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IOM Ranking Series Rounds 5 & 6 at Two Islands Radio Yacht Club

by Graham Elliott 26 Oct 2021 05:36 BST 23-24 October 2021
IOM Ranking Series Rounds 5 & 6 at Two Island RYC © Sue Brown

The final two rounds of the IOM ranking series were hosted by the Two Islands club located at Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes.

The 42 skippers were greeted by club commodore Keith Coxon who then handed over to our PRO for the day, Darin Ballington, Rob Owen and his assistant Imogen were our umpires/judges for the weekend but luckily there were no show stopping protests over the weekend.

Sailing commenced at 9.45 with the two seeding races before the fleet sailing, the two seeding races were won by Martin Roberts and Rob Walsh. The wind was quite light to start with but built as the day went on with plenty of shifts and gusts for the skippers to navigate. It was Rob Walsh that sailed an exceptional day taking six wins from eight races sailing his BritPOP! design, a distant second was Chris Harris with Graham Elliott rounding of the podium positions.

In the evening a surprise 70th Birthday get together was organised for the MYA President Derek Priestley which was a great chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Sunday, the final ranking race for 2021 and with a change of PRO, it was Chris Harris who would take charge for the day, he also kindly chartered his yacht to Vernon Appleton for the day. The wind was pretty much from the same direction as the previous day but an awful lot stronger with some fantastic gusts that saw some nose diving and even the odd B rig appear and then disappear as there were still some big holes around the windward marks, the sun also came into play for the day, low in the sky and straight in the skippers eyes at times.

The two seeding races were again won by Martin Roberts and Rob Walsh but Rob was not going to be as dominant as he was the day before with 5 skippers all up there going into the final 2 races of the day, in the end it was Graham Elliott sailing his BritPOP! who took the day from Rob with John Tushingham sailing his Mark Dicks designed Vision rounding of the podium places. Mention must go to James Hadden sailing his very well sorted home built 'Alternative' design of which the plans are available to buy from BG Sails and Design who came 5th on countback.

Many thanks must go to the Two Islands club for a very well organised race and all the volunteers that made the weekend a complete success.

The 2022 season kicks off with the National Championships at Castle Semple just outside Glasgow at the end of April, this is always one of the best races and a warm Scottish welcome is guaranteed.

Round 5 Results:

PosSkipperSail NoClub/CityHullR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1Rob Walsh25Fleetwood MY&PBCBritpop!111418116
2Chris Harris21Windrush RYCBritpop384121312220
3Graham Elliott09Birkenhead RS&PCBritpop!9552449323
4Graham Bantock95Chelmsford RYCakziom54217664627
5Gavin Watson44West Cornwall RSCVenti476672252335
6Craig Richards112Windrush RYC??793816721736
7Tony Edwards75Yeovil DMBCBritpop21319331181239
8Martin Roberts22Birkenhead RS&PCanila13181017571440
9John Tushingham51Keighley & District MES LtdVision3228129143944
10Nigel Brown55Gosport MYBCSedici4151115121016759
11Brian Summers07Tayside RYCBuzz III2201021131171861
12Robert Wilson97Lincoln Radio Sailing ClubBritpop1434302614211471
13David Allinson04Chipstead Sailing Club Radio SailingBritpop11613112030281071
14Derek Priestley67Fleetwood MY&PBCDead Reckoning1312714821301973
15James Hadden88Gosport MYBCAlternative12111519261561574
16Nick Martin01Woodspring MSCBritpop!617232259202579
17Josh King26Windrush RYCPop!6102225353192181
18Austin Guerrier06Datchet Water Radio Sailing ClubV1020351671516141381
19Tim Long99Abersoch RYCVision81617131123251681
20Vernon Appleton73Chipstead Sailing Club Radio SailingBritpop1529161825434385
21Nigel Barrow29Frensham Pond Radio Sailing GroupBritpop7213428311210886
22John Sharman61Keighley & District MES LtdVision8182441241818591
23Bob Conner14Woodspring MSCBritpop1627312510172311102
24Roy Stevens54Scarborough MYCBritpop104314522322926106
25Chris Chatfield80Fleetwood MY&PBCSedici52428921292629113
26David Adam36Three Rivers RYCBritpop1114202933203824118
27Gordon Bayliff169Fleetwood MY&PBCVickers V91525291819312235128
28Peter Baldwin63Birkenhead RS&PCLintel MMX1036372729271522130
29Dave Green27Two Islands RYCEllipsis1330253534331320134
30John Taylor28Fleetwood MY&PBCSushi (P)1419213228262727134
31Simon Pope19Leicestershire RYCBritpop923383030252130138
32Shaun Priestley127Fleetwood MY&PBCBritpop1226122525434343143
33David Lindsay68Hampton Court MYCSedici1638322023353443160
34John Cleave00Ryde MYCK21928263637392431164
35Jonh Smith43Manor Park Sailing ClubBritpop1733393332193233166
36James La Roche57Coalhouse Fort RYCBritpop2137273440283134175
37Damian Ackroyd101Keighley & District MES LtdMaiden1839353138383728187
38Mike Evans17Gosport MYBCLintel MMX1940404027343636192
39Anthony Marshall74Hove Lagoon MYCK21832433936363337192
40Peter Cropper168West Cornwall RSCV101729333743433543194
41Tracy Ballington49Manor Park Sailing ClubBritpop!2031363839373932194
42Tony Guerrier50Three Rivers RYCV112243434343434343237

Round 6 Results:

PosSkipperSail NoClub/CityHullR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Pts
1Graham Elliott09Birkenhead RS&PCBritpop!211617221418
2Rob Walsh25Fleetwood MY&PBCBritpop!1144228315222
3John Tushingham51Keighley & District MES LtdVision415148952125
4Gavin Watson44West Cornwall RSCVenti310317112461741
5James Hadden88Gosport MYBCAlternative67731231931441
6Craig Richards112Windrush RYCVanila83823413225344
7Peter Baldwin63Birkenhead RS&PCLintel MMX520111055417747
8Graham Bantock95Chelmsford RYCakziom391271671102249
9Darin Ballington98Manor Park Sailing ClubBritpop!2135143101818956
10Martin Roberts22Birkenhead RS&PCVanila1522125331341258
11Shaun Priestley127Fleetwood MY&PBCBritpop542031151797562
12Tony Guerrier50Three Rivers RYCV114211981115691063
13Brian Summers07Tayside RYCBuzz III762161347223564
14David Allinson04Chipstead Sailing Club Radio SailingBritpop12341513661181369
15Tony Edwards75Yeovil DMBCBritpop141181931161211678
16Bob Conner14Woodspring MSCBritpop81726914118141881
17Tim Long99Abersoch RYCVision108911172416192190
18Austin Guerrier06Datchet Water Radio Sailing ClubV1013191016212217121198
19John Cleave00Ryde MYCK211232335331810168109
20Derek Priestley67Fleetwood MY&PBCDead Reckoning91616121823262715109
21Nigel Brown55Gosport MYBCSedici9182527912142329110
22Chris Chatfield80Fleetwood MY&PBCSedici123113203814152120115
23Nigel Barrow29Frensham Pond Radio Sailing GroupBritpop621752034383837121
24Vernon Appleton21Chipstead Sailing Club Radio SailingBritpop161222182727342916138
25John Sharman61Keighley & District MES LtdVision162424331019242531142
26David Adam36Three Rivers RYCBritpop152732242631271323155
27Dorian Crease79Two Islands RYCCheinze102831252425202825157
28James La Roche57Coalhouse Fort RYCBritpop143214151935353334161
29David Lindsay68Hampton Court MYCSedici172629232326282027162
30Roy Stevens54Scarborough MYCBritpop132530293032252424170
31Anthony Marshall74Hove Lagoon MYCK2113333342329312628181
32Peter Cropper168West Cornwall RSCV10203834282821213233183
33Damian Ackroyd28Keighley & District MES LtdMaiden152938323420293032187
34Tracy Ballington49Manor Park Sailing ClubBritpop!193035302928323526194
35Mike Evans17Gosport MYBCLintel MMX183828263230333430197
36John Taylor101Fleetwood MY&PBCSushi (P)203827373838303119202
37Josh King26Windrush RYCPop!72338393838383836218
38John Smith43Manor Park Sailing ClubBritpop203939393939393939254

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