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1852 boats take part in the 42nd Barcolana

by Ufficio stampa barcolana 11 Oct 2010 09:44 BST 10 October 2010
1852 boats at the start for the 42nd Barcolana © emme&emme

Esimit Europe 2 wins in a new record time

The winning combination 10-10-10 at 10 comes true on the race course

A wonderful Barcolana. Sparkling sunshine, gentle Bora, 1852 boats, great champions, forecast winners, unexpected events and the traditional spirit. Unique and exciting, in terms of quantity, quality and sailing skills. And this does not only hold true for the most awaited protagonists: Marks were rounded by 100 boats very close one another, a situation in which skill and sailing experience are fundamental. The Barcolana sailors did an excellent job.

From a technical standpoint, it was a Barcolana in three chapters:

  1. The race of the expected winner, Esimit Europa 2, who sailed at her best, avoided all risks and aimed at setting a new record. The Dream team of Flavio Favini, with excellent choice of Alberto Bolzan at the helm, did not make a single mistake. From a perfect start half way on the start line, to the choice of sails avoiding the use of spinnaker which would have taken the boat off the course at the first mark (a mistake many made, betrayed by the feeling of going faster) The speed of the boat did all the rest: Reichel-Pugh design boat literally flew on the water at a speed which could hardly be kept by a good rubbery dinghy. Also the last leg between Miramare land the finish line was favourable: Esimit Europa 2 did it in a flash without tacking, while many boats behind had to tack several times. A great party and hugs on board and huge satisfaction for Igor Simcic, a brave boat owner able to make excellent choices, conquers a line honour at the Barcolana after many category wins . The record time of 56’ and 13” will be registered in the books of the Autumn Cup. Mission accomplished.

  2. The outsiders' regatta. There were those who followed Esimit Europa 2 hoping in a mistake, those who hoped in miracle tactics to come in first, those who were happy with an unexpected result: the fleet of pursuers was even larger than in the past. And in the end the best was Mitja Kosmina, the winner of Barcolana 2009, able with Maxi Jena Amori to keep the pace of Esimit as far as the last mark. The second place was clinched as a true sailing champion. A problem at the Hydraulic system of the canting keel made manoeuvring of Maxi Jena Amori impossible, and had a really tough time in the last leg before crossing the finish line. Behind him strong Andrea Nevierov at the helm of Beauxt Vte Tuttatrieste 1 was really close. Kosmina was able to come in second for just a few centimetres after an hour and a half or racing. Incredible and deserved. Third came Beauxt Vte Tuttatrieste 1 thanks to a crew who took advantage of every tiny wind shift. Fourth finished surprising Shining Umag with Zeljko Perovic, fifth Idea Amori with Alberto Leghissa and sixth Tuttatrieste 2 with Furio Benussi. Among positive surprises are also a seventh place clinched by Vitrani, a TP52 perfect for today's conditions and led by the excellent team of Gabriele Benussi (first in Category 0 ahead of great Orlanda of Filippo Sammarini), even if Vasco Vascotto was not on board, and ninth place of Montenegro Wild & Beauty with Riccardo Bonetti, first of the small fleet of Farr 80s.

  3. The regatta of the best of class. A note of merit for Alligator 2, the RC 44 of Marko Popovic who won in Class 1 ahead of Casali No Border’s Team, the Fast Wave 40R of Mirko Sardoc. Good race for the Olympic Stars of Larissa Nevierov helmed by Greek Sofia Bekatorou, eighth of class. In category 2 first came Roberto Bertocchi who did a good job on his Sayonara Orion (Millenium 40R), 28th overall.


GASTONE NOVELLI, PRESIDENT OF SVBG “The winning combination which has been the motto of this Barcolana, with the event that took place on 10-10-10 and which came true on the race course, with a number of entrants greater than in the past, a beautiful Village on land, tailored to the passions and interests of seafarers and weather conditions that enabled everybody to race safely and have fun. Congratulations to all participants, from the first to the last and to the many boats that at 5.30 pm did not cross the finish line, but nevertheless enjoyed the party and the great spirit of the Barcolana. I would like to thank all institutions, sponsors and police forces as well as all the members of the sailing club who worked with passion and love for the regatta that made Trieste become great in this week-end”.

IGOR SIMCIC, BOATOWNER ESIMIT EUROPA 2 “We have just ended a season full of successes and records. This Barcolana has been fantastic from all points of view, and the greatest satisfaction is that of having beaten Alfa Romeo's record in lighter wind conditions. This means that the crew has worked perfectly in preparing the boat and upgrading the hull. This project will continue to give us great satisfaction”.

ALBERTO BOLZAN, HELMSMAN OF ESIMIT EUROPA 2 “We have been able to use all tricks to make this boat go at its best. Until the last leg we did not think we would set a new record but, as soon as we rounded the last mark and thanks to the constant speed of 15 kts, we have started to believe in it and we made it. We have a boat that won everything in all seas and the fact that we are doing better proves that the project is good and the crew is excellent”.

MITIJA KOSMINA, HELMSMAN MAXIJENA AMORI “We are satisfied with our second place, also because after the last mark our canting keel broke and we were running the risk of capsizing. Luckily although we slowed down, we were able to avoid more serious damage and end the race safely maintaining our second position. At the start, both Esimit and us chose the same point and this means that the tactics was right. Considering what happened this second place has a very important value for us”.

FEDERICO MOCCIA, PATRON OF MAXIJENA AMORI “I lived extraordinary moments on the boat this morning, together with Kosmina's crew who was able to clinch a great result despite a problem with the keel. The Barcolana is magical and perhaps the atmosphere of this event, a great sailing festival, could be the subject of one of my books”.

FRANCESCO DE ANGELIS, TACTICIAN VERVE DAHLIA “Congratulations to the winners, they did a great race with no mistakes. The Barcolana is a unique festival and an incomparable sailing experience. The possibility of bringing here the America's Cup, as vice Minister Castelli declares, is certainly possible. But there is a big gap between desires and reality”.

FURIO BENUSSI, HELMSMAN OF TUTTATRIESTE 2 BAUXT VTE “We have done a great team work. Congratulations to Andrea Nevierov who came in third, first of the Maxi category on our twin boat, but also to my crew who did their best to clinch fifth place. We are very happy about our result and about Roberto Snaidero's enthusiasm who participated in the Barcolana for the first time, launching a project which is very involving for us all”.

More information and full results on the event website.

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