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RS Sailing 2021 - LEADERBOARD

South West Water Pursuit Race at Salcombe Yacht Club

by John Burn 29 Nov 2021 06:18 GMT 28 November 2021

With Storm Arwen barrelling through the South West on Saturday and the forecast predicating strong winds gusting up to 50mph it was decided to postpone the annual South West Water pursuit race by 24 hours.

What a difference a day makes, conditions on Sunday morning initially had the estuary resembling a mirror, not a breath of wind but on the plus side at least the wind chill wasnt so bad.

For those who are not familiar with the format of pursuit racing, the slowest boat starts first then at carefully calculated intervals the remainder of the fleet are released with the fastest boat set off last.

The chase is then on as you try and hunt down the slower boats in front, or defend like crazy, trying to keep the faster boats behind.

There is a 90 minute time limit imposed from the first start and the idea being that at the end of the 90 minutes, if worked out correctly everyone should be very close and the boat at the front wins....simple!

Chris Chubby Cleaves was the main man in charge and set a course of 7-3-7-3-5-2-3, the idea being that hopefully due to the N-NW direction there would be more, or even some, wind in the bag.

The wind did make an appearance thankfully meaning that forward motion was possible and not reliant on the incoming tide.

A total of 16 boats took to the water to take part in the shenanigans. First off the mark, after a little help from the safety boat crew, were the Evans brothers in their Laser Radials. They were followed by the nine strong solo fleet, next off the two Aero 7s, then the Albacore, Aero 9 shortly after and last off, some 13 minutes after the Radials, the Merlin Rocket... the chase was on!

The Solos had caught the Laser Radials before hitting the fuel barge and Paul Ellis along with Simon Dobson were the first to reach the better conditions in the bag. This pair never really looked like being caught, as the breeze built they extended out a lead and once the 90 minutes were up they finished 1st & 2nd respectively.

Behind there was regular place changing as the quicker boats, now up to speed, started making progress through the back markers but it was in the last 5 minutes where it got exciting as the majority of the fleet were all now starting to bunch up.

Adrian Griffin comfortably held on to 3rd but there was a mad dash to the line behind him involving the Albacore, Merlin, Solos and Aeros.

The format added a different element to sailing in Salcombe that was enjoyed by all the competitors. As we all know in handicap racing every dog has its day and today it was the Solo, in the end taking the top 5 places.

Perhaps for some the best part of the day was had back at Batson, the sailors all being rewarded for their morning efforts with a slice of freshly baked goodness courtesy of the very talented Mrs Allen - on behalf of us all - thank you very much.

Also a big thank you to Chubby and his race team for running such a great event and being flexible when the weather tried its best to disrupt.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewNamePYResult
1stSolo5574Paul Ellis 11431
2ndSolo5898Simon Dobson 11432
3rdSolo5734Adrian Griffin 11433
4thSolo5792David Greening 11424
5thSolo5876Gavin Stevens 11435
6thALBACORE8252AJ SquireShelia Squire10406
7thMERLIN‑ROCKET3682Ross BorneJohn Burn9807
8thSolo5096Robin Hodges 11438
9thRS AERO 71752Dan Bridger 10689
10thRS AERO 71746Simon Ballantine 106810
11thsolo5303Andy Savell 114311
12thSolo5311Mike Knowles 114312
13thLaser Radial210001Henry Evans 114713
14thLaser Radial156215Charlie Evans 114714
15thRS AERO 73024Geoffrey Cox 106815
16thSolo4940Geoff Allen 114316
17thSolo5879Chris Cleaves 1143OOD
17thSolo5220Andrew Borne 1143OOD
19thSolo5364Mark Waterhouse 1143DNC
19thSolo5308Philip Magee 1143DNC
19thSolo5088Tristan Squire 1143DNC
19thSolo2952Mark Sancken 1143DNC
19thSolo5595Jon‑Paul Brock 1143DNC
19thSolo5543Jonty White 1143DNC
19thSolo5744Ian McGregor 1143DNC
19thSolo5747Roger Lumby 1143DNC
19thSolo5749Mike Hicks 1143DNC
19thSolo5021William Wall 1143DNC
19thSolo5427Roger Pope 1143DNC
19thSolo4324Robert Smith 1143DNC
19thSolo5951Billy Jago 1143DNC
19thSolo5601Simon Yates 1143DNC
19thSolo5411Stuart Cartwright 1143DNC
19thSolo4813Chris Turns 1143DNC
19thSolo5183Malcolm Mackley 1143DNC
19thSolo5313Jonathan Reynolds 1143DNC
19thSolo5453Bruce Hattersley 1143DNC
19thSolo5757Julian Meek 1143DNC
19thSolo5743Tim Law 1143DNC
19thsolo4857Mike Hodges 1143DNC
19thSolo5107Martin Hodgson 1143DNC
19thRS AERO 92607Paul Engleman 1019DNC
19thMERLIN‑ROCKET3726Will HendersonMandy Henderson980DNC
19th505 Peter ColcloughPete Bennett903DNC
19thRS 4002527Peter ColcloughPete Bennett942DNC
19thLASER195867Tristan Squire 1098DNC
19thMERLIN‑ROCKET3621AJ SquireShelia Squire980DNC
19thRS AERO 72060Amy Cleaves 1068DNC
19thRS AERO 71517Clare Booth 1068DNC
19thRS AERO 71505Tim Fells 1068DNC
19thRS AERO 71416Chris Booth 1068DNC
19thLark2157Will HendersonMandy Henderson1070DNC
19thLaser Radial200841Penny Guess 1147DNC
19thLaser Radial213150Esther McLarty 1147DNC
19thMERLIN‑ROCKET3769Graham Cranford SmithFiona Cranford Smith980DNC
19thMERLIN‑ROCKET3621Tris Squire 980DNC
19thSolo5769Ed Stephens 1143DNC
19thSolo5966Tim Law 1143DNC
19thSolo5755Graham Cranford Smith 1143DNC
19thSolo5955Jon Brock 1143DNC
19thLaser Radial209997Andrew Groves 1147DNC
19thLark2527Tim FellsBen Meek1070DNC

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