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Clipper Race crew perspective: "It is supposed to make me uncomfortable!"

by Clipper Round the World Race 10 Jan 08:05 GMT
Queenie Wang hadn't sailed before signing up to the Clipper Race © Clipper Race

Race Crew: Queenie Wang
Team: Seattle
Leg 4: The Australian Coast-To-Coast
Day 13: 03/01/20

As someone who had never sailed before the four weeks training, I cannot believe that I have been on the ocean as part of the crew for 13 days already!

Difficult? Of course! The constantly tilted surface while walking and doing our daily job, the small living space with no real privacy, the broken sleep due to the watch system and constant noise... the list goes on.

Eventful? Definitely! The (almost) panicking victualling experience, the first 24 hours seasickness, water tank, Christmas video shooting, midnight spinnaker saving... more than expected.

Self-questioning? Constantly! I have been asking myself why I was sitting on the deck and cold and wet while I could be somewhere else warm and cozy, why I have exchanged my lover's cuddles and kisses with greetings from 15 strangers during Christmas and New Year, I wonder if I have been way too arrogant and ignorant to think that I could pull this off... almost daily.

But would I really change anything if I have a chance? Possibly not. This off-the-grid adventure is supposed to give me time to reflect on my life, to switch off my brain and speak to my heart, to test my limit... It is supposed to make me uncomfortable!

At the end of the day, I could at least say that I have tried.

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