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RS Tera National Championships at Brightlingsea Sailing Club - Overall

by Matthew Rayner & Alice Davis 31 Aug 2019 21:27 BST 24-26 August 2019

Sport Fleet report by Matthew Rayner (Sport Fleet National Champion 2019)

The RS Tera Sport National Championships were hosted at Brightlingsea this year, bringing fabulous sun all weekend. We had three full days of racing on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a Sport fleet of 73 boats making it the largest ever RS Tera Sport Nationals.

Saturday was the windiest day, making the Brightlingsea tide less important than on the other two days. With slightly lighter winds in the first two races, they were both won by Nathan Russell. However, as the wind increased for the third race, I managed to win this one with Finlay Lomas-Clarke not far behind. The wind started to die off for the final race of the day and we began to see more of the current World Champion (Jac Bailey), who went on to win the final race.

Sunday was lighter, meaning the tide made a big difference and getting this right was important. The first race was won by Nathan Russell again. However, it was a different story in the other races where Oliver Stratton-Brown, who hadn't had the best first day, won the next two races. The last race on Sunday was won by Jac Bailey.

The final day was even lighter than the day before, but we still managed to get the two outstanding races in. Again, understanding the tide was the important factor of the day and the first race went again to Oliver Stratton-Brown and the second to Freddie Sunderland. Having sailed a more consistent regatta than others I was able to beat the boats I needed to in the final race to win the Championships over all.

I learnt to sail in a Tera five years ago and to now win the Nationals is a massive achievement. Something I will never forget!

Pro Fleet report by Alice Davis (Pro Fleet National Champion 2019)

The Nationals this year at Brightlingsea were amazing. It was such a fun social event as well as a really good sailing venue and the organisation by the club was outstanding. On day one I started very solidly and continued that through the event. On the last day we only needed to do 2 races as the race officer had banked most of them already due to the forecast looking light, but we had some lovely wind and I rounded off the series with two firsts.

The tide was a strong factor in the races though the shifts played their part too! I was very pleased to win my last event in the Tera, especially at such a great event which reminded me of my first ever nationals at Derwent reservoir. I will miss the boat and the class a lot, it has been fantastic to make so many friends and has developed my sailing but I am looking forward to moving into bigger boats where I am sure to see those friends again.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
Pro Fleet
1st798Alice DavisGreat Moor SC1212‑412‑41111
2nd2111Beth MillerYorkshire Dales Sailing Club‑7734261‑84431
3rd2897Blake TudorBrightlingsea Sailing Club334‑1718568‑3238
4th282Felix StewartWindermere School2171(UFD)945‑191443
5th2386Teddy DunnIsle of Man Yacht Club4122‑136‑186321146
6th2602Oliver RaynerYorkshire Dales Sailing Club‑2211‑171292315750
7th2743Joseph BlakerBenfleet Yacht Club610‑148511‑151112568
8th3444Peter CopeIsle of Man Yacht Club16181111316‑25‑213280
9th3159William BaileyYorkshire Dales SC9‑2316‑181579717383
10th719Theodore SpencerBrightlingsea sailing club199101085‑21‑2871684
11th3262Imogen WadeDraycote Water SC54‑24202210192(BFD)991
12th1591Harry McTiernanBrightlingsea Sailing Club14519916‑27719‑25897
13th3657Felix PowellOrwell Yacht Club817‑2719123181013‑23100
14th2764Tom Stratton‑BrownFrensham Pond Sailing Club‑2413157‑24121791512100
15th3257Esme BarracloughYorkshire Dales SC10661620131618‑32‑34105
16th1880Tristan AhlheidFrensham Pond Sailing Club11‑2652418191115‑306109
17th2855Georgie StammersRoyal Hospital School‑2914202111141012‑2610112
18th2941Akira BlackahWelsh Harp Sailing Club262096‑304814‑2927114
19th2762Brett TudorBrightlingsea Sailing Club122212‑34724121611(DNC)116
20th1851Zoe SandersonDaviesWindermere School2088‑3013‑292420917119
21st560Ffion BaileyPort Dinorwic Sailing Club18‑30212514‑3113171022140
22nd3211Joe WarwickerBough Beech151618‑27172223‑261613140
23rd1316James BarracloughShropshire SC1315225192329‑30‑3719145
24th2505Max SteeleWelsh Harp Sailing Club(OCS)‑33133102531292015146
25th3436Tom WharmbyRLymYC‑3721‑3614292014271820163
26th2025Abby HireRoyal Lymington YC21‑292623‑271720132124165
27th2835Nat Pritchard JonesLeigh and Lowton2519‑3026‑31282723621175
28th2792Liam FarrellLlandudno SC‑32252315262122‑382825185
29th2040Oliver PhillipsRoyal Lymington Yacht Club1728‑3322‑343032222718196
30th3632Ben StokesHayling Island SC28‑3434‑37281526242428207
31st2442Jessica HaighBlackwater SC3131252921‑33‑34332229221
32nd2893James EdwardsBrightlingsea Sailing Club23322833‑36‑3530253133235
33rd3705Edward EelesBrightlingsea SC2724353225‑38283433‑36238
34th3578Toby McFarlaneRickmansworth Sailing Club33‑362928232636‑373531241
35th3564Oscar OldfieldBrightlingsea SC34273231‑3732353623‑37250
36th985Charlie WilliamsEmsworth SC38‑39‑3939323438311435261
37th1Thomas Banes‑WalkerFrensham Pond Sailing Club‑3635‑3836333633353626270
38th2670Alex BakerHISC35‑3737‑38353737323430277
39th3654Imogen PalmerRoyal Hospital School30383135(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC298
Sport Fleet
1st2603Matthew RaynerYorkshire Dales Sailing Club10412‑46‑15325532
2nd3091Toby SmithRoyal Hospital School / Rutland SC‑874652254‑2135
3rd2086Nathan RussellRHYC11‑21‑1213104121042
4th2156Jac BaileyPort Dinorwic Sailing Club43141‑19‑164116447
5th3625Charlotte AllenRoyal Hospital School267713596‑17‑2055
6th3222Zak SandersonDaviesWindermere School122951211‑257‑13664
7th2392Oliver Stratton‑BrownFrensham Pond Sailing Club91720‑34‑2311311365
8th3624Thomas DaveyRoyal Hospital School / Royal Harwich YC178‑2910210‑18133265
9th3575Freddie SunderlandOMSC6517‑19106179‑20171
10th3087Harry CourtsBurnham Sailing Club79311‑2812712‑271677
11th413Amelie HiscocksWPNSA/CCSC‑221618138921‑222390
12th1906Toby HatsellMiddle Nene SC‑262210169711‑317991
13th3192Harry WestRoyal Lymington Y. C .21105‑246231924‑2812120
14th4Hugh AndrewsBlackwater SC13141131827533(BFD)‑56124
15th2226Finlay Lomas‑ClarkeFrensham Pond SC11212(OCS)202114‑342318130
16th2597Oliver ThompsonHISC1912288‑552813‑43617131
17th891Angus BealeCorinthian Otters25‑381614‑29136172515131
18th3249Harry RowlandsRutland Sailing Club183112948‑38‑382932143
19th3897Tilda BrayshayYorkshire Dales SC / Ripon SC1613‑50283019‑31151414149
20th2869Alex CanhamDabchicks2311815‑49‑5126113227153
21st2652Joseph HendersonWelsh Harp Sailing Club530154‑44‑5015183144162
22nd2611Freddie MacLavertyLlandudno SC / RWPOWSC325625‑48202228‑4039168
23rd2623Max TaitRoyal Lymington yacht Club15‑33221815172727‑3529170
24th3200Fred SalterGurnard Sailing club4040‑47‑412514814826175
25th2092Archie DunnIsle of Man Yacht Club28‑4127‑4431261620347189
26th1901Alex SydenhamHayling Island Sailing Club312442267‑6123‑49931193
27th2661Charlotte WhiteWilsonian SC‑5223332238222021‑4419198
28th3622Alissa marshallRoyal Hospital School30‑3425232218‑35321930199
29th2365Max RawlinsonRoa Island Boating Club‑44154020(UFD)2541391011201
30th1922Fflur PiercePort Dinorwic/Rydal Penrhos14201929‑5329283043‑49212
31st2616Mark Jenkins JaumaHISC2935133632‑4032‑471824219
32nd2090Toby ThompsonFrensham Pond Sailing Club324545‑51344‑56102233225
33rd3585Toby FieldEmsworth Sailing Club‑392734301132371938‑41228
34th3639Benjamin RipleyHISC361932373334426(DNC)(DNC)230
35th2872Holly MitchellHISC‑4339363133‑443341158236
36th3560Max SydenhamHayling Island Sailing Club20182642‑47381236(BFD)45237
37th3606Finley SouthonBBSC3537‑39273730292921‑40245
38th3766Macsen BarberPPSA3426373336‑49402324‑47253
39th3423Josh John‑RingeExe/SWYSA24‑48434014413042‑5822256
40th2300Sam OsborneRVYC‑534924172134244641‑53256
41st3250Kai BlackahWelsh Harp Sailing Club‑42292338(UFD)3139353735267
42nd3719Thomas JubbHISC/ESC27‑563548‑513643251151276
43rd2348William Stratton‑BrownFrensham Pond Sailing Club415352‑58404242‑552625321
44th3025Ben O'BrienElton Sailing Club3336315042‑5654‑573048324
45th2871Harry MitchellErith YC50444121(UFD)48471661‑64328
46th478Tom SinfieldPort Dinorwic Sailing Club49‑58564341‑645184537330
47th3855Jack BewDocklands Sailing and Watersports Centre‑564351531654534533‑57348
48th2385Harry LawRoyal Hospital School/Alton Water48545735‑58373458‑6028351
49th3620Bertie KerryRoyal Hospital School5547‑59452424‑66544954352
50th2260Josh InglesfieldHISC385146‑60353946‑605752364
51st2664William JohnsonBrightlingsea SC5128(DNC)(DNC)434757375250365
52nd846Ruben PogosianLangstone SC474230555252‑635039‑60367
53rd3618Millie DeaconRoyal Hospital School / Royal Harwich Ya(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC263536534723368
54th1387Charlie BakerHISC45324452‑6260484446‑62371
55th3253Toby PearsonRoyal Hospital School3755384656‑5949‑635042373
56th2414Thomas LeatherGurnard SC4652494754434548‑55‑59384
57th1693Felicity AngellDraycote Water Sailing Club58(DNC)(DNC)DNC276755403634391
58th843Ben SinfieldPort Dinorwic Sailing Club‑665748324558615656‑63413
59th2049Jess CharlesworthHISC/Emsworth Sailing Club54‑6255565945‑60514846414
60th3619James HumphreysRoyal Hospital School‑644654593953595254‑61416
61st2380Ben CharlesworthEmsworth Sailing Club/HISC‑636058545046(DNC)615943431
62nd3263Harriet WadeDraycote Water SC62‑636249‑645562624238432
63rd1610Frederick WoodLeigh and Lowton5965‑676217666765(BFD)55456
64th2456Georgiana CaldecottRutland Sailing Club60506339636364‑6764‑65466
65th2738Dylan PhillipsRoyal Lymington Yacht Club57‑666057606258‑685166471
66th3554Angus Middleton‑LealGurnard Sailing Club686764(OCS)(UFD)6565595336477
67th415Sophie PearsonRoyal Harwich Yacht Club65596161615750‑6663‑67477
68th1993Tom Pritchard JonesLeigh and Lowton‑6761656457‑6852646258483
69th2104Max WestonRoyal Lymington Yacht Club6164536366‑69‑70696568509
70th3856Jack O"DonnellDocklands Sailing and Watersports Centre6968666565706970(BFD)(OCS)542
71st2214Andrew SoarsFrensham Pond Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC68DNCDNCDNC586
72nd822Olivia RawlinsonRoa Island Boating Club(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC592
Regatta Fleet
1st1889Lawson NunnBrightlingsea Sailing Club6141‑10141‑7523
2nd2893Louis HiscocksCCSW/WPNSA34532‑6132‑923
3rd3201Samuel LeatherGurnard SC563‑11722‑101127
4th3052Luke RowlandsRutland Sailing Club‑878‑1364324337
5th3579William Sears‑MussardChristchurch Sailing Club1562(DNS)‑13658639
6th2644Theo SmithRutland Sailing Club2214‑1811‑12125845
7th3229Taylor WillowsGurnard SC799‑15‑1451176256
8th14Willow CrossBrightlingsea Sailing Club10‑13‑12101135431056
9th1638Annabel CaldecottRutland Sailing Club4375‑127‑148111156
10th2160John GilliesTBYC (Thorpe Bay Yacht Club)‑1311295128‑149460
11th2387William AhlheidFPSC981168999‑13‑2069
12th1215Emilia RipleyHISC1112‑167‑19810612773
13th2459Mark SoarsFrensham Pond Sailing Club12101414110713(DNC)(DNC)81
14th3621Oliver FrenchRHS and West Mersea YC14‑171089151511‑201799
15th1482Sam MastertonFrensham Pond Sailing Club‑18151312‑221713171013110
16th1769Susanna LocalBough Beech Sailing Club151415174‑1818‑201415112
17th1763Zoe Lomas‑ClarkeFrensham Pond Sailing Club16161816‑201619‑211812131
18th3438Harris Middleton‑LealGurnard Sailing Club‑1918171917‑2016161719139
19th3611Theo WestonRoyal Hospital School/Royal Lymington‑201919‑21131920191618143
20th719Enzo GoodsellBSC‑2221212021‑2221151514148
21st1885Ben AngellDraycote Water Sailing Club21‑2220181614‑23181922148
22nd1985Samuel Banes‑WalkerFrensham Pond Sailing Club17(DNF)(DNF)DNS32322232121155
23rd3016Evan CorduffBrightlingsea Sailing Club2320(DNF)(DNS)152117222216156
24th1843Harry SouthonBough Beech SC(DNC)(DNC)DNFDNSDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC200

Visit the RS Tera Sailing Facebook page or check out the event website for more information!

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