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Original Cottages B14 Europeans and Nationals 2022 at Whitstable Yacht Club - Overall

by Mark Barnes 6 Sep 2022 07:41 BST 1-4 September 2022

This one was to go down to the wire on both counts

Day 4 arrived. After an evening where the fleet enjoyed a BBQ and music by the Merlin and The Rockets, with a scheduled 1100 start, would the fleet be late on parade?

By 0830 teams were seen to be arriving with the seascape having little wind. Plan was for PRO Tom Bruton the getaway 3 races back to back with as little gap between, just in case the Seabreeze kicked in later and cancelled out the building SSW.

On time the fleet launched. It must be that they all knew Tom was keen to get going if the wind was there. So the stage was set, with ebb tide, changing during the second race, SW'ly 6 - 10 knots and building to 12 knots with a few holes.

Would there be a gladiatorial battle between Harken (Nick Craig/Toby Lewis) and Brightmile (Mark Watts/Matt Johnson). The latter had ruled over the first two days with comeback kids Harken on day 3, so edging the door open and giving a glimmer of light.

To complicate matters all 4 days and 12 races count towards the Euros and latter 3 days and 9 races towards the Nationals.

All races would result in general recalls and black flag starts due to the eagerness to be the first to the left side of the beat. However, the joker would be played throughout the day with some big gains make on the right-hand beat, but also some spectacular loses as found by Blue Badge (Mike Bees/Martin Worth (Ferret)) and Team Seavolution/North Sails (Mark Barnes/Kathy Sherrat) where in races they'd be on the podium and then near last.

Race 10 and the day's first race, out of the starting blocks it was Blue Badge, this time never to be passed, and with a big wind shift on the first run mixed it up a bit bringing the two protagonists near to the front with Birghtmile taking 2nd and Harken 3rd.

After a quick turnaround, Race 11 got away. Both main players were in the pack. Harken rolled the dice, went right and found a route whilst Brightmile clawed their way out of jail. Harken took the eventual win overlapped from Highland Girl (Dave Hayes/Pete Nicholson) just before the finish to keep their campaign alive. Third was early race leader ASBO (Crispin Taylor/Gi Harrill).

Going into the last race and breeze holding in the SW, tide turned and coming more into play, would Brightmile capitulate, or would Harken misfire. This was the question as the charge hit the line under black flag. Brightmile and Dads on Tour (Josh Wilce/Matt Hollis) bailed as buried and headed hard right with ASBO, so rolling the dice, in either desperation for a lane or a stroke of genius. It proved to be the latter as theyright came good and gave the slight advantage with the left pack just behind with Harken back in the mix. Downwind Harken headed middle left and played their joker, getting more pressure in the less favoured area which usually failed to happen. This gave them the jump on several teams and brought them closer to stardom. Over the next 1.5 laps Harken passed ASBO and slowly closed on DOT and Brightmile. Up the last beat, Brightmile in the lead took the decision to stay between the finish and Harken on the run, so releasing DOT due to the fact if Harken won, Brightmile could lose both championships. DOT had not read the script as they squeeked through to win from Brightmile followed by Harken.

Calculations done and Brightmile won the Euros after being held back by Harken, Blue Badge and Team Seavolution/North Sails in previous attempts. The Nationals was not so clear. So out came the slide rule. Both Harken and Brightmile were equal on 11 points, Brightmile had beaten Harken in the last race. However, Harken had one more first, so took the National championship on countback.

A successful event where all 12 Euros and combined 9 Nationals races were completed across some very testing sea states and good breeze. Both teams were worthy champions. Great on the water race management from PRO Tom Bruton and Assistant Steve Gray with their well drilled team. Onshore, the fleet were kept busy with a curry night, fish and chips Friday, BBQ and band Saturday. What an action packed event with many tired sailors and one very tired organiser, but all with smiles on their faces.

Steve Gray Rear Commodore Sailing presented the prizes. Some liked it so much they stayed another day prior to heading home. The class would like to say thank you to Whitstable Yacht Club for a well-run event both ashore and afloat.

We look forward to seeing at the Medway Skiff Open on 1st October which is a B14 TT.

Europeans Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
1797Mark WattsMatt JohnsonWeston Sailing Club11‑21112222‑7215
2796Nick CraigToby LewisBurghfield/Frensham/Lee on Solent221‑422111‑31316
3771Mike BeesMartin WorthBrightlingsea Sailing Club‑64523‑653314636
4791Josh WilceMatt HollisRutland Sailing Club43364‑10‑85548143
5774David HayesPete NicholsonLTSC35(DNC)353‑96672949
6799Mark BarnesKathy SherrattWhitstable Yacht Club5(RET)48647‑10466858
7789Crispin TaylorGi HarrillStarcross Yacht Club76(DNC)7754(OCS)1283463
8762Russ GibbsLucy LoughtonStarcross Yacht Club8(DNC)(DNC)510938755565
9764Tony BlackmoreCharlie HadleyStarcross Yacht Club9(RET)(DNC)9876781191084
10787Paul RobertsWill RandLTSC(DNC)(DNC)DNC109811991011DNC105
11770Simon HadleyNikki HadleyWhitstable Yacht Club(DNF)(DNC)DNC13RETDNC104139107108
12757Rory MoppettAli MoppettBough Beech Sailing Club10(DNC)(DNC)1111DNC121210RETDNCDNC122
13766Barry PriceGuy RanyesNetley SC11(DNC)(DNC)12RETDNC13111112RETDNC126

Nationals Overall Results:
If you finished in the top ten at the B14 nationals then enter your Gear Guide information here

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Pts
1796Nick CraigToby LewisBurghfield/Frensham/Lee on Solent‑522111‑31311
2797Mark WattsMatt JohnsonWeston Sailing Club111‑2222‑9211
3771Mike BeesMartin WorthBrightlingsea Sailing Club33‑753315‑623
4785Peter KnightGiles GilbertRestronguet SC2438‑9753‑1132
5791Josh WilceMatt HollisRutland Sailing Club75‑129554‑10136
6774David HayesPete NicholsonLTSC464‑106682‑936
7762Russ GibbsLucy LoughtonStarcross Yacht Club6‑12‑1038867543
8789Crispin TaylorGi HarrillStarcross Yacht Club8864(OCS)‑1494443
9799Mark BarnesKathy SherrattWhitstable Yacht Club‑9757‑12478846
10764Tony BlackmoreCharlie HadleyStarcross Yacht Club1098679‑13‑111059
11770Simon HadleyNikki HadleyWhitstable Yacht Club15(RET)(DNC)114161112776
12787Paul RobertsWill RandLTSC11109‑1310111213(DNC)76
13786Geraldine BrownLeaky FermorThe Re‑mote(DNC)(DNC)DNC1211151061283
14795Amir ShamsuddinNick PyeKing George Sailing Club141111141510(DNC)(DNC)DNC92
15757Rory MoppettAli MoppettBough Beech Sailing Club1213(DNC)151412(RET)DNCDNC100
16766Barry PriceGuy RanyesNetley SC13(RET)(DNC)16131314RETDNC103

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