Subic Bay, and Oppie Champs all cancelled
Posted on 21 Jan
Missing yachties who issued Mayday calls found
Missing yachties who issued Mayday calls found safe and well in Bay of Plenty
Posted on 6 Jan
Nelson family has a very close call in rapids
Close call for Nelson locals in kayaking incident
Posted on 6 Jan
BuyAssociation Lipton Trophy
A perfect day for a pursuit race
Posted on 1 Dec 2019
Police advisory on stolen 2011 Stabicraft 389F
Police advise of stolen 2011 Stabicraft 389F is 3.8 metres long - September 11, 2019
Posted on 18 Nov 2019
Top 10 good conservation manners
What every responsible boats knows. Just a reminder.
Posted on 20 Sep 2019
Disabled Sailing Thailand fundraiser at Bang Saray
Disabled Sailing Thailand calls for support to set up para sailing in Phuket
Posted on 10 Jul 2019
TopDog Trophy Series
Third Time Lucky!
Posted on 3 Jun 2019


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    The Australian saucer coral (Homophyllia australis), lives just off the coast of Mackay. With the worldwide demand for Australian aquarium corals increasing, a single aquarium specimen of Homophyllia australis fetched more than $8,000 AUD in Japan in 2017
    © Ciemon Caballes
    World Sailing host virtual meetings throughout COVID-19 pandemic
    © World Sailing
    RORC Time Over Distance Volume 14 - Luke Patience
    © RORC
    The Saffier Yachts SE27 Leisure is available for test sailing.
    © Saffier Yachts
    Scott Self
    © J/Boats
    All of the inhabitants at Coffs Harbour put on a real show...
    © John Curnow
    Fun on the water in Plymouth
    © RWYC
    Whales having a blast off Coffs Harbour in late June.
    © John Curnow
    What goes up....
    © John Curnow
    Look at me - so we did! AST Laser Coach Michael Blackburn is in the RIB to the right of frame.
    © John Curnow
    I just bet that little kid knows he's looking at sailing royalty - 470 World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallist (Mat Belcher) and Silver (Will Ryan) take the short walk to the beach at Coffs Harbour.
    © John Curnow
    Pre-training, sailors only briefing for the AST Laser Squad at the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club
    © John Curnow
    The AST Laser Squad take the very short stroll down to the beach form the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.
    © John Curnow
    Olympian Jake Lilley with training partner Anthony Nosier departing Coffs Harbour for the training course.
    © John Curnow
    470 World Champions (amongst their many other accolades) Will Ryan and Mat Belcher
    © John Curnow
    The legend that is Anthony 'Nocka' Nossiter with his Finn on the dolly as Olympian Jake Lilley also comes ashore after training.
    © John Curnow
    As if answering the request, this Humpback was keen to impress.
    © John Curnow
    On board with AST Finn Coach, the Maharajah of Finns, none other than Rafael Trujillo, as the Humpbacks investigate the AST squad.
    © John Curnow
    `I'll go under him` might is right, but this whale was also deftly astute.
    © John Curnow
    Luke 'Swifto' Elliott certainly showed plenty of what he's famous for - pace.
    © John Curnow
    Coast Guard and Northeast partners team up for Operation Dry Water amid increase in boating accident
    © U.S. Coast Guard
    The Australian Sailing Safety and Sea Survival course
    © Pacific Sailing School
    The Australian Sailing Safety and Sea Survival course
    © Pacific Sailing School
    OnBoard JMST winner Ed Corbitt
    © RYA
    Zane Bailey
    © Martin Flory Group
    Sail Smarts: Man Overboard
    © RYA
    Club Zone: Planning a safe return to boating part 3
    © RYA
    Return to Boating: Motor Cruising Top Tips
    © RYA
    © Alan Rankin
    © Alan Rankin