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Catching a sustainable dream: Nautor Swan's first electrified maxi yacht is powered by Torqeedo

by Torqeedo 15 Jun 07:15 BST
Swan 88 `DreamCatcher` © Torqeedo

The Swan 88 "DreamCatcher," a first-of-its-kind hybrid-electric maxi yacht, stands as a testament to Nautor Swan's pioneering spirit. This exclusive vessel is powered by a fully integrated Deep Blue system by Torqeedo, the world leader in electric and hybrid propulsion and provider of energy management systems. The 88-foot yacht is equipped with a custom-developed 120 kW electric drive system and 160 kWh of energy storage, delivering silent motoring at a max speed of 11.4 knots.

The Deep Blue system electrically powers and centrally manages onboard systems and amenities, a holistic approach that ensures intuitive operation and enhanced sustainability. All controls are seamlessly integrated into the yacht's multifunctional displays, courtesy of a joint development between Torqeedo, Nautor Swan, and Navico.

The 120 kW Deep Blue inboard motor, developed for the Swan 88 by Torqeedo's engineering team, drives the yacht's controllable-pitch propeller. This propeller is a significant advantage for an electric drivetrain, as its pitch and performance characteristics can be changed at the push of a button. This feature allows for a seamless transition between sailing and motoring modes, ensuring the yacht is always ready for the conditions. Under power, the system delivers high torque and thrust and is optimized for efficiency. While sailing, the system minimizes drag for optimal sailing speed and performance or can be optimized for maximum renewable energy production.

In hydrogeneration mode, Deep Blue's advanced algorithms continuously monitor and adjust performance several times per second, providing renewable, wind-powered energy production while minimizing impact on sailing speed. At 8 knots sailing speed, the Deep Blue system generates enough power to maintain self-sufficiency.

Thanks to the integrated 22 kW onboard charger, charging the system via shore power is easily accomplished overnight. Two efficient, lightweight 45 kW generators provide extended-range motoring of over 2,000 nautical miles. The generators can recharge the high-capacity battery bank in less than 1.5 hours and are fully sound-shielded, reducing noise on board by 50 to 75%.

Luxury yachts like the Swan 88 are equipped with a plethora of electronic equipment and amenities that demand significant power. Deep Blue's holistic energy management system not only generates green power while sailing but also manages, balances, and delivers that energy to all the yacht's onboard systems. All hotel battery banks, hydraulics, and amenities are backed by the four Deep Blue Battery 40s that comprise the central 160 kWh battery bank, minimizing generator runtime and delivering ample energy storage.

The high-capacity battery bank powers the emission-free propulsion system, and a 50 kW Deep Blue motor keeps the yacht's hydraulic systems pressurized, including the bow and stern thrusters, windlass, and winches. The large battery bank also ensures plenty of power to enjoy silent living onboard for up to 12 hours. DC/DC converters ensure the yacht's 24-volt electrical system and electronics are always online. Amenities that require a lot of power, such as the air conditioning, oven, watermaker, dishwasher, and washing machine, are also integrated into the Deep Blue energy management infrastructure courtesy of a 22 kW DC/AC inverter. These amenities provide the utmost comfort and convenience, while the Deep Blue system ensures their power consumption is efficiently monitored and managed.

Torqeedo's Customized Solutions team developed the groundbreaking technology on board the Swan 88 "DreamCatcher." The Customized Solutions business unit is tasked with delivering industry-leading systems, service, and support through innovation and collaboration as Torqeedo creates a more sustainable way to enjoy time on the water.

"The Swan 88 is the culmination of three years of collaboration between Nautor Swan and Torqeedo's Customized Solutions team. It proves that Deep Blue can achieve similar range and performance as a combustion engine-powered yacht and even be fully independent under good sailing conditions," said Matthias Vogel, senior vice-president of the Customized Solutions business unit for Torqeedo GmbH. "The multisensory experience of silent motoring, sailing, and living onboard is unparalleled, and the Swan 88's ability to travel 100% emission-free guarantees future access to nature reserves and other pristine, regulated waters where combustion-powered vessels may not be permitted. Nautor Swan is bringing something truly unique to the maxi yacht segment with "DreamCatcher," and Torqeedo is honored to be their electrification partner."

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