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West Country Boat Repairs RS200 SW Ugly Tour overall

by Pete Vincent 29 Oct 2021 15:31 BST
West Country Boat Repairs RS200 SW Ugly Tour - Ugly Mugs © West Country Boat Repairs

After a fantastic Tour of seven very varied events, the West Country Boat Repairs RS200 Ugly Tour came down to the closest possible finish at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club on October 23rd which drew an amazing fleet of 36 boats. Starting the final lap of the final race of the final event there were still 3 possible winners of the West Country Boat Repairs RS200 SW Ugly Tour.

Henry Hallam & Ashley Hill and Jon Teague & Naomi Pound were in top 5 in the race and both knew gain places on the final lap and they could overtake Tour leader Edd Whitehead. Henry & Ashley went round the final windward in 2nd place which would produce a 3 way tie for the Tour overall. Loose a place and they would slip to 3rd overall on the Tour. Of course this was not a problem for the St Mawes young guns who passed Chris Catt & Emma Norris on the final run to win the Chew Valley open by a point and with it the Ugly Tour by a point (Edd you can blame Chris Catt).

Chatting with Henry & Ashley afterwards we reflected that as 15 year olds their first RS200 open had been at a breezy Chew in 2018 when they had spent a fair amount of time swimming round their capsized boat. Non stop practice, learning quickly from supportive competitors on the Tour, going to as many events as a possible and a lot of talent has seen them steadily rise to the front.

The first event of the year at South Carney in a monsoon just after Covid restrictions were eased seems a long time ago now. Numbers on the Tour have really recovered well with 87 different boats competing with an average turnout of 21 boats per event. Qualifying means UGLY MUGS with the top 9 boats overall, the top 3 boats in both Silver and Bronze division winning the very sought after Ugly mugs, each mug has a unique face design.

Before the prize-giving I reflected on two very important features of this year's Ugly Tour.

  • The very high numbers of new junior/youth sailors racing with a really good number sailing a boat together and producing really decent results.

  • The other was the emergence of a very keen group of RS200 sailors in West Cornwall.

In recognition of this I presented Kyle Brown from Restronguet the richly deserved special merit prize for the person who has done the most to promote the Tour and RS200 sailing. Kyle is so keen and he does so much to get youngsters racing and getting them travelling to events. He also came up with the brilliant brain wave of turning the RS200 fleet racing as part of the Restronguet Asymmetric Open into the RS200 Cornish Nationals.

Just to emphasize these points, the overall winners in the Silver and Bronze Divisions were:

1st Sarah and David Green (Llandegfedd SC)
2nd Rose Hallam, age 16, Benjy Marsden, age 15 (St Mawes SC)
3rd Freya Brown, age 15, Grace O Halloran, age 15 (Restronguet SC)

1st John Harvey Sarah Maddison (Thornbury SC)
2nd Kyle Brown (ancient) Madeleine Strugnell (not ancient) (Restronguet SC)
3rd Amy Boyles, age 18, Rosin O Halloran, age 19 (St Mawes SC)

Proving yet again if the 420 and 29er are not the right route for good junior sailors then the RS200 is their natural home!

The West Country Boat Repairs RS200 SW Ugly Tour will be back in 2022 even better. Look out for the tour date announcement in November and come and join in the fun.

2021 West Country Boat Repairs RS200 SW Ugly Tour Overall Results:

PosFleetSail NoHelmCrewClubSouth CerneySt MawesBCYCLlandegfeddParkstoneExeCVLSCPts
1stGold1621Henry HallamAshley HillSt Mawes SC(DNC)1(14)(DNC)(33)326
2ndGold1562Edd WhiteheadNatasha Lister/Anna Horackova/Millie Alcock/Chris BakerParkstone/Filey(DNC)(DNC)(5)241(DNC)7
3rdGold1365John TeagueNaomi PoundBristol Corinthian YC2(DNC)(6)(4)(10)237
4thGold418Fred MainwaringLiz Mainwaring/Ellie GeareExe SC(4)3(7)3(DNC)4(10)10
5thGold861Duncan GlenLorna GlenParkstone YC(DNC)23(DNC)(12)(8)611
6thGold1019James WilliamSarah Tuppen/Anna MasonCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)25(DNC)5(DNC)12
7thGold846Jeremy StephensJames Stewart/Lloyd WilliamsPenzance SC(DNC)(DNC)4(DNC)(11)6515
8thGold1078Merrick StanleyVictoria UptonLlandegfedd SC/Exe SC(DNC)(8)(10)6(13)7417
9thGold1445Peter VincentVictoria Upton / Matty Hill / Anna Horackova / Charlotte Cotter / Cerys Morgan / Kirsten GlenLlandegfedd/BCYC369(DNC)(23)(10)(13)18
10thSilver1658John HarveySarah Maddison/Izzy CraigThornbury SC7(DNC)(17)7(22)12(22)26
11thSilver594Kyle BrownFreya Brown/Madeleine StrugnellRestronguet SC910(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)9(23)28
12thSilver1684Amy BoyleRoisin O'Halloran/Matthew HillSt Mawes SC(DNC)711(DNC)19(DNC)(DNC)37
13thBronze13Sarah GreenDavid GreenLlandegfedd(DNC)(DNC)199(DNC)13(DNC)41
14thSilver1452Alistair HodgsonElla SpainUpton Warren SC13(DNC)13(DNC)(26)(DNC)1541
15thBronze1080Rose HallamBenjy Marsden/Matthew HillSt Mawes SC(DNC)1518(DNC)(24)15(21)48
16thSilver967Graham FlynnDarcie/Scarlett FlynnChase SC(DNC)(DNC)20(DNC)2511(DNC)56
17thBronze322Freya BrownGrace O'HalloranRestronguet SC(DNC)16(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)172760
18thBronze1516Martyn StubbsYvonne SmithCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)23(DNC)30(DNC)3487
19thGold1615Chris CattEmma NorrisNetley(DNC)(DNC)1(DNC)(DNC)DNC191
20thGold629Rob HendersonMat CurrellLymington Town SC1(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)14(DNC)DNC104
21stSilver1466David SweetDerian Scott/Anna MasonCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)8(DNC)(DNC)DNC11108
22ndGold1145Nicholas SmithMax RossBristol Corinthian YC6(DNC)15(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC110
23rdGold1395Nigel BirdAndy BirdRYA(DNC)(DNC)12(DNC)18(DNC)DNC119
24thBronze977Paul PritchardClare HorackovaBCYC(DNC)(DNC)2210(DNC)(DNC)DNC121
25thBronze541Milly TregaskesTaryn BanksRestronguet SC(DNC)17(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC16122
26thBronze1443Charles RichardsonRowena JonesBCYC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC1824131
27thBronze1641Will RhodesChris ChorltonBCYC(DNC)(DNC)21(DNC)(DNC)DNC25135
28thBronze1586Anna CoxAngus BaileyExe SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC2230141
29thBronze461Charlotte CoxMartin Cox/Joe SchunkExe SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC2336148
30thGold985Flynn DaviesHolly DabsonBurnham Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)1DNCDNC179
31stGold1690Ryan BushChris BakerBristol Corinthian YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)1(DNC)DNCDNC179
32ndGold1647Richard EdwardsLila EdwardsParkstone Yacht Club(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)2DNCDNC180
33rdGold1215Murray HampshirePhoebe WarrenWCSS(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)3DNCDNC181
34thGold281Charlie EllseBennoRestronguet SC(DNC)4(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC182
35thGold1652Will StoreyKate AllamParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)5DNCDNC183
36thGold1617Alex CurtisRaffi GracieRSC/QMSC(DNC)5(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC183
37thGold1069Isaac MarshFresh AbendsternRDNBYC5(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC183
38thGold16Chris WebberNicola WebberPevensey Bay Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)6DNCDNC184
39thGold1308Mark OakeyJess SmithCardiff Bay(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC7185
40thGold1722Morgan PeachAmy SparksPoole Yacht Club(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)7DNCDNC185
41stGold960Nick MartindaleChristi BrasherCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC8186
42ndGold1603Ian MartinChris cattNetley(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)8DNCDNC186
43rdSilver1445David Jarrett Llandegfedd SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)8(DNC)DNCDNC186
44thBronze407Fran NealeRichard BurtonSouth Cerney SC8(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC186
45thGold1289Cliff MillimerBec MillimerCotswold SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC9187
46thGold920Oli AldridgePhoebe ConnellanParkstone/Middle Nene(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)9DNCDNC187
47thSilver386Daniel TregaskesPolly TregaskesRestronguet SC(DNC)9(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC187
48thBronze909Jack VincentBen McLaughlinSouth Cerney SC10(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC188
49thBronze1027Tom Willett Llandegfedd SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)11(DNC)DNCDNC189
50thBronze1066Campbell ManzoniAmy Sanderson (DNC)11(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC189
51stBronze1381Bill GribbleNicola BarettSouth Cerney SC11(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC189
52ndSilver379Nick SmithHannah Metcalfe‑ SmithThornbury(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC12190
53rdBronze586Alicia Biggs Llandegfedd SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)12(DNC)DNCDNC190
54thBronze1123Harry HouldingNicole AmesFowey Gallants(DNC)12(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC190
55thBronze1341Emilia HamptonMegan McMorrisSouth Cerney SC12(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC190
56thBronze719James DowrickAmelia LuckPorthpean/RFYC(DNC)13(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC191
57thSilver1468Rachel GraysonFelix AirasCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC14192
58thBronze486Chris CrookSophie CrookExe SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC14DNC192
59thBronze530Josh KendleJosh LewisSt Mawes SC(DNC)14(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC192
60thSilver1665Peter LorettoLucy WiseParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)15DNCDNC193
61stBronze787Nathan MuggeridgeLeo MuggeridgeWimbleball(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC16DNC194
62ndSilver1635Andrew BarnettCaitlin BarnettIsland Barn RSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)16DNCDNC194
63rdBronze1295Julie HarrisonTim ChandlerBCYC(DNC)(DNC)16(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC194
64thBronze914Reuben WoodbridgeJo WoodbridgeCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC17195
65thSilver1679Dave PointerJan PointerParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)17DNCDNC195
66thSilver1383Oliver Cage‑WhiteEmily Wingfield DigbyBroadstairs(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC18196
67thSilver1122Ioan LaveryClare AllenCBYC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC19197
68thBronze817Sophie RavenAshton GentExe SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC19DNC197
69thBronze1233John SpelmanPhil BrookCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC20198
70thBronze1478Ben TeagueJasmine BooteAbersoch/WPNSA(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC20DNC198
71stGold1611Niki BirrellToby LewisParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)20DNCDNC198
72ndBronze1631Felix GibbonsOscar GibbonsExe SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC21DNC199
73rdSilver1585Tony WilkinsonKirsten GlenParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)21DNCDNC199
74thBronze473Nuala SellwoodEmma SellwoodRestronguet(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC26204
75thSilver1691James ShrivesSamuel ShrivesRNSA(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)27DNCDNC205
76thBronze209Chris WilliamsKathy WilliamsSouth Cerney(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC28206
77thBronze983Shaun RobsonMarie SmithParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)28DNCDNC206
78thBronze1364Joe StansfieldAlex StansfieldCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC29207
79thSilver1030Robin PhippsAndrew SmithParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)29DNCDNC207
80thBronze575Charlie HalliwellToby HalliwellCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC31209
81stBronze1685Roger StoreyPhil BrookParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)31DNCDNC209
82ndBronze695Rob MillsJerome CarsonCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC32210
83rdSilver952Paul RobsonRick LindsleyReading SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)32DNCDNC210
84thBronze832Pete AlveyMark EylesCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC33211
85thBronze1476David JohnsonAmeliaCVLSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC35213

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