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Grapefruit SBS Competition

2022 Eric Twiname Junior Championships

by Richard Aspland 4 May 2022 23:52 BST 30 April - 1 May 2022
2022 Eric Twiname Junior Championships at Rutland © Will Carson / RYA

More than 350 youngsters took to Britain's largest reservoir over the May bank holiday as the Eric Twiname Junior Championships made its welcome return.

Having missed 2020 and 2021, the 34th Eric Twiname Junior Championships - known lovingly as the ETs - returned to its long-time home at Rutland Water for three days of racing and fun.

As well as featuring prizes for individual fleets, the iconic event sees the RYA regions go head-to-head for the ultimate award: the Eric Twiname Shield.

Light winds dominated the regatta, and no racing was possible on the final day - but plenty of fun was had off the water as well as on.

This year's winner of the shield was the London and South East region, followed by the North and Midlands regions in second and third.

London and South East also won the windsurfing cup for best overall windsurfing team, while the North region took the dinghy trophy for best overall dinghy team.

"It was brilliant to see so many young racers back on the water at the Eric Twiname Junior Championships," said Chris Atherton, RYA National Performance Manager.

"It really is a highlight in the sailing calendar for so many sailors, not just because the racing is great but also because it's a really fun event.

"The lack of wind at times was a shame but there was so much fun being had that we can definitely call the regatta a success.

"Congratulations to all competitors, especially the winning sailors and regions, and of course a huge thank you to Rutland Sailing Club for being excellent hosts and our volunteers without whom we couldn't make events like this happen."

RS Feva Results:

PosRegionSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1Wales8187Ben GreenhalghPhoebe Greenhalgh31112‑78
2Wales6351Jac BaileyFflur Pierce22‑751212
3England ‑ North89Max RawlinsonEdie Johnson13635‑918
4England ‑ Midlands7190Imogen GreenFelicity Angell4542‑6621
5England ‑ South West5763Louis HiscocksNicola Richards‑1272411125
6England ‑ South6868Holly MitchellWilliam Bracey‑Davis‑14431010431
7England ‑ London South East5454Samuel TonksOllie Laker66‑12118334
8England ‑ South7530Freddie CallaghanThomas Roy138593‑1538
9England ‑ Midlands3877Oliver HateleyKyle Timmins59‑131241040
10England ‑ Midlands6765Harriet TempleMia Hateley71111‑149543
11England ‑ North3968Finn HoustonHenry Taylor‑1715887846
12England ‑ South619Joanna WalkerMhairi MacDonald101296‑131249
13England ‑ North4766Milie KiddDara Jenkins913‑187121455
14England ‑ South7292Anna MorrisAnna Elms11‑191013141664
15England ‑ North3911Frederick WoodThomas Pritchard Jones15101515‑161368
16Wales8Ella MartinGeorge Self‑18141416151170
17England ‑ North4347Mya FanceSeren Green8161717‑181876
18England ‑ Midlands2422Ben AngellMona Nygard161716‑18171783
19Wales6184Stella Le PetitKeira Edwards‑21181919191994
20Scotland2Ellie MacCalmanGeorgia MacCalman19‑202020202099
21Scotland2045Jessica EwerAva O’Brien20(DNC)21DNFDNC21108
22England ‑ South West6299Maya Bergmann SmithEmilia Ripley(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC115

ILCA 4 Results:

PosTally NumberSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5Pts
156216023Freddie Sunderland981‑18119
231214081Henry Keegan629‑11421
321214007Jack Graham‑Troll‑173212522
445219096Daniel Palmer1274‑47326
557212026Tom Thwaites357‑311126
650206839Henry Redmond‑191571528
79216648Max Steele1‑35625234
860198211Harry West215203‑2340
913216656Edwin Cross4138(UFD)1944
108207087Archie Burton209‑3421445
113195154Angus Beale8‑381741645
1226178440Charlie Howard‑3511215946
1351216703Joe Rowe‑34161811853
1412205176Samson Cross16‑493142154
154200715Dylan Beatty‑331911151055
1635217034Yizhuo LIU1418‑19101355
1752185604Nathan Russell276‑37131258
1822216607Amélie Hacker5122223‑3762
1941214203Alfred Noel1310336‑4062
2037215695Freddie Maclaverty222416‑45769
2124201649Ellie Hattam‑49211083069
225210368Matthew Botten1842628‑3476
2348213644Robin Phipps32‑332516881
2444214074Samuel Osborne7(UFD)14372785
251209061Spirit Alderson‑52172793386
2632210618Jacoby Keegan‑512630171790
2716201358Daisy Fisher‑432012352491
286195819Max Bromilow112235‑382593
2949218043Tom Rawlings3729‑3924696
3059199492Jessica Watson26142829‑3897
312204013Lauren Attwell‑3928322020100
327206191Harry Burge‑4123133035101
3347218413Erin Pank153024‑4632101
3442182539Stella Nygard‑3127292226104
3525209984Tatiana Hazelwood21‑37233336113
3617207649Harriet George‑4432401929120
3733195244Josie Kelly2340‑442141125
3834215283Millie Lewis28253141‑46125
3923167848Freya Halsall4041‑422622129
4036156260Sam Lowbridge2436‑432743130
4118203910Issy Glazebrook‑5046153645142
4239217872Tom Moss‑4231363442143
4328203312Lauren Irons3643‑483928146
4410197941Bea West‑4634384431147
4553186842Emily Shears3042‑504039151
4640203965Oliver Hirst38‑47413244155
4729210100Lucy Ives25454642‑47158
4830216729Callum Jackson29394549(DNC)162
4919216870Finn Goodman48‑52474350188
5054184151Toby Smith10(DNC)DNCDNCDNC190
5114202408Eloise Cusden4548‑525049192
524319Charlotte Osborne‑5444494852193
5320201861Sara Goujon4750‑515148196
5438208933Ethan Mitchell‑Clarke‑5351535251207
5546218036Imogen Palmer(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC240
5555186435Ed Stubbs(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC240
5558213524Jamie Tylecote(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC240
5527160507Georgia Hughes(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC240
5511192783Jemima Cook(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC240

Optimist Results:

PosRegionSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1England ‑ South West6323Fraser Hakes7‑14328222
2England ‑ South West6400Tom Keegan10526‑24326
3England ‑ East6242Jacob Jull5‑158315132
4England ‑ East3281Noah Mathers615‑1414834
5England ‑ London South East6490Pippa Knights49‑181210439
6Scotland6141Scott (Jiankang) Xu‑252111312543
7England ‑ East6434Jessica Welch13716‑252451
8England ‑ North6500Henry Blades‑23191396956
9Scotland5222Logan Brown‑33425432258
10England ‑ East5931Callum Marshall‑1916151111659
11England ‑ Midlands6344Jacob Bennett18‑2816191761
12Scotland6156Cara Russell‑291723521865
13England ‑ South6349Felix Garlick151212023‑3771
14Wales6576Meg Thomas‑427928181375
15England ‑ London South East6393Kit Lester8‑40418311778
16England ‑ South West6299Freddie Pank28‑3027742086
17England ‑ South West6452Ella Delin2830(NSC)42688
18England ‑ Midlands6602Sebastian Smith30‑322010221092
19England ‑ North5790Eve Bromilow176‑4337171996
20England ‑ South5426Ruby Callaghan‑361822171627100
21Scotland6220Lyall Webster2613281126‑33104
22England ‑ North4403Elizabeth Shilling132124‑302028106
23England ‑ Midlands5391William Shaw‑5031626544112
24England ‑ London South East6404Edward Taylor‑34342125923112
25Wales6343Molly Martin‑432612213914112
26England ‑ North5667Ada Daniels3735(DNC)8729116
27England ‑ London South East6569Charlie Knights124417‑473212117
28England ‑ North6483Edie Rogers‑392410272730118
29Wales6196Niamh Epstein21‑4336231331124
30England ‑ Midlands6365Jack Hodgkins202229‑433026127
31England ‑ Midlands6418Tristan Shaw32113436‑4515128
32England ‑ North5243Alex Welfare‑472040223611129
33Wales6453Alice Atkin162326‑412936130
34England ‑ East6158Stella Davey353719‑392121133
35England ‑ East5751Betsy Luddington941313419‑42134
36Scotland5916Dougal Jackson40‑4714152847144
37England ‑ East5402James Pipe2429‑42313332149
38England ‑ East6307Rupert Purnell1142‑45294425151
39England ‑ East5180Scarlett MacLennan1436‑37323535152
40England ‑ East6275Ryan Surguy2210464243(RET)163
41England ‑ London South East6601Oliver Ratchford‑382535353738170
42England ‑ South West5238Eliza Holley3‑4932484746176
43England ‑ East5701William Swann‑534833334134189
44England ‑ London South East6270Harry Ramshaw(UFD)3939403441193
45England ‑ North6440Toby Kidd41333844(DNC)39195
46Wales6570Charlotte Self31‑4641463840196
47England ‑ South West6352Chloe Davis4527‑49384943202
48England ‑ East6378George Hutcheon51(UFD)47244048210
49England ‑ East6144Monty Levell27385050(NSC)53218
50England ‑ London South East5511William Truman(DNC)DNC44454645238
51England ‑ South West6302Finnian Keegan445053‑544849244
52England ‑ Midlands6006Sam Clarke4951515153‑55255
53Scotland5530Kate Shelley4852‑54525054256
54England ‑ North5433Charlie Rowell52‑5352495152256
55England ‑ London South East5664Sam Taylor(DNF)5548535250258
56England ‑ East5812Freddie Reeves4645(DNC)DNCDNCDNC265
57England ‑ East6489Archie Hutcheon5454‑55555451268

RS Tera Results:

PosRegionSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1England ‑ North3829Thomas Whitehead2‑5151110
2England ‑ Midlands3585Luke Rowlands12214‑510
3England ‑ North3830Daniel Whitehead41323‑1013
4England ‑ South112Cassius Day54‑737625
5England ‑ Midlands2259Jude Beatty36‑845725
6England ‑ South West2111Ollie Wilson6‑9962427
7England ‑ North2739Lewis Gordon7311‑128332
8Wales3163Sirene Le Petit10‑1541110237
9England ‑ South West1990Jack Wilson8758‑11937
10England ‑ North3917Matthew Boatman12867‑131346
11England ‑ South2478Jasmine Pillon Simpson‑16141296849
12England ‑ Midlands3656Annabelle Hacker151013‑1691562
13England ‑ Midlands2456Annabel Caldecott‑17111613151166
14England ‑ London South East2333Isabelle Tonks‑18181514121675
15England ‑ North4343Molly Wilson916211020‑2376
16England ‑ North3159Laia Priestley11121717‑211976
17England ‑ South3897Fallon Day1917‑2018141280
18England ‑ Midlands2987Charlotte Caldecott‑23231415171483
19Wales2125Megan Gowers1322‑2319161787
20England ‑ London South East3854Elizabeth MacDonald201918‑22181893
21Wales2749Millie Greenhalgh222110‑23222196
22England ‑ Midlands1638Amelia Caldecott1413‑2424242499
23England ‑ South2616Emilia Laker21201921‑2320101
24England ‑ North1921Archie Denley(DNC)DNC22201922110
25England ‑ North915Dara Jenkins(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC135
25Wales4224Keira Edwards(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC135

Topper Results:

PosChamp NoRegionSail NoHelmQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Pts
1217England ‑ London South East47765Lily Browning‑311125
2618Scotland48096Ben Homer‑713116
3317England ‑ London South East48153Leo Yates63‑113113
4544England ‑ London South East47636Ed Smith5248‑1019
5431Northern Ireland47583Bobby Driscoll7‑936420
6170England ‑ North48719Jasper Bramwell10‑2162422
7146England ‑ South45768Torquil Morrison6112‑12524
8698England ‑ North47768Lewis Bacon Bacon‑2212111226
9574England ‑ London South East47863Rory Clow‑12593926
10243England ‑ North43834Christopher Hampshire‑1144101028
11613England ‑ Midlands47354Samantha Mason8510‑24629
12114England ‑ South West48433Alex Jones1‑25818330
13200England ‑ South47786Emily Brushett14675‑2232
14611England ‑ Midlands46391Jessica Powell98‑2211533
1586England ‑ South West48248Oliver Smith‑251769335
1636Scotland47775Ruairi Herrington‑1821181536
17343England ‑ South West47732Kyle Muelaner107‑2821837
18510England ‑ South48315Finn Brook‑Holmes‑3541218741
19107England ‑ South48685Ed Smith‑3981671142
2097England ‑ South48743Tate Kump‑15131441344
21384Scotland48568Sophie Kennedy‑41111571144
22235England ‑ Midlands48571Kat Gunn16125‑171245
23360England ‑ South48579Henry Martin‑3732215646
24604England ‑ North20272Kyla Baxter5‑2213141648
25167England ‑ South West48149Oscar Filtness4131616(UFD)49
26211England ‑ London South East47949Luke Townsend41712‑232053
27457Northern Ireland48700Autumn Halliday1319714(UFD)53
28189England ‑ Midlands48193Jasper Focardi Dolling‑4262212554
29109England ‑ London South East47853Izzy Johnson141021‑30954
30407Northern Ireland48013Cormac Byrne239‑2691455
3191England ‑ South47676Seb Davies11423‑281957
32635Wales46271Sam Morley2102126‑4659
33539Wales49007Jack Sims‑30151027860
34376Scotland48716Thomas Looseley22‑241452263
35248England ‑ London South East45959Oliver Gatton8241517‑2564
36155England ‑ East44192Jago Jennings Jennings319‑29251865
37D41Scotland48661Henry Agius1320528(UFD)66
38511England ‑ South47746Thomas Peace‑321613192068
3926England ‑ Midlands48907keali Rhodes21‑34931869
403England ‑ East16517Magnus Medcalf257(DSQ)63371
4174Scotland48582Finley Briggs17182413(UFD)72
42426Northern Ireland48353Emily Macafee‑211819211775
43502England ‑ South West47399Holly Norton236‑37122676
44672England ‑ South West46690Isabel Brewer26298‑331376
45437Northern Ireland43147Isabelle Nixon24‑3817221578
46547England ‑ East48246Keah Edwards1127‑34251679
47573England ‑ London South East45155Emily Campbell18202615‑3079
48190England ‑ London South East48709Finlay Geri36(DSQ)1942180
49505England ‑ South West47860Thomas Semmens121539‑421480
50369Wales47173Dan Powell‑421432221280
51113England ‑ London South East48580Gloria Smith1916‑27242382
52100England ‑ South47658Alexander Van Doren16‑261‑21‑22684
53220England ‑ South46293Orla Parker‑332618231784
5492England ‑ North48681Ava Harris‑Scott152525‑292388
55263England ‑ London South East48249Rhys Griffiths20233610(UFD)89
5622England ‑ South46364Matthew Emerson27‑2928132189
57210England ‑ North42464Finley Waterhouse‑41272435793
58649England ‑ South47796Sebastian Sitton29‑3517192994
59449Northern Ireland48670Hugo Boyd93718‑423498
60563Wales43911Flo Tovey2821‑292629104
61515England ‑ South West47638Darcy Burden3333‑381624106
62279England ‑ London South East48602William Brown342325‑3928110
63119England ‑ South46447Ava Francis2330‑352731111
64666Wales48667Bronny Thomas2722‑323232113
65315England ‑ Midlands48535Chloe Grayton31‑49203232115
66599England ‑ North46303Harriet Wood‑4036232930118
67171England ‑ North45735George Spence19424420(DSQ)125
68650England ‑ London South East47028Leah May3234‑412039125
69362England ‑ North46853Rosanna Joyce1728(UFD)3645126
70496Northern Ireland42521Tom Driscoll2039‑433435128
71533England ‑ South West47926Amelia Smith313727‑4434129
72246England ‑ East46731Mathilde Phillipps39‑45203439132
73652England ‑ South West47653Amelia Gilboy3028‑413836132
74699England ‑ East48409Thomas Lloyd29‑46314133134
75202England ‑ South West48508Alex Purrier‑4642304419135
76396England ‑ South47773Yijia LIU‑4332334327135
77106England ‑ London South East48733Piotr Tokajuk40‑44333527135
78294Wales47219Henry Powell3732‑504324136
79264Scotland48264Emily Shearer38‑40313040139
80657England ‑ North47600Ollie Lumb28305033‑54141
81529England ‑ South West47734George Burden‑4933423928142
82313England ‑ South West48600Zachary Chappell34314037(UFD)142
83285England ‑ East48974Nathan Clark44403036‑45150
841Wales48970William Powell‑5531374837153
85192England ‑ Midlands47222Georgia Riddell3835‑474635154
86656England ‑ North48261Kiera Cowell‑5147353736155
8794England ‑ London South East48652Lucas Symons Symons‑4343384037158
8880Scotland48211Charlotte McNicol‑5643344141159
89353England ‑ Midlands48713Jacob Blakeway354142‑5243161
90628England ‑ South47078Ffion Cerrato443848‑5338168
91205England ‑ Midlands46241Oliver Rogers4541‑484538169
92236England ‑ South47776Jake Davies‑4744394542170
9398England ‑ South48909Grace Buckley57(DSQ)463831172
94614England ‑ South47830Ethan Rhodes483946‑4943176
95199England ‑ South47833Ella Harris364647‑5048177
96111Wales46768Natasha Baker474743‑5140177
97232England ‑ East48140Sofia Eaton4649‑514741183
9831England ‑ Midlands48664Toby Gammond4548‑514051184
99593Scotland48592Rohan O'Kane‑5250454842185
10038England ‑ North44670Eva Murphy‑5045454649185
101588England ‑ Midlands48798Isabel Ritchie‑5452405147190
102592Scotland48591Vivienne Goodman‑5350444750191
103590Wales48087Zoë Morley5048‑525246196
104349England ‑ Midlands45197Polly McMullan24(DNC)DNCDNCDNC198
105380England ‑ Midlands48675Kitty Davy26(DNC)DNCDNCDNC200
106541Wales48581Efa Thomas(DNC)DSQ495044201
107327Wales46611Jack Wright525352‑5544201
10895England ‑ North47026Paul Roberts495149‑5452201
10933Wales45779Wilf Tovey5151(DNC)DNC47207
11023England ‑ Midlands31767William Mawby‑Groom48(DNC)DNC4953208

Techno 293 Results:

PosRegionSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1England ‑ South3368Patrick West1‑313319
2England ‑ South448Michael Winstanley‑2221229
3England ‑ London South East446Jack Bew31526‑717
4England ‑ South464Clement Siu(DNC)DNC341327
5England ‑ South216Charlie Baker667‑84528
6England ‑ North435Hannah Boothroyd778‑119435
7England ‑ London South East626Emma Marsh89‑1377637
8England ‑ North756William Greenhalgh‑1212495838
9England ‑ London South East741Olivia Salgueiro10‑11658938
10England ‑ London South East3461Oli Smith48910‑141243
11England ‑ South3347Abi Smith‑134126111144
12Scotland170Daniel MacGregor5101012‑131047
13England ‑ North3362Alexander Thompson11511‑1410DGB47.2
14England ‑ London South East52Olivia Ross‑Bell913‑1513121360
15England ‑ North887Jack Rathburn141414‑15151471

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