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Norfolk Punt Club Regatta 2019

by Alan Davis 31 Aug 2019 10:15 BST 24-25 August 2019

This year's regatta was rather unusual. It has been said of regattas in years gone by "What fun it is to see so many people out enjoying sailing on our broad: we should do it one year in the summer!" Well it happened - but with a dramatic effect on the winds!

The traditional earlier morning rendezvous was marred by the fog across the water and the batting performance of the English cricket team - all out for 67 and the Aussies building a good lead. As the fog lifted Fog lifted and a very light SE breeze arrived for the start of racing with the committee boat (raft almost out of sight in the Neatishead channel. Series 1 was the victim of a short postponement but the very efficient team in the box played catch up and as the sea breeze increased so did the pace of racing and fun was had by all except the cricket fans (Aussies on 246 and only leaving England 359 to win).

The fleet then began to enjoy a lovely afternoons sailing with the course and wind bringing the competitors close to the pontoon for the spectators to enjoy some exciting battles, with spinnakers on Punts and Cruisers getting very close to the rafts.

A big thanks to Michael Palmer (OOD), Bart Sawyer (Committee Boat) and Simon Daniels (Box), and the rest of the Saturday crew (except English Batsmen on 156 for 3) The Fish and Chip Supper was a fabulous party on the staithe - big thanks to Alison Glover for introducing us to I B The Chippy, Alison Sawyer for the amazing puds, Heather Roberts for being sales director (and the roadies for the set up on Friday). The 'best regatta party ever' was one old hands' verdict.

Sunday dawned with no wind what-so-ever and soaring temperatures created huddles of sailors and spectators in what shade could be found sniffing the breeze for a hint of salt without success. It was not until 12.15 that any breeze became evident and the number of swimmers in the broad increased as the tea hut did a roaring trade in squash and cake and English wickets slipped away, still needing 203 to win. In desperation the Commodore mutters something about paddling races and one spectator heard to say 'shall we go to the beach?' Not at Headingley though. Too exciting there.

Only two and a half hours delay with the Box and Sailors focused by lots of short races in very quick succession - many only doing ¾ of a lap! And thoughts of abandoning the final series.

The Cruisers set off two hours late... And very keen to do their final race of the day, no matter when it happened. (15.53 we only needed 27 to win. sooo tense!).

At last Afternoon teas served (Thanks to Anita Sealy) and at 16.16 the news that someone had Stoked up the English batting performance, supported by his leach - sailing pun there - and with the wind holding for the rest of the afternoon and sailors keen to the Punt Invitation.....Afternoon teas sold out and finally the Programme completed - only one hour behind schedule.

Big, big thanks to Martin Mills (OOD), Mark Luckhurst (Box), Simon Clayton (Committee Boat) and all the Sunday crew.

Lots of smiling, pink/red/burnt faces on the pontoon for a rather late prize-giving.

Many thanks and compliments from visitors for a fabulous regatta - what a scorcher - in so many ways!

Overall Results:

FORBES CUPR Reddington ‑ RedwingD Roe ‑ GoldeneyeM Eslon ‑ Gamecock
DINGHY TROPHYI Richardson ‑ SpindriftC Lovelace ‑ VolunteerP Dearnley ‑ Xing
BALHOLM SALVERM Kemp ‑ IrisP Barker – Brandy BottleD Talbot – Red Admiral
DE QUINCEY SALVERD Bondi – TopperS Archer – BertieR Ling ‑ Baloo
SUNDOG TROPHYM Dixey – JackdawD Roe – GoldeneyeM Elson ‑ Gamecock
LYCAENA TROPHYA Barker – PhoenixJ Dugdale ‑ GhostC Bunn ‑ Fox
ALI MOORE MEMORIAL TROPHYR Petit – AnaihA Drew ‑ TurnstoneP Barker – Brandy Bottle
PUFFIN TROPHYH Bird – LapwingE Rudd – RedshankP Harston – Puffin
WAXWING TROPHYA Gill – A Momentary Lapse E Wildman – LaserP Dearnley ‑ Xing
DOMINO TROPHYP Dring – Marilyn AnnP Howes – MelindaM Reilly ‑ Cygnet
POLLITT TROPHYJ Ford ‑ MysteryD Church ‑ GraceM Ellis – Blue Jacket
NANCY OLDFIELD TRUST TROPHYF Scott – WoodpeckerC Haslam – GrebeP Dearnley – Xing
SEAFARERS TROPHYD Talbot – Red AdmiralM Kemp ‑ IrisP Barker – Brandy Bottle
CARTER CUPB Harston ‑ PuffinC Drew – TurnstoneM Richards ‑ Gamecock
JUNIOR ALLCOMERS (GLASS)S Archer – BertieR Ling – BalooJ Whitefoot ‑ Grasshopper
PUNT INVITATION RACEM Dixey ‑ WoodpeckerJ Rosser ‑ GoldeneyeT Riley ‑ Blackbird
TRACEY TRAYK Edwards – Rebel MaidD Talbot – Red AdmiralJ Dugdale ‑ Ghost

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