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Clipper 70

Clipper 70

Show news Wendy Tuck - Breaking records and barriers
The first female Skipper to win a round the world yacht race
Posted on 1 Aug
Meet the Clipper Race crew: Abdelhamid Abouyoussef
Founding the answer to a long unanswered question
Posted on 26 Jul
Reflections on the final ocean crossing
The final leg of the Clipper Race comes with tremendous highs but also lows
Posted on 25 Jul
Zhuhai Ambassador Crew reflects
One year on from completing Clipper Race training
Posted on 23 Jul
Meet Qingdao ambassador Zhang Shan
Shan joined her team in the Whitsundays, to race over 5,000nm
Posted on 18 Jul
Beyond the Race - Where are they now?
What happens to the Clipper Race crew when their adventure comes to an end?
Posted on 16 Jul
Clipper Race Double Act: Family connections
Forging incredible bonds between complete strangers from all different walks of life
Posted on 12 Jul
Two decades of environmental protection
Marina de Portimão has achieved 20 consecutive years of Blue Flag recognition
Posted on 4 Jul
Meet the Clipper Race crew: Terri Fisher
In just four days Terri went from Clipper Race fan to Clipper Race Crew
Posted on 28 Jun
A sneak preview of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
What the future Host Port Partner has in store for when the Clipper Race visits
Posted on 27 Jun
Anything but plain sailing through the Caribbean
The race from Panama through the Caribbean Sea is a far stretch from a holiday on the relaxed paced
Posted on 21 Jun
A message from Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez
Continuing to do a fantastic job of looking after the Clipper fleet in Subic Bay
Posted on 13 Jun
Tropical Squall: Pot of trouble or welcome relief?
Temperatures can soar as the route sees crew racing through the tropics
Posted on 7 Jun
Clipper Round the World Race: A look back
Bill Lyons circumnavigated the world in the Clipper 2017-18 Race - today she reflects on her blog.
Posted on 6 Jun
Experience an engineering marvel: The Panama Canal
Passage through the Panama Canal is a bucket list highlight
Posted on 30 May
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Sailing Legend
Feature-length sailing documentary film chronicling the extraordinary man
Posted on 17 May
Earth Day: A spotlight on sustainable practices
Clipper Race aims to create a greater link between communities and the ocean
Posted on 26 Apr
Interview with Ollie Phillips
Clipper Veteran and ex-England Rugby Captain
Posted on 19 Apr
Insights from Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
A person who chose extreme isolation
Posted on 17 Apr
Racing into a Force 12 storm - Video
Wind consistently above 70kts, 10+ meter waves, the South Atlantic put on a great show
Posted on 15 Apr
Unicef: A time to stand together
A variety of helpful resources created by Clipper Race Charity Partner
Posted on 9 Apr
The unstoppable journey - 2021
The Clipper 2019-20 Race will resume in early 2021
Posted on 4 Apr
The WTC Logistics Tri-Race Ocean Sprint results
The heat was turned up for Race 9
Posted on 22 Mar
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston Interview
Following the Clipper 2019-20 Race Suspension
Posted on 20 Mar
Update from Clipper Race Organising Committee
Quarantine on crew in Subic Bay has now been lifted
Posted on 18 Mar
Clipper Round the World Yacht Race postponed
The 2019-20 race has been postponed with immediate effect
Posted on 17 Mar
The Clipper Race Leg 6 - Race updates
Clipper Race fleet arrived into Subic Bay
Posted on 17 Mar
Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam tops Race 9 podium
As Clipper Race 9: WTC Logistics Tri-Race concludes
Posted on 15 Mar
The Clipper Race Leg 6 - Race 9, Day 4
Tension is high amongst front runners as they close in on the finish line
Posted on 14 Mar
The Clipper Race Leg 6 - Race 9, Day 3
Patience is being tested by wind holes plaguing progress
Posted on 13 Mar


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    Sanya Serenity Coast crew
    © Clipper Race
    Wendy Tuck made the history books when she became the first female skipper to win a round the world yacht race
    © Clipper Race
    Sanya Serenity Coast
    © onEdition
    Wendy and Nikki Race Finish Liverpool
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Round the World Race 2 Day 91
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race Crew: Abdelhamid Abouyoussef
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race Seattle crew
    © Bruce Sutherland
    Clipper Round the World Race
    © Bruce Sutherland
    Clipper Round the World Race
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Round the World Race
    © Clipper Race
    Colin (top row, centre) celebrates arriving into Derry-Lononderry after crossing the Atlantic Ocean
    © Clipper Race
    Simon (bottom row, centre) celebrates with his team mates at the Clipper 2015-16 Race Finish in London
    © Clipper Race
    Wave crashing over the bow of a Clipper 70
    © Clipper Race
    Roseann on arrival into Derry-Londonderry
    © Martin McKeown
    Life on board: Cooking in the galley, whilst the yacht is heeling
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race Training
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race Training
    © Clipper Race
    Zhuhai Ambassadors after they were selected
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race crew on training
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race crew Zhang Shan
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race crew Zhang Shan tailing a staysail sheet
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race crew on training
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race crew Zhang Shan
    © Clipper Race
    Zhang Shan at the helm of Qingdao being coached by Race Skipper Chris Brooks
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race Team Qingdao
    © Brooke Miles Photography
    Clipper Race crew Michael Jones
    © Clipper Race
    Clipper Race crew Fiona Robertson
    © Clipper Race
    Lebalang (centre) with her fellow ambassadors at the celebration event in Cape Town
    © Bruce Sutherland
    Sapinda Rainbow Foundation Chariman, Dirk van Daele and ambassador Lebalang Molobele
    © Zinyange Auntony
    Lebalang Molobele being welcomed in London by fellow South African Sapinda Rainbow Project Ambassadors
    © Clipper Race