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Salcombe Yacht Club Winter Series - Race 1

by John Burn & Simon Dobson 1 Nov 2021 10:27 GMT 30 October 2021

Handicap Fleet (by John Burn)

The SYC Sailors were greeted with glorious conditions this Saturday to kick off the first race of the winter series.

The wind was blowing in from the west but with large shifts thrown in for good measure. Julian Hereward was the OOD and set a course of 1, 7, 1,3 for both fleets with the Handicap being the first away.

All the Sailors favoured the Portlemouth shore for their first visit of the day to BlackStone but it was team McLaren in the RS400 who rounded mark one first, closely followed by Tim Fells and Ben Meek in the Lark.

It was classic 'Salcombe sailing' through The Bag where there were plenty of losses, gains and place changing but the Sailors were treated to a nice blast up to Gerston and back.

The McLaren's emerged around Snapes Point in first position with a reasonable lead over the chasing pack. Olly Alexander in the Phantom had navigated this stretch of the course particularly well and hauled himself up into second place upon exiting The Bag, closely followed by Fells and Meek with Dan Bridger in the Aero 7.

Ross Borne and John Burn in the Merlin Rocket had a torrid time on the leg back from Gerston. Once back in the harbour it was the Merlin that favoured the conditions and quickly dispatched the fleet and caught team McLaren rounding Blackstone for the second time, neck and neck.

Borne and Burn were somehow the faster out of the pair downwind, building a lead and rounding Crossways in first place which they retained to take line honours.

On corrected time, it was Fells and Meek in the Lark who took first place with Andrew Groves in the Laser Radial taking second.

Groves sailed a solid race showing that handicap racing is all about the clock! Bridger took third despite going for a quick dip on the final downwind leg.

There was also a lot of 'Monkey Business' going on from James Greenhill and Charlie Evans who borrowed John Burn's National Twelve. A capsize before the start meant that their race was effectively over before it had even started.

Handicap Fleet Race 1 Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewPYR1
1stLark2527Tim FellsBen Meek10701
2ndLaser Radial209997Andrew Groves 11472
3rdRS AERO 71752Dan Bridger 10683
4thMerlin Rocket3682Ross BorneJohn Burn9804
5thPHANTOM1417Olly Alexander 10045
6thNATIONAL 123537Mike HoyleSian Hodges10646
7thLaser Radial200841Penny Guess 11477
8thrs 4001471John McLarenAnnie McLaren9428
9thRS AERO 72060Amy Cleaves 1068DNF
9thNATIONAL 123494James GreenhillCharlie Evans1064DNF
9thRS AERO 71517Clare Booth 1068OOD
9thRS AERO 71416Chris Booth 1068OOD
13thRS AERO 73024Geoffrey Cox 1068DNC
13thRS AERO 92607Paul Engleman 1019DNC
13thRS AERO 71505Tim Fells 1068DNC
13thMerlin Rocket3769Graham Cranford SmithFiona Cranford Smith980DNC
13thMerlin Rocket3725AJ SquireTris Squire980DNC
13thMerlin Rocket3726Will HendersonMary Henderson980DNC
13thMerlin Rocket3641Mark WaterhouseFran Gifford980DNC
13thrs 4001329Peter ColcloughPete Benett942DNC
13thRS AERO 71746Simon Ballantine 1068DNC
13thLark2157Will HendersonMandy Henderson1070DNC
13thLaser195867Tris Squire 1098DNC
13thMerlin Rocket3621Tris SquireShelia Squire980DNC
13thALBACORE8252Andrew SquireSheila Squire1040DNC
13thLaser Radial210001Henry Evans 1147DNC
13thLaser Radial156215Charlie Evans 1147DNC
13thLaser Radial213150Esther McLarty 1147DNC

Solo Fleet (by Simon Dobson)

With the breeze well in the west, those Solos that started in the middle of the line fared best despite the flood tide as they reached Mill Bay without having to tack.

Chris Cleaves, David Greening and Simon Dobson lead this group whilst Tim Law was one of those that suffered by starting too close to the beach. On the long run to Gerston the boats behind caught the leaders and a fair amount of place changing took place as the fleet navigated the Bag. Robin Hodges profited by sailing low near Halwell Woods to come through to second behind Greening at Gerston, followed by Dobson and Billy Jago.

Malcolm Mackley caused a stir by capsizing right at the mark with a few boats having to take drastic avoiding action. On the long beat against the tide back to Blackstone, Greening consolidated his lead, Dobson established himself in second whilst Law and Cleaves joined Hodges and Jago close behind.

The group closed up once again on the run to Crossways and with a final beat against the tide in a gusty and shifty westerly to come, it was still anyones race. Greening sailed a solid last leg to victory whilst Cleaves made the best of a large wind shift off Fishermens to come through to second with Law third, Dobson fourth, Jago fifth and Hodges sixth - these six all finishing within a minute after an hour and a half of close racing.

Solo Fleet Race 1 Results:

PosSail NoHelmR1
1st5792David Greening1
2nd5879Chris Cleaves2
3rd5966Tim Law3
4th5898Simon Dobson4
5th5951Billy Jago5
6th5096Robin Hodges6
7th5453Bruce Hattersley7
8th5601Simon Yates8
9th5220Andrew Borne9
10th4857Mike Hodges10
11th5876Gavin Stevens11
12th4940Geoff Allen12
13th5411Stuart Cartwright13
14th5088Tristan Squire14
15th5183Malcolm MackleyDNF
15th5313Jonathan ReynoldsOOD
17th5471Rob LangleyDNC
17th4813Chris TurnsDNC
17th5734Adrian GriffinDNC
17th5757Julian MeekDNC
17th5574Paul EllisDNC
17th5743Tim LawDNC
17th5303Andy SavellDNC
17th5107Martin HodgsonDNC
17th5744Ian McGregorDNC
17th5747Roger LumbyDNC
17th5364Mark WaterhouseDNC
17th5308Philip MageeDNC
17th2952Mark SanckenDNC
17th5749Mike HicksDNC
17th5021William WallDNC
17th5427Roger PopeDNC
17th4324Robert SmithDNC
17th5595Jon‑Paul BrockDNC
17th5543Jonty WhiteDNC
17th5769Ed StephensDNC
17th5755Graham Cranford SmithDNC
17th5955Jon BrockDNC

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