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Trident-UK 2012 May
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SAP 505 World Championship at Gdynia, Poland

by Mike Holt 2 Aug 2018 10:11 BST 21-27 July 2018
SAP 505 Worlds at Gdynia, Poland © Robert Hajduk /

The 2018 running of the 505 World Championship, hosted by the Polish Yachting Association from the historic port of Gdynia in the Eastern Baltic Polish town and sponsored by SAP, saw 128 boats racing in lovely warm sunny weather.

History dictates that prior to any 505 World Championship there is a Pre Worlds event to give travelers from around the World the chance to get to see the race venue and give the race team a chance to see what the "main event" will look like and adjust accordingly. This year the PRO was the UK's Tim Hancock, assisted by a fantastic Polish team who collectively never put a foot wrong. Three races were run for the Pre Worlds, in moderate offshore conditions. 2017 World Champion, Mike Holt sailing this year with Rob Woelfel ran out convincing winners from Sandy Higgins and Paul Marsh from Australia and Lutz Stengel and Holger Jess filling out the podiums last spot.

Following measurement of boats and a lovely opening ceremony with the flag raising for the 14 countries represented, racing started in earnest with two races on day 1. Following up from the Pre Worlds win, America team of Holt and Woelfel got off to the best of starts with two wins in the 10-14 knot conditions that the weather dealt out for the day. Close on their heels were Stengel and Jess with two seconds. British teams Natham Batchelor and Sam Pascoe and Andy Smith and Tim Needham also had solid starts with both teams grabbing a 3rd place finish.

Days 2 and 3 were lost to insufficient breeze which meant for the first time we would be racing on the "lay day". The wind started light but built to a sailable 8-10 knots for the day and in order to get back on track three races were held. Following up on their good start Batchelor and Pascoe led from start to finish to win race 3, Holt and Woelfel took 2nd and Stengel and Jess took 3rd to put these 3 boats solidly at the top of the leaderboard. Races 4 and 5 went the way of the German team of Stengel and Jess to move them into the lead while Holt and Woelfel had a minor blip scoring a 4/5. Batchelor and Pascoe scored another second keeping them in contention and the British pairing of Tom Gillard and Harry Briddon had a good day, top off with a 2nd in the last one.

Come Thursday and the leaderboard was taking shape, Germany just on top of the US with the British in 3rd. Three more races were on the cards, with the wind again in the 8-10 knot range, with a nasty slop in the bay making boat speed an important commodity. In these conditions Stengel and Jess has an edge, to roll off 2 bullets and a 5th to give them the title with a day to spare as the Holt/Woelfel team wobbled and dropped too many points. Also having a good day and moving up to third in the standings were the French tam of Phillipe Boite and Mathieu Fountaine, winning the other race and scoring well in the other two.

So, the title had gone to the Germans but the other two podium spots were still to play for between a group of 6 boats. The forecast was finally for some wind, but the first race of the day did not receive it and the fleet was "treated" to 6-8 knots. With their sites clearly set on 2nd place, the German team of Jan Philip Hoffman and Felix Brockenhoff won the race, chased by the female team of Nicola Birkner and Angela Stenger also of Germany and Batchelor and Pascoe in third. Close on their heels in 4th was Holt and Woelfel. It was now a two way fight for 2nd overall between the German and American teams.

The final race got underway with the wind having built to a solid 10-15 knots and the Pathfinder team from the US for this race of Tyler Moore and Drew Butner led from the start gun to the finish line, pursued by Gillard and Briddon and Swiss team of Caroline and Philippe Jacot in 3rd. A fourth place was enough for Holt and Woelfel to take 2nd place overall and the 5th place finish in race 10 good enough for 3rd overall for Hoffman and Brockenhoff.

A well run event, on and off the water, superbly supported by SAP with their live coverage and analytics seeing five different countries and 3 continents represented in the top ten. The German team of Stengel and Jess were deserving winners, showing great speed and an ability to get themselves out of trouble in the congested race course. However, they will only hold the title for 5 short months as the class heads down under to Freemantle in January for the 2019 Worlds. Will we see a new Champion then?

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelm / CrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
2 USA 9072MIKE HOLT / ROB WOELFEL11245131784429
4 GBR 9203NATHAN BATCHELOR / SAM PASCOE3111211126123845
6 GBR 9177THOMAS GILLARD / HARRY BRIDDON212115102319106267
7 AUS 9210MICHAEL QUIRK / REEVE DUNN61217201022577768
8 AUS 9191SANDY HIGGINS / PAUL MARSH451211810415832769
9 USA 9084TYLER MOORE / ANDREW BUTTNER138199431201610180
10 GBR 9190IAN PINNELL / ALEX DAVIES1616141234376161081
11 USA 9153HOWIE HAMLIN / HOWIE HAMLIN12910717151814111189
12 GER 9198JULIAN STÜCKL / JOHANNES TELLEN11142181218163141593
13 GER 9185STEFAN BÖHM / GERALD ROOS14725194058191814104
14 AUS 9211ROB DEUSSEN / DAVID SNOAD718715213615471217112
15 SUI 9147CAROLINE JACOT / PHILIPPE JACOT25243118937318153115
16 GER 9182ALEXANDER HOLZAPFEL / FINN BÖGER20192038279291796127
17 USA 9102DOUGLAS HAGAN / PAUL VON GREY15324966626223018129
18 SWE 8926EBBE ROSEN / OLLE WENRUP24224412672142523130
19 GER 9127ULF PLESSMANN / HANS HEINRICH RIX22131622181635132030140
20 GER 9197NICOLA BIRKNER / ANGELA STENGER1910732332317792RET142
21 GBR 9214ANDY SMITH / TIM NEEDHAM93232972236445413142
22 DEN 9187JAN SAUGMANN / JACOB ERNST102992434292320819142
24 RSA 8905GRAEME WILLCOX / JAMES SPIKESLY17311135351428111339160
25 GER 9169TIM BÖGER / MARKUS SCHÖNER28202834152714275022181
26 AUS 9167NIGEL LOTT / BOB FRANKS40232216283812363412183
27 AUS 9110MARK STOWELL / CONALL HANSFORD2626826312341353120191
28 GBR 9178CHRIS LEWNS / JACK KILBURN39272714203010264748193
29 SWE 8912TOM HASTENPFLUG / TONI HASTENPFLUG30254042292131241728205
30 GBR 9124TERRY SCUTCHER / CHRISTIAN DIEBITSCH42173823303222392621209
31 GBR 9093BEN ILIFFE / PAUL DAVIS33283431332413303629221
32 FIN 8927KAJ LINDFORS / JOHAN HALONEN3854422139253929534230
33 SWE 9029TOMAS GRUNDEL / JOHAN STRÖHMDAHL60512913DSQ2030602326252
34 GER 9035RONALD ROOS / MORTEN ROOS4134303237393241789254
35 FIN 9069JARI HAMSTRÖM / TUOMAS LAURILA35485336363340322224258
36 POL 9118JAKUB PAWLUK / MARCIN JÓZEFOWSKI27452443434033213241261
39 GBR 9179TUDOR OWEN / TOM BRUTON34435827194334408245285
40 RSA 8725EUAN HURTER / WARWICK HAM37384439383443572137287
41 NZL 1RICHARD KIFF / NATHAN QUIRK231035481648526367RET295
42 GER 9131JÖRN WILLE / MARTIN BERGMANN59365537441924644049304
43 SWE 8974MALIN BROBERG / JOHAN RÖÖK31305140426354371954304
44 AUS 9028EARLE ALEXANDER / IAN GREGG32537517147145439347322
45 GER 8915DAVINA SCHLESIGER / MARVIN SCHLESIGER29358950418772563933355
46 POL 9170KAROL MILEWSKI / BARTOSZ MILEWSKI47376146475350654831359
47 BEL 8898BAS VAN ASSCHE / TOON VAN ASSCHE36524555577042346242363
48 GER 9130ANDREAS JUNGCLAUS / HANNES KINDERMANN54585044455438534336363
49 SWE 9002PER WESTER / LARS WESTER52555282604663232752367
50 GBR 9126STUART TURNBULL / MICHAEL PRIDDLE44423777674144677335377
51 POL 9119MATEUSZ JURA / BARTOSZ CHROL82602647482847797946381
52 AUS 9213IAN BURFORD / DAVID CHRISTIE53566352226757717538408
53 AUS 9105JIM MCGILLIVRAY / IAN MCGILLIVRAY88406753589558315255414
54 FIN 9193ROSEMARIE HARTMAN / ANTTI SALONEN64633983525527596458417
55 GER 8750PETER KRUSE / ARNE WITTEMER55476557536864335361423
56 AUS 8957PETER WOOLMAN / PHILIP SCAPENS51336270DNC4766466653424
57 GER 9195DIRK PENNO / MARCUS PIES4339DSQ62607848497451426
58 SWE 8694TOMAS BERG / PATRIC WOLLMERSSON50786061623559505675433
59 SWE 8945TORD LAWNER / JOHAN CALVERT45445445518967RET45DNF440
60 AUS 9204MATT HANSEN / JOHN MCLEAN466848593250816110982445
62 GER 8975MAIKE ROOS / MAREN ROOS58884158634574883380452
63 GER 9040NORBERT DASENBROOK / OLIVER STIEGLITZ814943755644101738044464
64 USA 9013AARON ROSS / ROBERT WATERMAN66734660496453865773468
65 GBR 9156RUSSELL WHEELER / LEE MARRIOTT61624772734962928450476
66 FIN 8678TATU MIETTINEN / VILLE TARVO7067877874526128DNF64494
67 CAN 8288ROBERT BARTLEWSKI / MACIEJ KONDLEWSKI864659656996565210267500
68 GER 9054ANIKA WOLLENBECKER / RAIK WOLLENBECKER62508385647371588843504
69 GER 9113JOSEPH SCHÜTTE / KARSTEN STÜMPEL785798675562494295RET505
71 SWE 9038LARS BJERKE / TORE REINHOLD68667251687679934688526
72 FRA 9086ELISABETH NEIDHART / GOUGEON697410066827485784156540
73 GER 9144JÜRGEN ANTON / ULF DENECKE76658168715986777660552
74 GER 9135JENS BIEDERER / THOMAS WASILEWSKI486110286856988825568554
75 POL 9020TOMASZ BRZOZOWSKI / PAWEL CHOROBA6587566911110378696071555
76 SWE 9107FREDRIK HANSSON / SVEN FLOOD797682635984686268100557
77 GBR 9125ROGER DEANE / JONATHAN WARD56596449889194948772566
78 BEL 8613KIM VAN ASSCHE / JEROEN SMEETS99909071785882518159570
79 POL 8909JAN DOMANSKI / MICHAL WDÓWKARET8110180759273546557577
80 GER 9100NATHALIE ZEILER / ZEILER CLAUDIUS899288906660106762884581
81 SUI 9060CATHERINE HOURIET / GIL DONZE67847181797570756394581
82 BEL 8625CASPER MARTENS / STIJN OYEN9710274567257DNC689069583
83 AUS 9205SAM CRONIN / KEVIN WHITBREAD1028678646599111903774593
85 POL 8812SLAWOMIR PLICHTA / PRUS PAWEL937992RET896183855170610
86 POL 8802DOMINIK OSTROWSKI / JAKUB FOLCZAK80718695RET66698010878625
87 GER 9000THORSTEN PÖSCH / MORITZ LÜTHER737296937672104879863632
89 GER 8806ANNA HAUSCHILD / KATHARINA MENGE907711799918187817066643
90 GER 9141KONRAD OTTO / MARTIN LIETZ87DNF10389776584709185648
91 GER 8458ROBERT BAUTZ / SASCHA SPORS7195799211310291914981649
92 FIN 8466HANNU PÖYRY / MATTI DILLEMUTH848076768377109987798651
93 FRA 8711FRANCOIS CAMINADE / CLAUDE GACHET8594848761100971185987654
95 FIN 9212THOMAS HELD / THOMAS HELD946977919082807296DNF655
96 POL 8665MARCIN PANEK / JAN WALCZAK959970749886768485RET668
97 GER 8550MARTHA HAUSCHILD / MICHAEL HEYDER75851091098697928344RET671
98 SWE 9117FREDRIK MOLANDER / TOMAS JAXINGDSQ829598958077977279677
99 FIN 8352KARI LEHTONEN / TIMO VENNONEN91931051198179951066976689
100 POL 8736ADAM KUCZYNSKI / ANDRZEJ BOROWIAK83DNC5711611485966689101691
102 POL 8416BOGNA PLACHECKA / ROMAN GLÓWKA101103809710411098997193742
103 POL 8463JACEK LUDWICZAK / ALEKSANDER LUDWICZAK113113911009710390899289751
104 AUS 9071RICHARD HYDE / LINDSAY GILBERT10391104103100981051029777771
106 POL 8493MIECZYSLAW SZWED / KONRAD PLEWA9889106107102106899610697783
107 POL 8769MICHAL RUCINSKI / PATRYK PLOTKA104979496961149910310795784
108 POL 8751EWA PAWLACZYK / WOJCIECH KASPRZYK109TLE851019211310812894102804
109 GER 9123ENNO WILTS / GEORG MITTERMAYER110100931109411511510710592811
110 GER 8730ANJA GROTHEER / SEBASTIAN WIEMER105104108102RET1071071009990814
111 GER 9148JAN STREMLOW / CHRISTIAN SONNTAG1009611211110393102104DNCDNC821
113 GER 8964IRIS ANTON / BRUNO LAUDAGE107RET9910410711711011310383826
114 POL 8483MARIUSZ MICHALSKI / PIOTR DUMA10810611111410511110010511286832
115 GER 8630LARS LANKENAU / FELIX HUMMEL11211512010810810811711011199871
116 POL 8028ANNA ZABLOCKA / BARTOSZ KOWALCZYK114111110112106116112108100RET873
117 POL 8145PAWEL KLUCZYNSKI / WLADYSLAW KONDEJ11510511611811011911811911091883
118 POL 8582SZYMON SZYMIK / ADAM KOMINEK106DSQ11410593112113114DNFRET885
119 POL 8656EMANUELA BARTKOWIAK / MATEUSZ WOLSZCZAK111108113117109123122DNC11496890
120 POL 8129JAKUB KUSIORSKI / ROBERT KORYBUT ‑ DASZKIEWICZ117110115115116118114112116RET915
121 POL 8490MARCIN PFEIFFER / RYSZARD PFEIFFER116DNF119123112120116116115TLE918
124 POL 8286PAWEL RZEPECKI / SZYMON SWOSINSKI119114121113117121125121120RET946

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