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Harken Electric Winch Range explained by

by Kerri Robson 29 Jul 18:00 BST
Harken Electric Winch Range Explained © Marjolein Rueter / Harken

Harken have long been a popular choice for winches due to their quality, with their winches aboard everything from the smallest sportsboats to the largest mega yachts.

When it comes to electric winches, Harken have an excellent range for both cruisers and racers with varying features to choose from, including 1, 2, and 3 speeds, horizontal, vertical and compact motor configurations, 'shaped grip' or 'sandblasted grip' and a rewind feature.

This article will take a look at what distinguishes each range from the other.

Harken Radial

Harken Radial electric winches have successfully balanced the need for a secure grip and line longevity with smooth, controlled easing while under load. The 'shaped grip' drum surface features diagonal ribs (rather than textured abrasive materials) to maximise gripping power and greatly reduce line wear.

To trim the sail, simply push the button to engage the energy-efficient motor. The Harken Radial is available with either 2 speeds or 3 speeds. When operating a 2 speed winch, use the first gear for fast trimming and the second gear for fine-tuning loaded sheets.

Whilst other electric winches on the market utilise pressure-sensitive buttons to achieve varying speeds, each winch speed on the Harken Radial requires its own button. Harken offer the choice of single 'analog switches' (simple, waterproof switches) or a 'digital system switch', which has two control buttons housed together.

The Radial is available with a vertical or horizontal motor placement. This choice depends on your underdeck configuration and the space available. Due to the Radial's off-centre motor, when choosing a horizontal configuration you must additionally choose to have the motor mounted on the left or right. The orientation (left/right) is important as the winch is designed to be loaded on a specific side, so they cannot simply be swivelled by 180 degrees.

The Harken Radial is available in a wide colour selection - black aluminium, chrome, all-chrome, chrome-white and bronze. Choose aluminium for a lightweight winch with plenty of power, or chrome for a highly-polished elegant finish.

Available Sizes (12V or 24V):
2 Speed: 35*, 40*, 46, 50, 60, 70, 80
3 Speed: 60, 70, 80
*Not available in a vertical configuration.

Harken Rewind Radial

The Rewind Radial self-tailing 2-speed electric winch aims to make things easier for cruisers by safely easing and trimming highly-loaded sails in both directions without ever taking the line out of the self-tailer.

Just like the Radial, the Rewind Radial operates with a push of a button. To turn on the rewind feature, simply flip the red button on the winch base. A spring-loaded arm keeps the line captive as it feeds in and out of the self-tailer as the sail is adjusted.

The Rewind Radial is available in black aluminium, chrome, all-chrome, chrome-white and bronze and is only available in a horizontal configuration.

Available Sizes (12V or 24V):
2 Speed: 40, 46, 60

Harken Uni-Power

The Uni-Power is a single-speed self-tailing electric winch. What makes it unique is that the motor is partially embedded inside the drum, so that it extends only 105 mm below the winch base - a critical space-saving feature for small boats where room under the cabin top is limited.

Available in black aluminium, chrome, all-chrome, chrome-white and bronze.

Available Sizes (12V or 24V):
1 Speed: 900kg Max Pulling Load

Harken Performa Racing

Harken Performa Racing electric winches combine the high-efficiency of the Radial line with the 'sandblasted grip' of Harken carbon-fiber racing winches for powerful hybrids. The sandblasted grip provides an abrasive surface which will ultimately have a negative effect on line longevity, but provides the sharp grip required on the racing circuit.

Optimised with narrow jaws for gripping the high-tech, high-strength lines used on sportboats and performance racers, Performa winches are a great solution for crew who don't wish to invest in carbon winches or who need racing winches in smaller sizes.

Available in a horizontal or vertical motor configuration, in black aluminium only.

Available Sizes (12V or 24V):
2 Speed: 40*, 46, 50, 60, 70, 80
3 Speed: 60, 70, 80
*Not available in a vertical configuration.

If you have any questions about Harken Electric Winches or need help choosing the right winch, then please do not hesitate to contact or get more detailed information on Harken Electric Winches.

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