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Solo Nation's Cup at Medemblik, The Netherlands - Overall

by Will Loy 15 May 22:00 BST 12-14 May 2023
Solo Nation's Cup at Medemblik - Day 3 © Will Loy

Day 3 sponsored by Magic Marine

If Super Saturday was 'Moving Day' then Sunday would be 'Judgement Day' for those competitors reaching for the podium. With three races planned, there was of course, plenty of opportunity to improve for all the 68 sailors but the main focus for me was the battle between Davenport, Dijkstra and Gillard who had a healthy points advantage on the rest of the top ten. The added kicker was that a second discard would come into effect after 9 races so the ability to count and most importantly recall the previous 7 race results could prove beneficial. Fortunately for me the topography of the Netherlands provided a strong internet connection so I could google the results as they were added to the webpage.

The fleet launched into a 'better than forecast' 10mph from the North, the wave conditions as punchy as day 2 but without the added 6mph to combat it. Davenport stuck out like a tulip in a field of cabbage in the leaders rash vest, the luminous green Magic Marine sponsored top would provide me with a handy indication of his position in the fleet. Dijkstra was in blue and Gillard red, colour choices favoured by many sailing apparel suppliers so I was pleased to see that they were all close together as we ramped up for race 8.

Race 8: Wind 10-12mph 355 degrees

The first start was recalled, Duetz, Dijkstra, Huisman and a dearth of other talented Dutch sailors opting for the left side so a good indicator as to the bias.

The fleet were more bunched towards the middle of the line for the second attempt but a late wind shift saw Hopwood, Gillard, Tedd Bakker, Gifford and Brown scream down to where I was correctly stationed, Hoppy letting out a scream of delight at winning the pin but would hard left pay? Davenport and Morgan had been more conservative and were a third of the way up the line along with Dijkstra, the top two on the leader board keeping each other in check.

The sky was a mottled mix of grey and blue, the sun less intense and more conducive to nicer photos so I clicked away on my Nikon, safe in the knowledge that I could easily delete the hundreds of crap one's. With my camera safely holstered I directing rib driver Nialls to take me to mark 1 to catch the leaders as they rounded, told the one core muscle I have left to prepare and hung on for dear life.

Top mark and Dijkstra has done it again, first beat specialist, a quality I once possessed, now I let the powerboat do the work. Davenport is right on his transom with Morgan but the Solos have merged with the OK fleet who are about to start their sausage leg so the scene is one of confusion. Gifford, Brown, Maurice Bakker, Huisman, Davies, Matthew Frary, Pepperdine and Lee round out the top eleven but with OK's unable to bare off on to the run the air is thick with tension, frustration and swear words in several languages. Karma though has a habit of balancing things out and the main body of Solos would find themselves on the outside of the rounding at mark 3, Morgan and Gifford really unlucky and losing positions to Brown and Huisman in the space of 15 seconds.

Dijkstra lost the lead to Davenport somewhere up the second beat and these two extended on the fleet by a large margin, finishing the three laps in this position with Huisman pipping Brown for third and Morgan fifth.

Race 9: Wind 10-13mph

The first two starts are re-called, Dijkstra, Duetz and Paul de Gues must have been relieved as they looked well over to me and with the black flag coming into play, the tension is ramping up.

Dijkstra is pin end again and nails it with Jelmer Kuipers while Davenport, 50 metres further back from the left has Gillard a few boats below him and Morgan to windward, a great position if you are not Morgan.

Top mark and no surprise, Dijkstra with Davenport coming in from the left and ducking his transom right on the mark, a few years ago he may have chanced it but there is a more balanced approach to his tactics this season. Paul Davis is third with Martin Frary, who is having a great regatta and Huisman four and five.

No problems with the OK fleet this time and the competitors stream down towards the gybe mark, bow waves pluming up around the course like cumulus cloud formations over the South Downs on a sea breeze sort of day. Morgan, Roelof Kuipers and Duetz confirm the left was good and Dave Lucas has eclipsed his son Harry and is inside the top ten from Kev Hall.

The wind has dropped to 10mph and the chances to improve rely on maximising the wave patterns and keeping out of the large wind shadow from the fleet of 68 Solo mainsails.

Davenport takes a wider angle out of the gybe and is ahead by the leeward mark with Frary, Davis and Kelpers completing the top five. Dijkstra had one chance to challenge the lead when, at the bottom of the final leg the two sailors split tacks, Davenport trusting his compass numbers while Paul rolled the dice, fortunately the numbers rarely lie and at the gun it is Davenport, who has done enough to secure the title with one race to go. Dijkstra second, is too far ahead to lose that position and with Frary, Kuipers and Gifford completing the top five, the fleet head down to the start area with just one more race to go.

Race 10

Clean start under a black flag, the race team conscious that the UK sailors have ferries, trains and planes to catch. Davenport provides a lap of honour, leading at every mark for his sixth bullet, the P&B Maxx/Superspars M2/Winder 1a, a perfect combination when matched with a sailor in optimum condition. Dijkstra, in his own FRP built, HD Maxx Sail/Superspars M2 Solo is second around from Roelof Kuipers and Gilles de Combe. Davis, Morgan, Frary and Steve Ede are next around and hoping to improve their overall positions in this finale.

The fleet take one last chance to enjoy this great venue, battling the ever-present IJsselmeer waves and each other in the three lap race, Davenport, Dijkstra and Kuipers the top three with Davis letting Morgan through on the line, what that man will do to get a free beer is impressive.

So, with the fleet packed up the prize-giving took place outside the clubhouse with the harbour and yacht haven in the background and the sun warming the skin, Pitterballen and mustard warming the stomachs. While most of us presumed these were some kind of potato cheesy croquette, it turns out they are made with beef so sorry to the vegans.

Oliver Davenport showed some real talent this regatta, we knew he was quick in the breeze but this display will send messages to all his rivals as we ramp up for the Selden Nationals in July.

The Dijkstra design has proved it's worth and Paul is an outstanding sailor with a very understated nature, I hope he comes to Hayling.

Tom Gillard will be the first to admit his starting was not up to scratch and the strong winds were not ideal for his weight, that said, three top three places on the windiest day proves he has the pace and skill, the North P3/Selden D+/Winder 1 combination is unquestionably fast.

Jamie Morgan opened the event with 25-21-19 but then delivered an outstandingly good consistent set of results to finish fourth, one to watch at the Nationals, the P&B Max/Superspars M2/Winder 2 combo working very well.

Menno Huismen completed the top five, eight top ten results confirming that consistency is king in a ten race, two discard format.

Of the rest, Michael Gifford in ninth was a surprise to many but his wave technique and tactics were spot on while Junior Harry Lucas has stamped his name on the junior title at Hayling Island, a top ten overall is also possible. It is refreshing to see a young sailor who has not been through the RYA youth system flourish and I suggest a future champion in the making if Dave can keep the girls off him.

The Nederlandse Solo Class Association have done themselves proud this week, the weather, social package and exemplary race management has been on point and, as we ramp up for our own Selden National Championship, the bar has been set high to deliver a regatta equal to this one. Next event is the Magic Marine/Triggernaut Western Area Championship, Chew Valley June 3-4 and then the Harken Southern Championship, Lymington Town June 10-11.

These event all form part of the North Sails Super Series, big fleets, friendly competition, great venues.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1 GBR 6061Oliver DAVENPORTNorthampton‑7‑44121111112
2 NED 673Paul DIJKSTRAKWS1133‑4‑7222216
3 6021Thomas GILLARDSVSC421‑1133366DNC28
4 6064Jamie MORGANRutland‑25‑2119212459446
5 NED 642Menno HUISMANKWS‑12‑106676538748
6 NED 670Jelmer KUIPERSARENZV3858‑138‑161041056
7 6057Martin FRARY 86‑209597‑1431158
8 5914Paul DAVISLymington Town‑235‑1848108167563
9 GBR 5652Michael John GIFFORDSHSC53215‑28‑221975965
10 GBR 6074Chris BROWN ‑27139101059413‑1873
11 NED 669Roelof KUIPERSARENZV107‑161415‑17121111383
12 594 5942Richard PEPPERDINE 14‑1710UFD12111412141299
13 5953Matthew FRARYNorfolk Broads9121712‑374119‑3927101
14 5746Harry LUCASGrafham water‑3526115919623‑2914113
15 NED 637Hans DUETZWVF21813‑292024‑27201213122
16 6058Pete KYNEBrightlingsea‑29‑3721761210252329133
17 GBR 5911Nigel DAVIESDraycote Water132072427‑33‑30131019133
18 GBR 6045Steve EDE 151522‑3523‑272015186134
19 NED 649Ted BAKKERWVR622821‑3018‑29192523142
20 6051Dave LUCAS 2414‑39221725171716DNC152
21 NED 668Roel den HERDERWSVG199‑55231836DNC242216167
22 GBR 5909Andy FOXLeigh & Lowton3023‑461811231531‑3326177
23 GBR 6067Chris BUNNLady‑44‑461420161325302634178
24 5922Piers LAMBERTBrightlingsea17‑432927‑311421292417178
25 043Keith MILROY 20312419‑3226182620DNC184
26 NED 646Gilles de COMBEWVB2819321647DNSDNS18178185
27 NED 627Michiel de BOERKWS21‑3226‑36261622222828189
28 NED 664Maurice BAKKERWVR332512RETDNF373384315206
29 5524Kev HALLNorthampton SC3830‑48253320‑39391521221
30 GBR 6006Mark LEELymington Town112827DNF3450DNS322130233
31 NED 636Andries de MUIJNCKARENZV‑4024‑4740393028212731240
32 NED 630Martijn KUITERTKWS‑48‑523437293124331945252
33 NED 541Sijbrand JONGEJANSZVDO3929‑4228252834‑414035258
34 5744Iain McGREGORSalcombe YC37353717141542DNFDNCDNC267
35 GBR 5897Ian HOPWOOD 49116013212126RETDNCDNC271
36 NED 553Pieter Jelle JONGEJANSZVDO31‑51‑5726194340513239281
37 NED 676Christian RAAWVB‑513645324632RET283133283
38 GBR 6002Doug LATTAHayling Island3242563045RETDNS273420286
39 GBR 5745Robin PAGEBrightlingsea‑563325‑49354232364440287
40 GBR 6043Kevan GIBBLargo Bay26403331363913DNFDNCDNC288
41 5747Roger LUMBYSalcombe YC‑53‑613039483535523025294
42 NED 661Simon REES vanWVDK161635DNFDNFDNCDNS373524303
44 NED 678Robert WITGWVDVB344723‑554438DNC454236309
45 NED 675Bas de REGTHJCDNCDNCDNC33423436344622317
46 NED 654Jan Pieter BRAAMWVR1839284122RET31DNFDNCDNC319
47 NED 594Ties van BRUINESSENWVB‑5048414241‑5137353837319
48 NED 663Roel BAKKERWVR434438454344RET38‑5046341
49 NED 67Elaine TURNERWVB3650504450RETDNS533632351
50 5703Stewart WORTHBrightlingsea‑574140514048RET444941354
51 GBR 6046Nigel ORKNEYLargo Bay S C595715383840DNS50DNCDNC367
52 NED 605Paul de GEUSGWVDVB42455254DNFDNCDNS423738380
53 560Len VERDELWVB46‑5844‑58584941544842382
54 6056Peter WARNENorthampton4549544651DNSDNS435144383
55 563Huud OUWEHANDWSV de Kreupel‑61‑605952564638565449410
56 531Anne Richard SCHAAFSMAKWS5553585752DNSDNS484148412
57 NED 643Chris MIEDEMAKWS543836564941RETDNFDNCDNC414
58 GBR 5721Grahem WILSON 5255515057DNSRET475251415
59 NED 545Armand de la RIEWVDK472749DNFDNFDNCDNS4647DNC426
60 NED 542Bert VASTENBURGGWVDVB‑626261475545RET555350428
61 NED 625Rien MATERS 58595353DNFDNCDNS40DNC43446
66 NED 648Vincent SPEELMANZVDO63646259DNCDNCDNS5755DNC500

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