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A Class Catamaran European Championships in Warnemunde - Day 1 & 2

by Gordon Upton 11 Jul 12:41 BST

And so the 'A' Class European Championships finally got underway, with a bang on Tuesday in Warnemunde Germany, after the first day was cancelled due to excessive wind/wave limits. An earlier start time was planned as the wind was due to increase again and the PRO wanted to get some races under his belt for the 95 strong fleet of both Classics and Foilers.

So keen were they to get going that a huge bulge of boats surged forward over the line 10 seconds before the first gun, causing the inevitable General Recall. During this, one unfortunate sailor lost a starboard bow somehow. They got off cleanly second time.

In each of the three races, it was the left of the course that was favoured. Glenn Ashby, looking for something to play with after his America's Cup triumph, led from the start, and gave a masterclass in upwind foiling that few, even this DNA team-mate Mischa Heemskerk, could only dream of achieving. It the top mark he led by some 25 seconds. from Manuel Calavia and Marciej Zarnovski, who led the following pack like hounds following a fox. Next time around he led by over a minute to finish the race a good two mins ahead of Manuel in second, Marciej in third and Mischa in forth. Further down the fleet individual battles were fought by sailors who were usually good friends ashore and Ex GBR Olympic sailor Adam May, who on the first lap was fifth around the top mark, sailed into a hole on a downwind leg but finished a respectable eleventh. Also Tom Phipps, in his first 'A' Class outing managed a decent 26th, however a catastrophic rudder system failure in the second race finished his day there.

The second race got off cleanly, with young GBR rookie Oscar Lindley-Smith nailing the pin in fine style, as he had been coached to do by Paul Larsen, the afternoon before at half time in the England World Cup game. However, by the end of the first lap, Glenn was in the lead, but chased closer this time by Mischa, Majiej and Manuel with GRE ace Trigonis Konstantinos was following in fifth. By now the wind was increasing and the long fetch meant that the waves started getting larger too. Nothing unmanageable as long as you had the correct mode dialed in, but the conditions started to catch out a few lower down in the pack. Boats would foil off waves and then into the back of the next one, with predictable results. At the bottom of lap 2, the same five had been caught by SWI Champion Sandro Caviezel. At the end, Mischa was following Glenn over the line about 30 secs later, with Sandro then Manuel with Trigonis in 5th.

By race 3 things had started to get a little fruity, with larger waves causing many spills as sailors were getting tired. The wind had reached 16-18 kts with 2m waves developing and most had switched on to full survival mode by then.

It was thought that maybe over a quarter of the fleet had capsized at some point during the latter part of 2 and race 3. And this was not restricted to the normal people, Trigonis took less care in a gybe and fell over, and Glenn was not immune either, he went over twice, on one he did a classic Moth style capsize when his boat got too high on the foils, flew off a wave and gravity took over. A particularly crowd-pleasing one was Kyle Langford, who stuffed the nose in on the top mark bear-away. The boat went vertical and Kyle smacked into the vertical hull and clung on like a koala to a eucalyptus tree before it fell over. A few unfortunates suffered mast and rigging failures, and a few ran into each other in the bouncy, by now, survival conditions. At the top mark all but the most stupid or extremely confident decided that trapezing was possibly not the way to reach old age. However, sitting in, a few started to foil even in that mode in a sort of devil's sleigh ride to the bottom mark.

At the finish, it was again Glenn, but followed pretty closely by Marciej. Many boats pitched in on the downwind leg, and it is even more galling if it was the final leg and giving away hard won places, but that's sailing. Tomorrow promises higher winds, so it may be another day on the beach. But many of the racers might be glad of that after today's events.

Results after day 2:

PosSail NoTeamClubR1R2R3Pts
1 AUS 111Glenn ASHBY100621113
2 POL 17Maciej ZARNOWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot37212
3 NED 7Mischa HEEMSKERKWvbraassemermeer43714
4 ESP 11Manuel CALAVIARCMB25815
5 SUI 1Sandro CAVIEZELYCAs84416
6 POL 1Jacek NOETZELUKS Navigo Sopot129526
7 FRA 2Emmanuel DODÉSR Vannes913931
8 GRE 1Konstantinos TRIGONISN.C.Thessaloniki1061733
9 GER 14Bob BAIERSCFF2310336
10 DEN 1Thomas PAASCHSKS17151042
11 POL 31Robert GRACZYKMKZ15191145
12 POL 111Michal KORNESZCZUKYCG5162748
13 SUI 9Daniel CAVIEZELYCAs2914649
14 ESP 16Marc VERDAGUERClub Nautic L'Escala2282050
16 GBR 57Adam MAYWPNSA11202152
17 GER 76Helmut STUMHOFERSCC21171452
18 AUS 51Paul LARSENWPNSA24122258
19 AUS 1065Tom JOHNSON 25211662
20 AUS 31Scott ANDERSON53001536111865
21 ITA 3Paolo PENCOANS18232667
22 SUI 87Nils PALMIERI 27351981
23 POL 7Marcin KAMINSKIUKS Navigo Sopot20412586
24 POL 15Piotr BARYZEWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot35312389
25 SUI 7Robin MAEDERCNB37263093
26 NED 95Roeland WENTHOLTHellecat14493295
27 POL 3Jaroslaw BETKOWSKIRJKP304624100
28 GER 5Klaus RAABSCFF323636104
29 DEN 20Peter BOLDSENKBL285129108
30 GER 85Guido SCHULTEMSV443335112
31 POL 2Marek ZEBROWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot572928114
32 AUS 1064Kyle LANGFORD28000179612115
33 GBR 599Oscar LINDLEY‑SMITHWPNSA424034116
34 ESP 74Abdón IBÁÑEZRCNV69615117
35 GER 37Johannes KEMLERTSG‑W472546118
36 FRA 410Jean DARNAUDEEV Rochelaises552737119
37 FRA 7Jean‑Louis le COQSN du Roi Port Camargue384338119
38 GER 80Andreas GRÜNENWALDSVBb464731124
39 SWE 59Alberto FARNESILBS453940124
40 SUI 65Bueche CHARLESBT534233128
41 NED 111David van AARTZVN415339133
42 GER 27Alexander MEISTERYSTM162296134
43 FRA 207Benoit MARIESNO Nantes133096139
44 GER 40Manfred SYROWYYCN544441139
45 GER 20Florian HENNIGSLRV585245155
46 AUT 96Michael MÖDLHAMMERSCSW204596161
47 ITA 86Michele PATELLIH2O 151402896164
48 GER 15Katrin BRUNNERBSF665842166
49 GER 21Marco GÖTZBYC333896167
50 GER 3Matthias DIETZSLRV393496169
51 POL 18Jakub SOBALAClub Port Mechelinki625948169
52 ESP 7Micky TODD 503296178
53 DEN 111Morten KOHLENBERGSYC726147180
54 ITA 777Marco PUPPOCNUC746443181
55 NED 96Gert Jan KOSHellecat96296194
56 GER 75Jörn KNOPBSV495096195
57 GER 6Rainer BOHRERTSVU525596203
58 BEL 19Wim DECARNSYC713796204
59 NED 44Wiro ZIJLMANSHellecat515796204
60 GER 57Martin BACHMSV709644210
61 SUI 33Heiko MAIERSCU615496211
62 BEL 9Michel WARLOPRBSC684896212
63 DEN 13Lars SCHRØDERFS962496216
64 GBR 22Tom PHIPPSWindsport269696218
65 FRA 101Hervé LEDUEC.N.Portes en Ré675696219
66 GER 10Jörg HORNSTS646296222
67 ITA 101Andrea FERRARIUSC319696223
68 CZE 1Vladislav PTAŠNIKALT F20T349696226
69 NED 1Piet SAARBERGHellecat696396228
70 SUI 22Hermann WALLMERSCMd736096229
71 GER 61Gerian KÜHLBORNE.S.V756596236
72 GER 86Alexander ZYLKASCH489696240
73 AUT 98Ronald van der VALKYCZ786696240
74 GER 38Thorsten LORENZBSV569696248
75 ESP 5Enrique CORNEJORCMB599696251
76 ITA 110Stefano TACCHIUVM609696252
77 GER 2Georg REUTTERTSVH639696255
78 GER 34Jan KREUTZMANNYCN659696257
79 SWE 2Ulf TJERNBERGLSS769696268
80 GER 81Maren ODEFEYMSV779696269
81 SUI 70Darius GOLCHAN 799696271
82 ARG 21Sergio MEHLAGUILA969696288
82 DEN 17Frank LAVRSENES969696288
82 ESP 42Mariano MARTINEZCAR MURCIA969696288
82 ESP 48Oscar QUIRANTERCMB969696288
82 ESP 9Juan Antonio LADRÓN de GUEVARACAR969696288
82 NED 14Rutger KRIJGERWSVW969696288
82 NED 28Pieter Jan DWARSHUISWV Flevo969696288
82 NED 41Caroline van BEELENcatclub zeeland969696288
82 NED 911Juppe HEBLYRoerkoning969696288
82 POL 100Karol KWIATKOWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot969696288
82 POL 101Andrzej SENKUSUKS Navigo Sopot969696288
82 POL 197Maciej TROCHAUKS Navigo Sopot969696288
82 POL 21Ewa GÓRSKAUKS Navigo Sopot969696288
82 SUI 81Nicolas BORGHETTI 969696288

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