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505 Euro Cup at Fraglia Vela Riva, Lake Garda Italy

by Michael Quirk 16 May 14:40 BST 10-12 May 2018

The annual international 505 Euro Cup series is becoming more of a world series as more and more countries outside of Europe are attending. Perhaps its the venues, the competition or the success of this iconic and at the same time modern dinghy. Whatever it is the class remains popular around the world.

55 boats turned up in Riva Del Garda for the 3 day event including 7 from Australia a Canadian and 3 Americans. Many for the first time. Lured by the reputation of sailing a great boat in one of the world's great sailing venues. The standard was world class, the scenery, Italian hospitality, food, wine and ice cream were stunning as usual but the generally reliable wind that Riva del Garda is noted for was missing.

The wind at the northern end of Lake Garda typically blows from the north in the mornings, glasses over and then blows in form the south about 2pm. Unfortunately this year cloud activity and rain upset the patterns. Only 3 of the 8 scheduled races were held in challenging conditions.

For race one the wind was still blowing generally form the north despite the 1pm start. Would it drop out and swing to the south or would the clouds dominate. In the end it did a bit of everything. Still the race officer managed to get a start away. Big shifts and pressure differences across the course meant fortunes were made and lost by everyone. In the end the podium finishes all went to the Germans.

The fleet waited around for a while for the wind to stabilise, but was eventually sent ashore to await further instructions. Ultimately the further instructions were to pack up and start the pasta. The 'Sud' wind didn't turn up.

On day two the Sud wind was blowing, but much lighter than usual. Race 2 was held in a decaying southerly. Quirk and Payne from Australia showed their pace leading around every mark until the end when the wind became erratic. On the last fetch to the finish line boats had spinnakers up, spinnakers down and spinnakers up again as the leaders tried to second guess the wind. In the end Quirk and Payne dropped to 4th and once again the Germans dominated the podium finishes except for Moore and Buttner from the US in second.

Like the first day, the fleet waited around all day for more wind but there was no more racing.

A 9 am start was scheduled for the 3rd and last day to take advantage of the morning breeze. A race was started in a 15 knot northerly which decayed to a about 7 knots by the end of the race. Once again Quirk and Payne led all the way, this time managing to finish first without incident. Unfortunately for them, they were deemed to be over on the black flag start and were disqualified leaving the podium finishes as;

Again, despite waiting all day no more racing was possible. The overall results after the three races confirmed the German teams had managed the conditions well.

Competitors and family loved the event despite the disappointing racing. In fact the general mood was one of "Damn, now I will have to come back again!"

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelm / Crew / ClubR1R2R3Pts
1GER 9152Dr. Hunger Wolfgang / Kleiner Julien / PYC71210
2GER 9185Böhm Stefan / Roos Gerald / SCV43310
3GER 9121Hofmann Jan‑Philipp / Brockerhoff Felix / Düsseldorfer Yachtclub e.V.38415
4USA 9084Moore Tyler / Buttner Andrew / Hampton YC62917
5GER 9070Koechlin Stefan / Achterberg Andreas / SVS112518
6GER 9198Stückl Julian / Tellen Johannes / DTYC291122
8GER 9182Holzapfel Alexander / Boeger Finn / Post‑Sportverein Koblenz8101230
9GER 9133Achterberg Frieder / Stueckl Wolfgang / DTYC Deutscher Touring Yacht5171537
10USA 9153Hamlin Howard / Nelson Jeff / ABYC / NHYC1118837
11AUS 9191Higgins Malcolm / Johnston Nick / BSYC9201039
12USA 9208Conrads Ted / Haines Brian / St Francis Yacht Club10131740
13GBR 9190Pinnel Ian / Davies Alex / HISC1322641
14DEN 9181Bojsen‑Møller Jørgen / Bojsen‑Møller Jacob / Hellerup Sejlklub2252148
15GBR 8963Hodgson Martin / Miles Adrian / Stone Sailing Club386751
16GER 9043Sadler Mark / Hutton‑Squire Richard / RCYC26141454
17CAN 9207Tennant Robert / Bourdow Steve / RVicYC15113460
18DEN 9128Buhl Henrik Buhl / Buhl Henrik Buhl / Hellerup Sejlklub20261864
19GBR 9177Gillard Thomas / Bridden Harry / Sheffield Viking SC29211666
20SUI 9163Stauffer Florian / Jacot Valery / CVN17252668
21SUI 9147Jacot Caroline / Jacot Philippe / CNB19421374
22GER 9101Treichel Timon / Roos Morten / DYC‑SVWD25292074
23GER 90Birkner Nicola / Stenger Angela / VSaW34241977
24AUS 9134Quirk Michael / Payne Luke / RPEYC184bfd79
25GER 8669Hofmann Nils‑Henning / Lenz Jan‑Hendrik / DYC28282379
26GER 9090Kellner Christian / Schoeler Martin / HSC‑DCS167bfd80
27FIN 9193Nieminen Jukka / Salonen Antti / SP21333084
28GER 9169Boeger Tim / Schoener Markus / HSC1415bfd86
29GBR 9126Turnbull Stuart / Priddle Mike / Burton S C36302490
30GER 9040Dasenbrook Norbert / Meier Sven / KSW‑SKBUe35193791
31SUI 8961Utiger Toni / Heilig Markus / CVE23433197
32GER 9113Joseph Schütte / Karsten Stuempel / Hamburger Segel Club24393598
33AUS 9204Hansen Matt / Attwell Shane / Fremantle sailing club40372299
34GER 9189Schultz Hendrik / Zeiler Claudius / SCLW333433100
35GBR 9136Mears Stewart / Tucker Richard / RCYC423228102
36GER 9130Jungclaus Andreas / Kindermann Hannes / Hamburger Segel‑Club ‑ YCW392740106
37GER 9122Leonie Nikoloaus / Kilian Northoff / Bayerischer Yacht Club2723bfd107
38GER 9135Biederer Jens / Wasilewski Thomas / HSC493527111
39FRA 9086NEIDHART Elisabeth / DE MONTEIL David / ycif313843112
40GER 9171Giesler Stefan / Böhm Frank / VSaW‑SCV30ufd29116
41AUS 9071Hyde Richaes / Gilbert Lindsay / Sandgate Sailing Club473138116
42GER 8862Wisolek Robert / Pirker Clemens / Segelclub Walchensee‑SCLW32dnc32121
43AUS 9028Alexander Earle / McLean John / Darling Point SS443641121
44GBR 9179Owen Tudor / Bruton Tom / Whitstable yacht club43ufd25125
45GBR 8745Pearson Christoper / Paul Von Grey / RTYC‑PVGYC374742126
46AUS 9110Stowell Mark / Forbes Tony / Royal Freshwater Bay YC‑Mazoe454144130
47SUI 9060Houriet Catherine / Donze Gil / CRG414646133
48AUS 9205Cronin Sam / Johnson David / Port Kembla S.C.‑Balmoral S.C.524939140
49GER 9195Penno Dirk / Jägersberg Nikolas / DTYC484448140
50GER 8929Pell Roger / Mavrick Byron / Royal Freshwater Yacht Club ‑514545141
51GER 9000Pösch Thorsten / Lüther Moritz / Segelclub Salzgitter ‑GSC4640bfd143
52GER 8672Dirk Huetten / Guido Von Walter / SGR Riegsee‑SCLW504850148
53GBR 9178Simpson Jarrod / Murray Nick / Hayling islanddnsdnf36150
54GER 8990Breitenfeldt Ralf / Von Puttkamer Thore / HSC535047150
55GER 8998Schneider Ingo / Hoering Sebastian / SCLW555149155
56GBR 8867Mcgale Patrick / NOLAN ANDREW / Queen mary sailing club54dncdns168

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