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Barcolana52, the completion for registrations closes at midnight

by Barcolana 3 Oct 2020 21:29 BST 3-11 October 2020
Inauguration of the Plastic Ocene Exhibit © Barcolana

Registrations for the Barcolana close at midnight today, Saturday, October 3rd. At 6 pm, the number of teams that have fully completed their registrations, entering all the data necessary to be among the participants, was 1420, but the Barcolana call center is still moving at full speed, and the final data will be available tomorrow.

At Sea - The day began with the arrival of the expected disturbance due to the Scirocco winds and subsequent waves: only the wild crews of the Melges 24 Class were at sea today participating in Act 4 of the European circuit, excited by the challenges the weather, which is not typical for Trieste, provided. The racing committee managed to hold a race in 25 knots of wind which provided long glides across the water. After 5 total races, Peter Karrie of Germany on Nefeli is in first overall, taking a third place victory today, while Louis Tarabochia on White room is second overall, and in first place of the Corinthian benefiting from the cancellation of a race. Third place overall for the Svbg team consisting of Diego and Michele Paoletti, Giovanna Micol, Pietro Perelli and Giulia Pignolo: "Strambapapà" which finished fourth today and is tied in points for second place overall. As for Barcolana Young, after the cancellation due to the weather, the organizers announced that the registration fees of the cancelled regatta will be donated to charity and in particular assigned to the ASUGI of Trieste for scientific research, screening and health promotion activities for the management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

e-Sailing: Genova - Trieste Regatta 2020 - While the regattas at sea have been cancelled due to strong winds, within the digital Genoa-Trieste Regatta 2020 you'll still be able to sail with great intensity. The members - including those who chose to join late but still compete in an exceptional regatta - have now exceeded 19,300 participants: more than 20% of e-sailors from all over the world are engaged in this regatta that combines the Genoa Boat Show and the Barcolana of Trieste, promoting Italy as an exceptional arena for offshore trials. In the morning, the fleet made the main tactical choice of the regatta: to pass through the Strait of Messina (a logical but complicated choice for such a numerous fleet). More than 16 thousand sailors are continuing their virtual race around Italy and after 48 hours of competition an Italian boat has moved into the top 10 and is challenging for the lead.

Cost (ITA) is less than one nautical mile from the leading boat as the top ten sail along the southern Calabrian coast. The leading three boats are French with M63-EZ just out in front. It has been a tricky 12 hours with the fleet all choosing to navigate past the Aeolian Islands and through the challenging Straits of Messina. Barcolana's social network broadcasts 'The BIG Update' show nightly at 21:00 CET with interviews and analysis of the day's racing.

e-Sailing/ Training for the Barcolana E-Sailing Cup - Training has begun today for of the second edition of the Barcolana e-sailing CUP: hundreds of fans of virtual sailing have started to familiarize themselves with the Gulf of Trieste reproduced in a virtual environment, and especially with the e-Barcolana50, the wooden hull of Adriatic tradition that is the protagonist of the virtual regattas of Barcolana. Training will continue tomorrow, in anticipation of the start of the qualifiers scheduled for Monday, October 5. Participating in the Barcolana e-sailing Cup is now a virtual experience that transports the racers into the spirit, the location and logistics of the real Barcolana, and allows them to live a new experience connected to Barcolana even from afar. Thousands of players are expected to participate in the name of Barcolana, in addition because the Virtual-Regatta format has greatly increased its popularity and audience around the world during the long lockdown period, during which, in many countries, it has not been possible to sail for many months, apart from virtually.

Barcolana Fun Siram Veolia: Learn to Fly on the Water with Champions! - Registrations are open, at this link (, for Barcolana Fun Siram Veolia: the event allows anyone, free of charge, to discover the new frontier of sailing: Foiling. From Wednesday 7 to Saturday, October 10 it will be possible to participate in free outings on board the Persico 69F, with experts in the field and safely see the 69F up close. This is a unique opportunity to experience the boats that will compete in the next edition of the America's Cup. The event is organized thanks to Siram Veolia: for more information read the press release.

On Land/ Inauguration of the Plastic Ocene Exhibit - This morning, the inauguration of the "Plastic-Ocene" exhibit took place at the Central hydrodynamic plant in the Old Port of Trieste. An event connected to Barcolana in partnership with WWF, that Barcolana chose once again to include in its calendar this year with the aim of focusing on the theme of plastic and the risks it poses to the sea. "Thanks to WWF for teaming up with us" - said SVBG President Mitja Gialuz - "this exhibit allows us to continue the theme that has been central to our message for three years: finding a solution to the problem of plastic pollution at sea. In these three years, progress has been made in raising awareness, but there is still much to be done, and Barcolana continues to engage in this area, working on raising awareness and promoting rules that promote a circular economy in both the maritime and sailing sectors in particular".

"Plastic-Ocene. The Anthropization of the Sea" is a traveling exhibit, curated by Elisabetta Milan, artist and snorkeling guide of the WWF AMP in Miramare. Visiting hours are from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 6.30pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 6pm.

Thanks to several large scenic installations, made with disposable plastics and plastic collected on our beaches, accompanied by information panels, the exhibit "Plastic-Ocene" invites visitors to reflect on the negative impact of plastic on the sea. The inauguration was attended by the regional councilor for the environment Fabio Scoccimarro, who also presented a further initiative originally planned for the afternoon that was then postponed due to weather to October 17: the cleaning of the seabed of the Canal of Ponterosso, that is part of the wider campaign of cleaning the seabed carried out by the Region and entitled "aMare FVG".

Featured among the beautiful installations on display, and what has already become the symbol of the exhibition, is the "alien" jellyfish: it represents the risk of an increasingly gelatinous sea, which could become our future if the tendency towards pollution and unbridled consumption of plastics is not reversed and new guidelines about proper recovery and reuse are not enforced.

On Land / Window Display Competition - About sixty stores in Trieste have joined the Window Display Competition organized by Barcolana and Confcommercio, a way to involve the whole city in the Barcolana. The Barcolana-themed showcases, with blue as the dominant color, will remain on display until October 11. A mixed jury - made up of the general public and experts - will be called upon to choose the best display of them all!

On Land / Treasure Hunt - Ten teams participated today in the big treasure hunt organized by Fipe and Barcolana in collaboration with the following organizations: the Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment-Arpa FVG, AcegasApsAmga, Trieste Transport, Tenute Stefano Farina, Cooperativa Sole, Generali Italia-Agenzia Trieste Protti, Trattoria Da Giovanni. The theme of the treasure hunt created by Diego Manna, was that of water, and the itinerary included little-known places throughout the city that were reachable by bus or bicycle. Teams had to solve ten complicated riddles.

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