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Alton Water Frostbite Series Sponsored by Anglian Water & Fox's Chandlery Day 6

by Archie Hainsworth 18 Feb 17:32 GMT 18 February 2024
Alton Water Frostbite Series Day 6 © Archie Hainsworth

Races 13, 14 & 11

Welcome back after a week off following the extreme lack of wind last weekend, postponing races 11 & 12 to this week and next week.

Today saw a total of 3 races sailed and the weather was not on our side. Heavy rain set off the morning, and showed who the braver soles were as fewer boats joined us this week. The wind was a little more promising though, oscillating gently between a W & NW direction gentle building as the day went on.

We opted for a simpler trapezoid course this week rather than the outer loop – as our volunteer numbers were slightly down on the safety boat team, we thought it best to eradicate confusion in our younger sailors as we saw a couple of weeks ago in case their services were required. We laid a competitively short line, testing the smaller fleet than usual and this saw a competitive line. Unfortunately for Cadet 903 this saw them over *just* and recalled. Joining Mark H in the committee boat this week was an enthusiastic Jasper – a young lad learning the ropes taking an interest in race management in Steve M’s absence whilst he enjoys a well-deserved break, following one of his daughters moving out to Australia.

From a lead boat perspective, I particularly enjoyed watching the aggressive competition between our resident C2 Byte (3716) and an RS200 (684), as they battled for the top position. It is entirely possible the Byte forgot they were following a lead boat however as they aimed off course for the last leg… But came back with a blast! I will take this opportunity to inform our competitors I would love to name them in these articles however data protection makes this hard in today’s age – however I can with their express permission! However, you all know who you are ;)

Whilst the Cadet fleet was also slightly thinned, upon questioning half term and skiing holidays seemed to be the excuse but I wouldn’t blame them being scared off by the weather. It certainly was wet waking up bright and early this morning. None the less the Cadets enjoyed themselves with some competitive racing between them, and with building conditions this gave something for the parents to watch on from the slipway and of course those who join us on the safety team.

It was around the time of the end of the first race my focus was partially removed from the placings as following a falling over in the safety boat upon mooring, catching my pocket and subsequently ripping my jacket, with my phone ended up sinking to the bottom with a couple other of my effects. For those lucky few who saw my misfortune they also saw me follow it in – at first accidentally by slipping and falling down the wall by the pontoon, and then embracing the opportunity to try and get it. Those watching got further entertainment by then discovering that I am NOT a swimmer – embracing a new challenge of my own.

Even though the weather was frankly horrible this morning – it decided to show some sun by the end of the third race. It’s my belief it’s a sign showing what we have in stall for next week, which is the pinultimate race day with 3 races running: Race 15, 16 & 12. Please do come and join us, as with three races running this will be the day to up your results!

Results will soon be (if not already) displayed on the ‘Alton Water Frostbite Results’ page on Facebook, as well as the centre Lobby.

A massive thank you must go to all those who came and joined us today, as well as to our volunteers without whom this series would not be possible. Don’t forget the week after sees the conclusion of the series with prize giving to follow, and I encourage everybody who has taken part to attend to thank those who have given up their Sunday’s for our fun this winter.

For now, I hope you all enjoy your week, and I am excited to see you all next weekend.

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