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18ft Skiff

18ft Skiff

The ultimate three-man, winged & trapeze flying machine. Developed in Australia over the last two decades to what it is today, the 18ft Skiff now has a good UK circuit.

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Show news Mark Foy - Father of the 18 Footers
Keen sailor, successful businessman with an acute eye for promotion
Posted on 2 Aug
18ft Skiffs: Queensland's golden days
Queensland 18 Footer designers, boat builders and sailors won more Australian Championships than NSW
Posted on 26 Jul
Bill Barnett, an incredible designer & competitor
From 18ft Skiffs to international 12 metre class yachts
Posted on 18 Jul
Hugh Treharne, a great Australian sailing talent
Renowned 16ft and 18ft Skiff sailor, tactician on Australia II in 1983
Posted on 12 Jul
18ft Skiffs: Dave Porter, the unluckiest champion
Fortune didn't always smile on the great sailor
Posted on 4 Jul
In Conversation with Tristan Walker-Hutt
New projects during lockdown for the East Coast sailor
Posted on 2 Jul
TraveLodge's 18ft Skiff sponsorship
A world championship-winning association with Bob Holmes
Posted on 28 Jun
How Len Heffernan changed the Sydney 18ft Skiffs
Taking up the challenge to transition to three-handers in the 1960s
Posted on 25 Jun
Sailing is freedom
We can all mess about in or on any type of boat or board
Posted on 22 Jun
New 18ft Skiff teams wanted for 2020 - Apply Now
An amazing opportunity to sail and learn from some of the best sailors around
Posted on 21 Jun
New Zealand's 18ft Skiff Racing Record
Three consecutive victories just the latest chapter of an 82-year-old story
Posted on 18 Jun
18ft Skiffs: Patrick Corrigan, AM
30 years of 18ft Skiff sponsorship
Posted on 14 Jun
18ft Skiffs: The Kulmar Family
Their unique achievement at the 1976 JJ Giltinan World Championship
Posted on 11 Jun
18ft Skiffs: Sponsoring 'Formula One on water'
Sailing demographic excellent for corporate strategies
Posted on 7 Jun
'The league' is keeping JJ Giltinan's dream alive
Always at the forefront of the sport's worldwide promotion and development
Posted on 4 Jun
James Joseph Giltinan
The man behind the name on the trophy
Posted on 28 May
The day the winds blew on Sydney Harbour
A look back at the events on Sunday February 24th, 2013
Posted on 11 May
Archive Video: 2006 18ft Skiff Europeans
Perfect Lake Garda sailing conditions
Posted on 6 May
2003 San Fran International Regatta video
Some great archive 18ft Skiff action, including the famous Bridge to Bridge race
Posted on 3 May
2001 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship videos
A great event for the team on Rag and Famish Hotel
Posted on 26 Apr
1984 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship video
Great footage as 29 skiffs from 5 nations took part in the event on Sydney Harbour
Posted on 26 Apr
1999 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship videos
The trophy goes to the Northern Hemisphere for the first time in its history
Posted on 24 Apr
18 footer archives: Sydney skiff sailing in 1967
An original documentary that went all the way to the front of the fleet at the Cannes Film Festival
Posted on 21 Apr
2005 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship video
One of the closest battles for the trophy ever with six different race winners
Posted on 19 Apr
The best of the last 10 years at Looe SC part 2
Mark-rounding chaoes, missed toe-straps and capsizes galore!
Posted on 29 Mar
Sailing adjusts to a Coronavirus world
Andy Rice & Mark Jardine discuss worldwide sailing events
Posted on 20 Mar
Honda take third JJ's in a row
Nic Douglass talks to the team on Sydney Harbour today
Posted on 19 Mar
18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Championship race 8 & 9
Honda Marine team wrap up third consecutive win
Posted on 19 Mar
18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Championship race 6 & 7
Defending champion go into the final two races with a slim lead
Posted on 18 Mar
18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Championship race 3, 4 & 5
Three different winners in the light SE breeze on Sydney Harbour
Posted on 17 Mar
18ft Skiff UK Nationals Attendance
see the full nationals attendance table here


Show photos from

Mark Foy, the father of 18 Footers
© Archive
Aberdare was the breakthrough-style boat of the 1930s
© Frank Quealey
Mark Foy's Retail Department Store in Sydney
© Frank Quealey
Mark Foy would have loved to see USA and UK boats competing against each other on Sydney Harbour
© Frank Quealey
Clark Island was Mark Foy's 'grandstand' for his 18 Footer races on Sydney Harbour
© Frank Quealey
The type of action-packed fleet racing Mark Foy wanted for his spectators
© Frank Quealey
Up close action by the Live stream video team
© Frank Quealey
Spectator Ferry in 1951
© Frank Quealey
Britannia, one of the best known boats of the original 'Big Boat Era'
© Frank Quealey
Mark Foy's Hotel Hydro Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains
© Frank Quealey
Aerial coverage of the racing
© Frank Quealey
Aberdare was the dominant boat of the 7ft Beam Era - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
1949-1950 Australian champion Culex III (Lance Watts) and Myra Too during the 1951 Giltinan world Championship on Sydney Harbour - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
Victor - Queensland's golden days
© Tom Cuneo
Bob Miller (aka Ben Lexcen) and the controversial Taipan in 1960 - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
Jenny (Q) and Jantzen Girl (NSW) on the Brisbane River in 1950s - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
JMH III - ringtail - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
Norman Wright Snr with sons Ron (left) and Norman Jnr (right) - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
Bob Miller's 1961 Giltinan Championship-winning Venom - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
Dave Hayter at the 2019 JJs on Sydney Harbour - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
1956 JJ Giltinan world champion Jenny VI, skippered by Norman Wright Jr. - Queensland's golden days
© Frank Quealey
1969 Sail off on Brisbane River - Travelodge and Willie B
© Frank Quealey
Myra Too and Culex III in action during the 1951 Giltinan Championship
© Frank Quealey
Myra Too in action at the 1951 Giltinan world Championship
© Frank Quealey
Bill Barnett at the helm
© Barnett Family Album
Myra Too, 1951
© Frank Quealey
Bill Barnett, builder of the Frank Bethwaite-designed KB for Dave Porter in 1976-1977
© Frank Quealey
New Zealand's Mah Jong (Laurie Davidson) and SMV (Bill Barnett) at the 1958 Giltinan Championship
© Frank Quealey
Bill Barnett's champion Myra Too
© Frank Quealey
Ferry presentation to Myra Too
© Frank Quealey