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First ever EFPT Awards coming up on the 21st of December!

by EFPT 4 Oct 2021 10:18 BST
EFPT Awards 2021 © EFPT

Last week we announced the first ever EFPT Awards. As the clock is ticking it is now time for the finer details of the show! How is it all going to work, what is the judging process and what is the exact schedule? Read on to find out all the ins and outs as we gear up to close the 2021 season with a bang!

Who Can Enter

You can. Anyone can. The competition is open to every windsurfer as long as the submission is freestyle, a freestyler or simply stylish!


14th November: Submissions close for the All Time Best Trick category in the Men's and Women's divisions.

31st November: Submissions close for all other categories. See the breakdown below for all the categories.

1st December: The online voting begins for the All Time Best Trick. This is where you get to cast your vote for who you think stuck the most crazy, wild move of all time.

14th December: The online voting finishes for the Best Trick. Meanwhile the EFPT team will vote on the winners of the other categories.

21st December @ 20:00 GMT+2: EFPT Awards Night. A live show from the EFPT announcing and awarding the best of moments, performances and video parts from all time within the sport of freestyle windsurfing. The show will include the awarding of our European Champions in all categories, reactions as they receive their trophies, interviews and much more. It will be a truly global show with exclusive content featuring; a recap on the EFPT in 2021, exclusive video parts and much more. We'll wrap up the evening with a look ahead at the provisional calendar for 2022 and plenty of exciting announcements.


The vote for the Best Trick in the men and women will consist of three equal parts:

  • Public vote: The voting will take place on our Instagram stories, where heats will be drawn up, the match ups will go face to face until the best move makes its way to the top
  • Judge panel: A panel of 3 of our best judges will vote on what they think is the best move
  • EFPT management vote: A panel consisting of the EFPT Press officer, Tour manager and CEO.

In all other categories the judging will consist of three equal, but slightly different, parts as well:

  • Judge Panel: A panel of 3 of our best judges will vote on all the categories.
  • EFPT Head Judge and Tour Manager Danny Kater
  • EFPT CEO Adam Sims

How to Enter

So how do you take part? It's simple. Submit your video part, your move, or even just your inclusion as a rider within a video. If it fits the category or even more than one category then submit it for each and everyone. All we need is a link to where we can download it to include it within our final show.

Enter the EFPT Awards here.

Make sure to submit enough information so we can contact you or the nominated winners afterwards. Please also try to submit the highest possible video quality. Winners will be announced on the EFPT Awards Night. Prizes will be sent out the following day.


  • Best Trick (men) - €500: The single best move that will be voted for in the build up to our main EFPT Awards show. You may submit any move from any year, please submit the location and date of the move, plus move name and rider name. The move may be done on any type of windsurfing equipment.
  • Best Trick (women) - €500: The single best move that will be voted for in the build up to our main EFPT Awards show. You may submit any move from any year, please submit the location and date of the move, plus move name and rider name. The move may be done on any type of windsurf equipment.
  • Best New Move - €500: This category is for any new move within the past competition year. Submissions for this category will only be accepted for the year 2020 and 2021 combined. The move may be done on any type of windsurf gear.
  • Best Combo - €500: The best combo move, meaning a minimum of two moves completed as one continuous manoeuvre. This can be an existing combo move or a new combo move from any year.
  • Most Improved Rider - €500: This will be awarded to a rider who has shown the most progression in the past year. A rider who has shot through the ranks or shown huge potential both at and away from events.
  • Stylemaster of the Year - €500: Style matters. This award is for the most stylish rider or the most stylish move or moment the EFPT has witnessed. You may nominate yourself or another person for this award. Please email us the rider, some examples or the move or moment of pure style that you feel deserves this award.
  • Best Video Part (as rider) - €1000: This is for the best video or part of video, or a riders feature within a video. We will assess how progressive their approach to freestyle is, the locations and the post video Stoke factor we are left with. This award is for the rider only.
  • Best Freestyle Windsurf Edit (as Producer) - €1000: This is for the most well produced/shot freestyle windsurfing video. The one that leaves us mind blown with impressive imagery, shots and locations. Submit your video links to us with the name of the producer and riders. This award is for the Producer and their efforts and contribution to freestyle windsurfing.

Final Note

We wish you all good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries. Remember to send the highest quality possible and check out the terms and conditions below:

Terms & Conditions

  • The EFPT's result will be final. We are sure there will be some really close calls between the best moments in the history of our sport, but in the end there must be one winner. Please respect that decision and join us in celebrating the incredible achievements we will be crowning.
  • Anybody may enter, including EFPT staff, event organisers and their staff, so long as they are not within the final judging panel for the EFPT Awards. The EFPT stands for impartiality and shows this at every event, we stand by the unbiased opinions of our judges.
  • Please do not re-submit the same move in the same category, only one submission per category will be accepted. You may submit the same move across differing categories.
  • The EFPT shall not be held liable for using and repurposing the media it has been sent for inclusion within the EFPT Awards and the EFPT Awards Night show and all media and PR campaigns in the build up to, and after, this time. Copyright responsibility and clearance for the usage of the footage relies on the person/s submitting that footage.
  • The EFPT shall not be held liable for any tax or VAT claims or reimbursements on any monetary or material prizes being awarded. The winners will have sole responsibility on tax/VAT reclaims on their winnings.

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