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18ft Skiff Club Championship at the Australian 18 Footers League - Race 14

by Frank Quealey 12 Feb 08:24 GMT 12 February 2023

The talented young Rag & Famish Hotel team of Harry Price, Josh McKnight and Harry Hall tamed a wild, windswept Sydney Harbour with some brilliant sailing to win Race 14 of the Australian 18 Footers League's Club Championship today.

With Southerly winds gusting to 35 knots, only four of the 14 starters were able to complete the long harbour course.

Rag & Famish Hotel's official winning margin was 4m35s from another talented young team, Noakes Youth, of Tom Cunich, Fynn Sprott and Nathan Edwards.

It was a brilliant effort from both teams.

Noakesailing, Ash Rooklyn, Ed Powys and Rhys Mara, was a further 12m28s back in third place, followed by Yandoo (John Winning, Fang Warren, Josh Porebski), which was the only other team able to complete the course.

Emphasising the team's talent, in totally opposite conditions to today, Rag & Famish Hotel led all the way to win last week's Race 14 of the championship in a 10-12 knot Easterly wind.

The Rag grabbed an early lead but capsized shortly after rounding the windward mark leaving Smeg (Michael Coxon) to lead the fleet down the long, high speed spinnaker run to Obelisk.

The rides were wild for the teams still on the course but conditions took a toll on many and the fleet was severely reduced for the work back to Rose Bay.

Teams such as Shaw and Partners Financial Services (Dave O'Connor), Fisher & Paykel (Jordan Girdis) and Burrawang-Young Henrys (Simon Nearn) were among those forced out, mainly through gear damage.

Smeg was maintaining her lead across the harbour from Rose Bay to Athol Bay when she capsized off Bradleys Head, leaving sheet hand Ricky Bridge with a severely gashed leg and forcing the skiff to retire.

Following Smeg's capsize, Rag & Famish Hotel was left with a sizeable lead over Noakes Youth and the two young teams set about providing spectators with a glimpse of their talents as they completed another lap of the course in the extreme conditions.

The race included another round of the coveted season point score series which is highly competitive at the top end of the points table.

With only two more races left in the series, Burrawang-Young Henrys leads with a total of 112 points, followed by Yandoo on 118, The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines (Alex Marinelli) on 126, Smeg 131 and Lazarus on 133.

An interesting sidelight to today's race was the appearance of the German Black Knight team, which sailed by invitation in a borrowed skiff while waiting for their boat to arrive in Sydney for the 73rd JJ Giltinan Championship.

Note: 73rd JJ Giltinan World Championship will be sailed on Sydney Harbour from March 4-12.

Next Sunday (February 19) there will be no 18ft Skiff race on Sydney Harbour due to Sail GP. Racing will resume on February 26 when the Australian 18 Footers League will stage the final race of the Club Championship.

Spectators can follow the action on board the club's spectator ferry, as they have done for the past 87 years, which leaves Double Bay Wharf alongside the clubhouse at 2pm.

Booking online through the club's website is essential,

For anyone who can't make it out onto the water, the League's live broadcast team will be out on Sydney Harbour to capture all the action. Live streaming is available at by clicking on the '18 Footers TV' link.

 18ft Skiffs: Club Championship, Race 14 Results:

Pos Boat Name Finish Elapsed Handicap Corrected Corrected Pos
1 Rag & Famish Hotel (Harry Price, Josh McKnight, Harry Hall) 15:49:04 01:04:04 0.0 01:04:04 2
2 Noakes Youth (Tom Cunich, Fynn Sprott, Nathan Edwards) 15:53:39 01:08:39 9.0 00:59:39 1
3 Noakesailing (Ask Rooklyn, Ed Powys, Rhys Mara) 16:06:07 01:21:07 1.0 01:20:07 4
4 Yandoo (John Winning Snr, Fang Warren, Josh Porebski) 16:06:47 01:21:47 2.0 01:19:47 3
DNF 18 Footers Bar and Restaurant (Pedro Vozone, Cam Walker, Paddy Bannon)          
DNF Andoo (John Winning Jnr, Seve Jarvin, Sam Newton)          
DNF Balmain Slake (Henry Larkings, Miles Davey, Flynn Twomey)          
DNF Birkenhead Point Marina (Kirk Mitchell, Andrew Stephenson, Daniel Barnett)          
DNF Burrawang-Young Henrys (Simon Nearn, Dan Phillips, Brandon Buyink)          
DNF Fisher & Paykel (Jordan Girdis, Jacob Broome, Josh Feldmano Whitty,)          
DNF The Kitchen Maker/ Ceasarstone (Lachlan Steel, Jerome Watts, Finn Rodowicz)          
DNF The Oak Double Bay / 4 Pines (Alex Marinelli, Matt Doyle, Darcy McCracken)          
DNF Shaw & Partners Financial Services (Dave OConnor, Trent Barnabas, Tom Quigley)          
DNF Smeg (Michael Coxon, Ricky Bridge, Tom Anderson)          
DNC Finport Finance (Keagan York, Angus Williams, Phill Marshall)          
DNC Lazarus Capital Partners (Marcus Ashley Jones, Rob Bell, Jeronimo Harrison )          
DNC Lazarus Development (Hugo Stoner, Nick Drummond Hamish Vass)          
DNC Marine Outlet (Cam Gundy, John Walton, Marcus Sampson)          
DNS Noakes Blue (Nathan McNamara, Peter McLeod, Jack Taylor)          

Club Championship 2022-23 Results after Race 14:

PosTeamSPR22 3NSW2023 1NSW2023 2NSW2023 3NSW 2023 04AUS 1AUS 2AUS 3AUS 4CLUB 13CLUB 14Pts
1Andoo (John Winning Jnr / Seve Jarvin / Sam Newton)11123177131643
2Yandoo (John Winning Snr / Fang Warren / Josh Porebski)4621859546454
3Smeg (Michael Coxon / Ricky Bridge / Tom Anderson)62671326321654
4Lazarus Capital Partners (Marcus Ashley Jones / Cam Gundy

Jeronimo Harrison )

5Rag & Famish Hotel (Harry Price / Lewis Brake / Harry Hall)358617186171173
6Shaw & Partners Financial Services (Dave OConnor / Trent Barnabas

Tom Quigley)

7Burrawang‑Young Henrys (Simon Nearn / Grant Rollerson / Brandon Buyink)8129866811681698
8Balmain Slake (Henry Larkings / Miles Davey / Flynn Twomey)1110184581010101716119
9Birkenhead Point Marina (Kirk Mitchell / Andrew Stephenson / Daniel Barnett)77799141114171316124
10Finport Finance (Keagan York / Angus Williams / Phill Marshall)20202020172125520132
11The Oak Double Bay / 4 Pines (Alex Marinelli / Matt Doyle / Darcy McCracken)129181071815981116133
12Marine Outlet (Cam Gundy / John Walton / Marcus Sampson)931818177519221620154
13The Kitchen Maker/ Ceasarstone (Lachlan Steel / Jerome Watts / Finn Rodowicz)18813121711171917716155
14Noakes Blue (Nathan McNamara / Peter McLeod / Jack Taylor)1811121117151612131416155
15Noakes Youth (Tom Cunich / Fynn Sprott / Rory Cox)101311182022221312122155
16Fisher & Paykel (Jono Whitty / Jacob Broome / Josh Feldman)18451311222222221016165
1718 Footers Bar and Restaurant (Pedro Vozone / Cam Walker / Paddy Bannon)1816101410131422221516170
18Big Foot Bags and Covers (Dave Hayter / Ben Roxburgh / Elliott Mahar)20202020209128172020186
19C‑Tech QLD (Josh Sloman / George Morton / Angus Barker)2020202020101315112020189
20Lazarus Development (Hugo Stoner / Nick Drummond Hamish Vass)1814151520221919221820202
21Noakesailing (Sean Langman / Ed Powys / Rhys Mara)202020202022222222203211

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