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Mantus M1 2.5lbs (1.13kg) Stainless Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit

Mantus M1 2.5lbs (1.13kg) Stainless Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit

The Mantus M1 Stainless-Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit has incredible setting ability in all seabed types and easily outperforms its competitors, when tested, our anchors set faster and deeper than any other anchor, including Rocna, Manson Supreme, Bulwagga, Fortress, Bruce, CQR and Danforth anchors. Watch the test video here.

The Mantus M1 dinghy anchor sets perfectly every time, the roll bar delivers the anchor at the optimum penetration angle and the sharp-headed nose is precision machined to achieve the ideal chisel shape to achieve maximum penetrating power. The M1 will remain stable and buried once in position and will not ‘roll out’ if reversed or veered.

The anchor is a modular design manufactured and formed from the highest quality 316L stainless-steel which is hardened by ‘shot peening’ and then electro-polished to provide maximum corrosion resistance. The innovative design allows them to be quickly and easily assembled and broken down for storage and requires no bolts, a simple spring-loaded pin locks the shank in place and the roll bar stretches to snap in position securely.

The anchor weighs 2.5lbs (1.13kg) and is suitable for boats up to 20 feet in length and weighing less than 1.36 tonnes and comes complete with bag, 50ft of 5/16 Double braid line & stainless-steel thimble, 1/4 Stainless steel shackle and nose cover.

Mantus simply offer the best boat anchors available, for every requirement whether a long-range cruiser, racing yachtsmen, or daysailer.